CW Superhero Round Up – Week 13


I don’t know what happened this week but we only got half of the CW shows on our UK screens! No Flash or Legends of Tomorrow to discuss (yay! you might say, less reading for us) but at least we have something. Let’s see what’s been happening in the CW universe.


Supergirl S2 Ep12 – ‘Luthors’

Supergirl is fast becoming the show that has run out of ideas. Recycled villains and stories are on the cards today, with a few twists and turns but nothing we haven’t seen before (except the very last scene). So before I bore you with exposition, what actually happened?

Metallo is back, yeah that guy, and he’s back to following the orders of Cadmus. For some reason Mrs Luthor really wants Lena to join her, maybe she does love her after all! Cadmus frames Lena for helping Metallo escape which gets the young Luthor thrown into prison herself. Sending Metallo to break her out, Lena ends up on the run with her mother. Lena’s guilt is the story about town with most people easily siding against her. Not Kara of course, she will see the good in anyone and refuses to believe Lena is guilty.

Turns out Mumma Luthor just wanted to use Lena to access one of Lex’s storage facilities to pick up some toys. It’s here we get a glimpse at the comic famous War Suit, sported by Lex Luthor in many stories, which was quite cool.


Before we could sit back and enjoy Supergirl being taken down by some fancy gadgets, Metallo’s synthetic Kryptonite goes into meltdown and blows up the secret bunker, just after Kara narrowly escapes with Lena of course. Their friendship is stronger than ever, I just hope we don’t have another ‘is Lena Luthor evil’ episode in this season.

Very little else happens in this episode. Jimmy and Kara fall out again over their opinions of Lena and Guardians activities. Not to worry though, by the end of the episode everything is hunky dory and they are the best of friends again. Another pointless story arc, poorly written. I couldn’t even rely on the snappy wit of Winn or the straight laced alien behaviour of J’onn this week as they were barely featured. This episode seemed to fly by but not in a good way. Oh and just a small thing that was breezed past, Alex comes out to everyone else and introduces Maggie as her girlfriend!!! Did they not think this was important to focus on?

Oh yeah, Kara finally decides to tell Mon-El how she feels and they almost kiss but of course they are interrupted at the last minute by some magical romantic man calling himself Mr Mxyzptlk, declaring his love for her!


Magic is not something we have seen before in National City, maybe this will breathe some life into the dying show or at least entertain us with something different. I used to really like Supergirl, maybe moving to the CW was not the best idea. Buck up your ideas!


Arrow S5 Ep13 – ‘Spectre of the Gun’

You know that renewed faith that I have periodically been experiencing this season? Yeah well that disappeared again this week when Arrow went political. I know most shows go there at some point and even superhero shows have their political elements to them but this episode was about as subtle as a brick. Stop me when you figure out what the issue being discussed was.

Mayor Queen’s office gets attacked by a lone GUNman, 7 people are killed and many more injured. The GUNman has no apparent motive and no previous history of any crime let alone mass murder. Team Arrow get to work trying to find this mysterious GUNman. Felicity eventually finds him and the team learn his children were killed in a previous GUN attack, leading the man to seek revenge on the government not passing a GUN registry law. For some reason this guy thinks killing a load of people with GUNs will make amends for his family being killed by GUNs. I’m not sure he thought his plan through.

The situation causes Curtis and Renee to clash over GUN control, with the latter in favour and the former against. Cue several verbal disagreements, not really offering any arguments that could persuade the other, but we eventually get the reason for Renee’s beliefs in his flashbacks. His wife was a junkie and long story short ends up getting accidentally killed by her dealer. Renee says that if he had his gun at the time he would have been able to save her, but the bullet that killed her was fired accidentally after Renee shot the Dealer, so he himself was responsible for his wife’s death! Regardless, he was sent into a spiral and his daughter was taken from him. Seeing the Green Arrow kill Damian Darhk on TV inspired him to become a vigilante. The flashbacks were not believable and I see now why Renee gets so little screen time, he can’t act!

I think the green leather budget had been scaled back as we hardly see Oliver suit up at all. “This is not a problem the Green Arrow can solve” Oliver has to stretch his Mayoral legs and ends up passing a perfect GUN control law which pleases the anti and pro GUN supporters alike, that would never happen!!!! He even brings down the bad guy as Oliver Queen by ‘talking’. Does he even need the hood anymore?


