It’s been out a few days now but I thought we should talk about the latest Spiderman: Homecoming trailer. As a trailer addict I can’t help but watch every one for any film I’m even vaguely interested in. That way I can start to form ideas of plots, twists and character developments months before the film comes out. Of course there is a bad side to this, it happened with Batman v Superman and it has happened again with Spiderman: Homecoming. I have seen too much.

Before I get into my disappointment, let’s take a look at the trailer itself!

There is a lot of cool new stuff on display here. A much better look at the suit, showing off some of its new features like a chest mounted spider-drone, time delay webbing but still plenty of the traditional spidey moves. Everything looks great and Peter looks to be have a lot of fun being Spiderman, even showboating to the public and letting his friend try on the suit! This is going to be an entertaining film, but I am already starting to worry about it.

There’s a lot more Tony Stark/Iron Man in this film than I was expecting. I get that he is kind of like Peter’s mentor and has helped him out a lot but it almost seems like he is the second main character of the film. Vulture has also been turned into an Iron Man villain. Sure it will be Peter doing the majority of the fighting with the winged bad guy, but it’s Tony Stark that the Vulture has a grudge against, He even has some left over Iron Man armour lying around, having been the head of a company that used to clean up after superhero scuffles. Stark has now started his own company which is the cause of Vulture’s disgruntlement.


From this latest trailer we can gather the basic plot will be as follows;

After the events of Civil War, Peter has returned to the streets using the new suit to fight crime and drink in the adoration of the public. He is taking on bigger challenges and starts getting in over his head. Attempting to stop an illegal arms deal, the Vulture attack and splits a passenger ship in two. Peter tries to save it but has to rely on Iron Man arriving to save the day (with a new suit himself and a bunch of spare thrusters!).


Stark is disappointed with how careless Peter has been and takes the suit back. This forces Peter to return to his home-made suit and fight the bad guys in an attempt to redeem himself and show he can be a hero. He will fight, fail then either come to the rescue of Stark if he gets into trouble, or will pull a typical superhero and triumph over the incredible odds, probably getting the girl and saving Aunt May in the process.

It’s predictable and not surprising and I’m confident that I will love the film but I didn’t want to be able to work it out yet. I want more surprises, I can only hope that all of Stark’s scenes have been put in the trailer, saving the rest of the film for Spiderman himself. It is his film after all! This trailer felt like Marvel/Sony are beating us over the head with ‘Spiderman is in the MCU! Spiderman is in the MCU!’ We know he is, we love it but we already know Sony has plans for a wider Spiderverse so things won’t stay this way.

Let us enjoy the film and give us a Spiderman movie that we can be proud of. Hopefully Tom Holland won’t have to do the Peter Parker cry-face, as that never ends well!

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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