MCU Challenge #9 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is one I've been waiting for. Halfway in, #9 in the MCU Challenge has been for a long time, my favourite Marvel film of all. I realise I'm probably going to go into this quite biased but then if you can't talk about things you love what's the point? For many this marks a … Continue reading MCU Challenge #9 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


MCU Challenge #8 – Thor: The Dark World

Phase 2 is all about sequels and this time it's time to re-visit the God Thunder in Thor: The Dark World. Like Iron Man 3 before it, it is widely considered to be one of the weaker films in the MCU with numerous problems but some do still have a lot of love for it. … Continue reading MCU Challenge #8 – Thor: The Dark World

MCU Challenge #3 – Iron Man 2

We now arrive at the first sequel in the MCU, Iron Man 2 (2010). Following the success of Iron Man it was inevitable a sequel would arrive eventually and the threads were starting to show connecting the new characters coming from Marvel Studios. Tony Stark and Stark Industries made appearances in Bruce Banner's first MCU … Continue reading MCU Challenge #3 – Iron Man 2

MCU Challenge #2 – The Incredible Hulk

The second instalment in the MCU also came in 2008 in the form of The Incredible Hulk. Unlike Iron Man, it was not the first live-action film for this character, Ang Lee's Hulk (2003) starring Eric Bana was not well received, so much so that it was pretty much discarded entirely prior to bringing the … Continue reading MCU Challenge #2 – The Incredible Hulk

MCU challenge #1 – Iron Man (2008)

Let's Get started! Ignoring all Marvel Films that came before it in terms of continuity (and tone) the 2008 Jon Favreau directed first instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was, from what I remember, hotly anticipated. Following their financial troubles in the 80s and 90s Marvel had sold the Movie rights to many of their … Continue reading MCU challenge #1 – Iron Man (2008)

Geekmas: Christmas Decorations

So far during Geekmas we've covered the all important areas of jumpers, gifts and dream possessions, but as of yet we haven't mentioned the equally vital realm of decorations. I've rounded up some of the geeky Christmas decorations I've found. Harry Potter Platform 9&3/4 bauble - £5 Everyone knows my love for Harry Potter, and … Continue reading Geekmas: Christmas Decorations

GEEKMAS: Away in a Geekmas

Sung in the tune of 'Away in a manger' Away in the Marvel Universe of stuff They had all the Chris's, and all were quite buff The girls were strong and smart The Panther no cub And don't we all want a Hulk in a hot tub Over in DC's world Of darkness and pain … Continue reading GEEKMAS: Away in a Geekmas

Thoughts on The Defenders Episode Eight

Here we are then, the final episode. Overall I've enjoyed this series and am really glad I did decide to give it a go, so now I'm hoping the ending doesn't ruin that! I'm not sure I entirely understand the objections to blowing up the building, it doesn't appear that they will kill anyone other … Continue reading Thoughts on The Defenders Episode Eight

Thought on The Defenders Episode Seven

Second to last episode- I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far into the series. Given how abruptly the last episode finished, I'm looking forward to see where this story is going now! 'Some time ago'.... that's specific. People really like putting their faces on Elektra's. Neither Elektra or Stick did too well at … Continue reading Thought on The Defenders Episode Seven