Geekly Round Up

Hello hello hello you lovely Geeks! It's been a while since we have you a Geekly Roundup (I guess Life gets in the way) but I'll endeavour to keep it as regular as possible! This week seems as as good as any to revive the post and Boy has there been a lot of stuff … Continue reading Geekly Round Up

Geekly Round Up

I'm getting closer to post these on time (is there even a time limit for something you set yourself?). After a week long obsession with all things Infinity War I though I should probably look at what else has been going on in the geek world, at least until I get a chance to watch … Continue reading Geekly Round Up

Cinematic Spiderman – What Went Wrong?

I love Spiderman, love most of his comics, the 1990s animated TV show and to a lesser extent the live action 70s show for all it's cheesy campy goodness! He is the universal Superhero, as well known as Batman and Superman, probably the most recognisable Marvel character. It is for these reasons that the live … Continue reading Cinematic Spiderman – What Went Wrong?

Spiderman: Homecoming Trailer #2

It's been out a few days now but I thought we should talk about the latest Spiderman: Homecoming trailer. As a trailer addict I can't help but watch every one for any film I'm even vaguely interested in. That way I can start to form ideas of plots, twists and character developments months before the … Continue reading Spiderman: Homecoming Trailer #2

Venom spin-off confirmed! 

Sony is going forward wth its plans for Spiderman. Whether you think it's a good idea or not a Venim spinoff film is coming and a lot sooner than you would expect! October 5th 2018 is when we will see the alien symbiote and purely because it is a Venom film and not a Spiderman … Continue reading Venom spin-off confirmed!