Meanwhile, Thea is back! There was no mention of where she had been and she slipped back into her role as if she had never left. Are we supposed to just be okay with her being AWOL for the last 3 weeks? Felicity is still using the Hacktivist flash drive, surely something bad is going to happen with this, I’m getting bored of them teasing it. We also got a little development for Dinah Drake, the newest member of Team Arrow. She has apparently been scared to move on after completing her vendetta, but the warm consoling of Diggle brings her round and encourages her into getting a new apartment and joining the SCPD. Simple as that. Oh and the Vigilante shows up again randomly then disappears just as quick.


That was pretty much all there was to the episode. There is a place and time for political agendas and I do not appreciate having one viewpoint or another shoved down my throat. I’m a simple man, give me superheroes kicking ass and I’m happy.

Difficult to pick a winner this week as they were both sub-par, I’m going to go with Supergirl purely because there was more superhero action and not because of quality.

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X-men Xplored?


Okay, lets face it, the X-men movie franchise is less than satisfying. There are good elements to it and a couple of good films but overall it is disappointing. This disappointment is compounded by the fact that the X-men comics have some of the most interesting stories and characters out there. With the rumours that the next film in the franchise will be another reboot I thought I’d air some issues with the mutant cinematic franchise. I’m not going to go into the mistakes and problems with the movie series as that could go on forever. Instead I’m going to force my vision for a different mutant cinematic universe upon you. We are going to go right back to the drawing board and do things properly.(and yes this is just my opinion so it won’t be for everyone)

So where to begin?

The MacAvoy/Fassbender reboot had the right idea, going back to the start of the X-men with their formation and ‘first class’. But for some reason instead of choosing some amazing strong early mutants they added in some that most people had never heard of and screwed up the cinematic timeline. When First Class was announced I was so excited  to see the core team together, only to have most of them replaced with second and third tier mutants such as Darwin and Angel Salvatore/Tempest.Yes, have the friendship between Charles and Eric as this forms the bedrock of the ‘frenemy’ relationship. For the most part this was done pretty well in the film, mainly down to the fact that MacAvoy and Fassbender are both incredible actors. How they came to be together was a bit haphazard with Charles intervening to stop Eric killing himself in the pursuit of Shaw. Aside from the part where Eric is trying to kill everyone with a giant anchor that scene is horrible, why does Charles throw himself into the water for a complete stranger?


Before I go off and pick the film to pieces lets discuss how I would have preferred things had been done, I’m going to frame my wishes in the form of a trilogy and will let the cinematic universe unfold!

Film 1 should be about Charles and Eric. Discovering their respective abilities, meeting the other and working together to protect and preserve the mutant race. Once their mission has been defined the pair should seek out the core team members;

  • Scott Summers aka Cyclops
  • Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl
  • Hank McCoy aka Beast
  • Bobby Drake aka Iceman
  • Warren Worthington III aka Angel


This was original team from the very first X-men comic and even though there have been hundreds of different interpretations, origins, re-imaginings etc whenever I think of the X-men team, these are the mutants that come to mind. I know there are countless other awesome characters in the X-men universe (we’ll come on to some of those in a bit), but these are the core members.

I understand that because some of the core members had been used in the original X-men trilogy (which ended spectacularly badly), there was a desire to inject something new into the franchise and give it something different from what we had already seen. Bryan Singer’s X-men explained that Scott Summers and Jean Grey were some of his first students, meaning that going back to the sixties for the reboot, they couldn’t be used. For this reason I think First Class should have been a universe reboot and not something that was eventually tied in to the wider universe. Don’t get me started on the mishmash timeline!

Once the first students had been recruited and the teaching begun, this would be the perfect time for Eric to strike out on his own, following his ‘Homo-superior’ ideology. He could even take some of the other students with him (assuming others were enrolled), enabling him to start building his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. A climactic battle between the rookie X-men and Brotherhood would be the perfect cliffhanger, there would of course be survivors on both sides but all involved would be changed by the fight, particularly Charles having been betrayed by his dearest friend. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but this would have been much better than a small group of mutants having a disagreement on a beach at the same time and being the driving force behind the blooming Cuban Missile Crisis!

