Penultimate episode, here we go!

**Spoiler Warning**

  1. Oh, hey Ward!Iron-Fist-24-600x400
  2. That was creepy as heck.
  3. Yeah but Gandalf said ‘You shall not pass’.
  4. How does everyone keeping getting into this ‘secure’ hospital?
  5. Ward’s attitude is genuinely one of the best parts of this show.
  6. That favour shouldn’t be too hard, not like he’s strapped down in a psych hospital.
  7. Also, pretty sure Evil Dad has cameras in that hospital. (How has Joy not spotted those?)
  8. Not sure rational is how I’d describe you Davos.
  9. What was the actual plan for Danny and Davos sitting outside the compound? Other than to conveniently bump into Coleen.
  10. Anyone else noticed the rain suddenly stopped now Danny and Coleen aren’t having an intense relationship moment?
  11. That should be a fun family holiday.
  12. Guys, check the terrarium.
  13. Hey, he took my advice about carrying a gun! Might not be the best time to bring it out.
  14. Joy got blood on her face, but not over her white trousers?
  15. Bakuto went from deluded to psychopathic pretty quickly.
  16. Aren’t you supposed to be doing something Danny?
  17. You guys probably shouldn’t make it so clear that Joy is the valuable one.
  18. Might even be a new low for Evil Dad.
  19. Seriously, even when she’s shot and possibly dying, Joy is more sensible than the rest of them.
  20. Bakuto’s voice is really damn annoying.
  21. Ooh, I like the split screen action!
  22. Guys, I think you’re following him to where he wants you.
  23. Bit awkward with Danny and Davos just watching.Screen-Shot-2017-03-27-at-8.15.59-AM-384x253.png
  24. Nice blade to the thigh.
  25. Girl vs boy perspective on whether it’s size or technique that matters there.
  26. Oh shut up Bakuto.getImage.jpg
  27. Now this should be a good fight!
  28. Fight therapy, new form of couples counselling?
  29. So series two will be fighting off the Order of the Crane Mother then.Iron-Fist-25-600x400
  30. Guys, Harold was killed twice and came back. I suspect Bakuto might get similar treatment given he is a leader.
  31. That’s some way to re-enter the world.
  32. Someone chop off Evil Dad’s head already.
  33. It’s light? How long did it take them to get Joy to a hospital?
  35. Maybe going back to the Dojo isn’t the best idea? The Hand knows about it for a start.
  36. The staples healed up pretty well.
  37. They are romantic-chi involved now.
  38. Well that leaves a lot to be sorted out in the last episode.

Ok, not sure how this is all going to end up! I’m looking forward to it, which is surprising because at the beginning of the series I wasn’t sure I’d make it even half way through.


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