Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

After a week of teasing we now have the first full trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And do you know what? It's about bloody time! Kingsman: The Secret Service is one of my all time favourite comic book movies and it looks like the sequel is going to be continuing some of the trends … Continue reading Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

Krypton TV show trailer 

Well this came out of nowhere! It seems like we are in a period of surprising announcements and reveals! The latest one is our first look at KRYPTON TV series being made by Syfy.  The footage hasn't been officially released yet, mainly due to the fact that it's only a teaser for the pilot episode. … Continue reading Krypton TV show trailer 

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 20

Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow are all on a break for a couple of weeks so instead we have the finale to Legends of Tomorrow! I think Legends have the right idea with only having 17 episodes in a season. A shorter season should reduce the number of filler episodes, which the other CW superhero … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 20

Geeks Talk Podcast #12 – Disney Special! 

It's that time again guys! The Geeks are back talking all things Disney in our latest episode! There'll be news, Beauty and the Beast movie review, a cracking Disney themed game and of course plenty of listener questions! Download now from ITunes or and get your Disney on! Geek Talk #12 - Disney See … Continue reading Geeks Talk Podcast #12 – Disney Special! 

Josh Brolin is Cable

Well this came out of nowhere! The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Josh Brolin has been officially cast as Nathaniel Summers aka Cable in Deadpool 2. I don't even remember seeing his name on the shortlist of potentials! Tough luck Michael Shannon and David Harbour. My initial thought was 'Isn't he a bit busy at … Continue reading Josh Brolin is Cable

9 Marvel Hero Films We Want + 1 Re-do

There is a very strong argument that we have reached Superhero saturation point. Superheroes have been the dominating force in cinemas for years and the future looks to continue in that vein. In recent months, particularly following some rather average products (naming no names, Batman v Superman!), a Superhero film is by no means an … Continue reading 9 Marvel Hero Films We Want + 1 Re-do

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer!!!

Today is a good day! We have at last had our first proper look at Thor: Ragnarok. Not just the odd leaked set photo or concept art, not even some promotional images. We finally have the first trailer and boy is it entertaining. Before I blab too much about it let's take another look at … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok Trailer!!!

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 19

It's that time again! Let's jump into the CW-verse! Supergirl S2 Ep17 - 'Distant Sun' It's always difficult when you disagree with the In-laws but at least most of us don't have to worry that deadly killer will be sent our way! That's what Supergirl has to face this week as Mrs Daxam (I'm aware … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 19

The Walking Dead Season 7 Review

I generally steer clear of talking about The Walking Dead on this site, not because I don't like it but because of how much ahead of the show I am. I've read up to #144 of the comic and it is already literal years of where this latest season finished. My critical thinking on this … Continue reading The Walking Dead Season 7 Review