Film 2 should deal with a new wave of students, a group of ‘New Mutants’ you might say! This will be the perfect opportunity to bring in a vast array of awesome characters, some of which we have seen in the films before like Storm, Colossus and Wolverine! But also introducing ones that haven’t had screen time yet like Cannonball, Forge and Magik. A dual story line could work with some of the story centering around the mysterious Canadian wild man and his search for answers, and on the other side of things have the growing resentment to mutants (probably down to the actions of Magneto and his Brotherhood). This was lightly explored in X-men 3: The Last Stand focusing on a potential cure for the mutant gene, but the less said about that film the better!


This would also allow the introduction of the Sentinels who we have only had a taste of so far. And the younger students starting to understand their powers at the same time as experiencing persecution from humans would create a strange mix of emotion, threat and discovery which would be fascinating if done right. This would also be the place to introduce Havok aka Alex Summers and Scott’s younger brother. Not the other way around.

Film 3 is where they can afford to go a bit ‘out there’ with the plot. My first instinct is to go for the Phoenix Saga, purely because it is one of my favourite arcs from the comics. The problem with this is that it’s been butchered on screen already. Send the X-men to space to get involved with the Shi’ar/Kree War, that way a bigger X-men Team will come up against a whole horde of new foes.

If not to space then through time the X-men should go. I really like the X-men Days of Future Fast movie, yes it has its faults but on the most part it was great. Once you add time travel into the mix it opens the world up to numerous stories and characters that were previously unavailable. Bishop, Cable, Bastion, Apocalypse, these are all amazing characters that have time travel deeply embedded in their stories. I’ll accept that some will be difficult to translate to screen, such as Cable being the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey genetically created by Mr Sinister but sent to the future for protection, only to travel back to the present as an old man who has contracted some kind of tech virus that is slowly turning him into a machine……*breathe*. I don’t envy the Deadpool 2 writers with trying to incorporate Cable into their movie! All I’m saying is with time travel stories like Days of Future Past and even Age of Apocalypse are possible (just not in the way we have seen on screen thus far).


The main problem the franchise has is not relying on the vast numbers of potential characters. Instead of focusing on Wolverine or Mystique, the films should encompass a whole team. It is the family aspect of the X-men that is often the most compelling part of the story! Play on that, there doesn’t need to be a ‘central’ character! And seriously you can make an X-men film without including Wolverine!!!!!

Short of changing the character that traveled back in time and centering the story around its golden children Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence, DOFP was pretty close to its comic source material. X-men: Apocalypse was not even close. That film was such a disappointment in so many ways and I’m sure without the amazing performance of Michael Fassbender it would have been a disaster. I’m all for putting a spin of existing and known stories but if you’re going to do that at least have them show some respect to the original product!


Oh and one final point, why did they nerf Rogue? In the comics she is one of my favourite characters, cursed with an ability preventing physical contact she is still strong and capable at the same time as being vulnerable. Rogue is the character to tie the X-men to the MCU, especially with a Captain Marvel film on the way. Just a quick origin summary, Rogue once held onto Captain Marvel (then going by the name of Ms Marvel) for too long and permanently adopted the enhanced strength, durability and flight that Marvel had. This made her an incredibly useful powerhouse in pretty much any fight and to this day still makes her a force to be reckoned with. The films have turned her into a withdrawn, whining teenager who just wants to be able to touch people. There is no development in her character and it is not surprising she was cut from the theatrical release of DOFP.

Well there you have it, my vision for a new trilogy. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments, I want to hear your thoughts on how we can save the universe!

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CW Superhero Round Up – Week 12


Who doesn’t love Superheroes? Let the Round ups begin!


Supergirl S2 Ep11 – ‘The Martian Chronicles’

I’m starting to think that Supergirl is turning into an homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing. A few episodes ago we had an alien parasite that was found in an arctic research station and then mutates, causing havoc. Now we have a case of ‘Who’s the shapeshifter?’. Last week we had a warning the White Martians were on their way, well they’re here!!

Long story short, a White Martian (who is actually Megan’s mate) comes to find her at the bar. After a brief fight J’onn takes Megan to the DEO for protection. Not wanting her new friends to get hurt she wants to leave but the super crew convince her to stay. After realising a White Martian has snuck inside the DEO, a lockdown and hunt is on the cards. Nobody knows who the Martian is masquerading as so J’onn and Megan make everyone go through a flame test which would reveal the alien.

The unassuming genius Winn turns out to be the infiltrator and he escapes into the bowels of the facility, programming the core to explode. The rest of the team split up and go looking for him. I was getting bored with the searching and heart to heart Kara and Alex were having until the revelation that Alex is a White Martian too!!! Genuinely surprising.


