Just like any die-hard Star Wars fan I have watched and re-watched The Force Awakens trailers more times than I can count. Every time I watch them I pick up something else I might have missed or theories start forming in my head of potential plot points. It’s surprising how little of the actual story we know, so speculation is the only thing we have.

After watching a couple of YouTube videos by Mr Sunday Movies my mind started going into overdrive on a potential story arc based simply on a leather jacket. Before I launch into my theory give Mr Sunday Movies’ channel a look and check out the videos below.


I take no credit for the basis of my theory, but I have speculated a bit further and tried to link in other rumoured story events.

The important item to this theory is a leather Jacket. It is the jacket that we seen Finn wearing throughout most of the trailers.

finn jacket

Brown with a red patch on one shoulder, it is fairly distinctive but he is not the only person to wear the same jacket. In the behind the scenes reel released at SDCC there is a brief shot of Oscar Isaacs character Poe Dameron being hurriedly escorted by a First Order Storm Trooper, down a corridor in either a First Order Ship or base of some kind.


In this shot Dameron is wearing the jacket. And this is where the theory kicks off:


Poe Dameron is on a scouting mission for the Resistance when he is captured by the First Order. It then follows that he is interrogated by Kylo Ren for information on the Resistance base. Finn (as a First Order Storm Trooper) is witness to this interrogation and is horrified at the prisoners treatment. He becomes disillusioned with the First Order and decides to help Poe escape.

Pretending to carry out a prisoner transfer (much like in A New Hope), he takes Finn back to his captured X-wing. It is soon noticed that the prisoner is not where he is supposed to be and the alarm is sounded.


During their escape Finn jumps into a TIE Fighter and causes a distracting by attacking some Troopers inside the hanger, allowing Poe time to get away. As Finn makes his escape he is shot down and crash lands on Jakku. This is where he meets up with Rey.

Meanwhile Poe has made it back to the Resistance base and tell the leaders (maybe Han and Leia) about how he escaped. They decide to send someone to rescue him, and who better to organise a rescue mission than Han Solo himself.

There are several things which can tie into this theory;

  • It is suggested that Kylo Ren is collecting artefacts relating to Darth Vader or possibly the Skywalker family (the latest trailer seems to show that he has possession of Darth Vader’s helmet). if this is true it is likely that he has managed to get hold of Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber which was last scene in the climatic battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Finn could snatch this during his escape from the First Order which explains how he has it in his possession.


It may also explain why Han is the one that goes to rescue Finn, Poe may have told Han or Leia tha Finn had the weapon. If Luke has been missing or exiled for some time as some rumours state, then he would jump on any opportunity to track him down. If another rumour that Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter turns out to be true then this could be a further reason as to why Han is willing to go to Jakku.

  • I’m pretty sure that Finn is the Trooper escorting Poe through the corridor. This would explain why they seem to be rushing and why there is only one trooper with Poe.


  • Finn becoming disillusioned with the First Order is hinted at in the latest trailer when hear him say “I was raised to do one thing, I’ve got nothing to fight for”.
  • There has been a tease of Poe having two different X-Wings. A Lego set has been released showing a black and orange X-Wing, and in some set photos we see him climbing aboard a white and blue one. Is the black one his scout ship?

lego-xwing-jpg poexwing

  • We see a brief shot in the latest trailer of Poe slapping Finn on the shoulder as they cross paths in a Resistance base, apparently preparing for battle. From this we can gather that the two have a history and that Poe respects or is grateful to Finn.


  • Of course the friendly pat could could just be an appreciation of Finn wearing his jacket. We see no other footage of Poe and Finn interacting so there is little to work from.

I’m sure this is a very small part of the overall story and as I said before this is all purely speculation and only what I think could possibly happen. I’m sure I’ve probably got a lot of stuff wrong but it will be interesting to see what, if anything, I have got right!

What do you think of this theory? Do you have any theories of your own?Let us know in the comments below.

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