We can’t have a bad ending of course, so the real Winn manages to defuse the core while the 3 aliens and Alex beat the Martians down. J’onn and Megan finally speak their feelings for each other but she decides to go back to Mars anyway! Her own race have just tried to hunt her down and bring her back for execution but not she wants to go back and find others who will speak out like her! What was the point of the whole episode?!!


We also get more evidence of the inconsistent romantic writing in the show. Last season was will they won’t they between Jimmy and Kara which ultimately ended very soon into the new season. Since Mon-El arrived the same dynamic has been there and the show hasn’t been subtle about it. Mon-el confessed his feelings last week, and Kara shot him down. This week she feels the need to knock him down even further! But finally admits she may like him and just as she goes to tell him, she sees him on a date. Awkward!! So we’re going to have another will they won’t they story for the rest of the season. Yay…..


Supergirl is really losing its coherence. I understand having conflicting character development, particularly when it comes to romantic stories but doing it over the course of two episodes is stupid. It stops you caring about the relationship (or lack of), it was the same sort of thing in Arrow Season 3/4 with Oliver and Felicity. It’s boring! Have the people together or don’t! Rant over. Let’s hope things improve next week!


The Flash S3 Ep12 – ‘Untouchable’

This episode was all about re-treading old ground. Whether accidentally or on purpose we get a lot of things we have seen before. Barry is continuing to train Wally with limited success, Cisco tries a new vibe technique (vibing Flashpoint!)and Caitlin has another brush with her chillier side! The beginning of the episode was good with Barry and Wally’s race, even Barry technically cheating by using a technique Wally hasn’t learnt yet was good.


Our bad guy this week is another Flashpoint villain created by Dr Alchemy. This guy can turn anything he touches to ash and is on a revenge mission against the cops that arrested him in Flashpoint, one of which just happens to be Joe West. The team struggle with the new foe at first (as standard) as they can’t touch him. Luckily Julian figures out a speedsters blood can negate the ash powers. I’m going to start calling Julian Dr Convenience, he’s not extremely useful but gives just enough perfect information when it’s needed.


Wally has been unable to phase through objects under Barry’s teachings and after yet another scene of Barry recognising that he needs to be a better teacher and not expect Wally to just get faster on his own, the two speedsters go to fight the bad guy. Barry’s inconsistent level of power is shown again as he is able to phase an entire train through some rubble strewn across the tracks by the bad guy, a pretty cool sequence but he has never done anything like that before! This takes a lot out of him so Wally has to step up and phase his own blood inside the ash man to depower him….ewww.

The main part of this episode was the threat to Iris. She gets touched by the ash guy and her body starts to die. It takes Dr Convenience to persuade Caitlin in to using her ice powers to freeze Iris’ arm to stop the spread. Caitlin slips into Killer Frost mode, again, but gets talked round, again, to save the day. Why is Caitlin the only one that will turn evil by having powers? The other bad Metas were generally bad beforehand and neither Barry or Wally have gone rogue!


The reason this part annoyed me is that you can’t put Iris in a life or death situation when the whole half of the season is about trying to stop her from dying! You don’t feel like she is ever really in danger, they should have used someone else. Also how many men is Caitlin going to go through? She has now gone out for a drink with Dr Convenience!! She gets around a bit!

The last scene is one of the most interesting. Jesse Quick arrives panicked through a portal to tell Wally Grodd has taken her father to Gorilla City! Yes we are finally getting Grodd back and should be visiting the city! I’ve been waiting for this since Grodd’s first appearance! It should also mean we get the best Harrison Wells back! Double yes!

The main thing I would change about this episode is to remove Joe’s romance storyline. It adds nothing to the show, it’s not interesting and to me it just seems those scenes were put in to show that Kid Flash has fans. There are already enough secondary characters in the show, we don’t need more, but at least he now know his daughter is going to die!


Arrow S5 Ep12 – ‘Bratva’

I want to address something before I get into the episode. Team Arrow is not at all subtle about anything. They work in the shadows, unless they need to go out in the day, all together, to a foreign country, using their real names and barely disguising themselves. In the real world they would be dead in minutes. So it’s a good thing this isn’t the real world, this episode was lots of fun! Team Arrow head to Russia!

The Team are back on the trail of General Walker as he tries to sell a nuke in Russia. Without a second thought Oliver takes the whole team, minus Wild Dog fearing he would create an international incident, to Russia to stop him. Oliver contacts Anotoli his old Bratva friend for help but gets a right hook instead. Oliver did not honour the deal he made with a Bratva brother a couple of seasons ago. Reluctantly Oliver has to return to some Bratva enforcing to get the assistance he needs.


In their investigation Felicity steps over the line by blackmailing a guy for information, threatening his family with death unless he hands over what she needs! This renewed Hack-tivist side of her is much more interesting! John also steps over a line by almost beating a man to death for information. Oliver has to give them both the moral talk as they are supposed to be better than him. Angry John is scary!


The team succeed of course but not without cost. Ragman has to contain the entire blast of a nuke, destroying his rags in the process. Rory feels he needs to leave the team instead of being a target for Prometheus. The new Canary appears to have been accepted onto the team straight away with no tests. She’s an active member and even gives Oliver a reality check when he struggles to let his past go. To be fair she is a lot less annoying that Laurel!


Back in Star City, Quentin Lance is back from Rehab and is being babysat by Wild Dog. Prepping for an interview with Oliver’s girlfriend, Lance struggles with questions about his daughter, then reigns himself in and nails the interview. A little bit of bonding over a story where he set Wild Dog on a better path when he was younger was good to see, its great to see him back.

And finally, finally, Oliver’s reporter girlfriend has put the facts together, he might be the Green Arrow! It’s about time someone actually made sense of all the coincidences!!! How will this play out?


The episode was one of the best this season and I think it’s mainly down to it being so fast paced. There wasn’t really time to stop and think about what was actually going on. it was fun to watch, lost going on and character development all over the place. Well done guys, you are clawing it back! One question still bugs me though, where is Thea?


Legends of Tomorrow S2 Ep11 – ‘Turncoat’

A littler bit of energy was injected into Legends this week. The Legion of Doom episode last week was a lot of fun and now we have Rip back on the scene but not his usual self!

Rip has killed George Washington, just to draw the Legends into a trap! It was all so he could get inside the Wave Rider to grab the piece of the Spear of Destiny the Legends have. I’ll admit it is very elaborate but turns out to be quite successful! At the same time as trying to save George Washington the team have to fight off Rip and his English troops!


Because of the mind meddling the Reverse Flash did on Rip he now has all his memories but is evil and working with the Legion. He quickly sabotages the Wave Rider and the team with a single device, who knew it was so easy?! Oh and he shoots Sara in the gut!

Jacks has to take the lead to save everyone and manages to give Rip the run around for a while but when Rip snaps a dying Sara’s neck it pushes him over the edge, sending him after Rip with murder in his heart. Luckily a miniaturised Ray has managed to restart the Wave Rider’s time drive and power is restored. Gideon brings Sara back to life (that’s twice now Sara!), and just in time for her to stop Jacks shooting Rip, letting him escape with their bit of the Spear.


We have a new romance his season that pretty much came out of nowhere. Last season it was Atom and Hawkgirl now it’s Citizen Steel and Vixen. It’s even cliché, Nate falls into a freezing river and after channeling a seal to save him, he and Vixen have to snuggle up to prevent hypothermia! And then they just have sex! Just like that! The brief conversation about different dating ethics felt forced in to justify the coupling. But don’t worry Vixen wants to stay ‘chill’ and Nate will pine for her. This is exactly what we had last year!!!!

Luckily we can distract ourselves from this with Mick making friends with George Washington and saving the American Civil War and by default America! He even gets a statue in his honour! I didn’t think much about the actor playing Washington but the scenes with Mick were fun. More Mick less romance!

Any good feelings gained throughout the episode are destroyed with a really cheesy ending. Even though the Legends let their bit of the Spear get taken they bond over Christmas dinner. They are a family so they will endure…..yawn!! This show is becoming less and less fun!

The winner is Arrow!!! Keep it up!

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Marvel you Tease!!!


The Marvel Teaser Train is well under way! Over the last week we have been getting a steady stream of footage and images from the current Marvel movies in production. Infinity War has started filming so to give us a little treat a short featurette was released as well as some concept art. Check them out below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So……Bloody exciting!!!!  There’s a few things that immediately jump out at you in these teases. In the clip, Robert Downey Jnr, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are stood on a set that looks very much like the vision Tony Stark had in Age of Ultron.


Does this mean some or all of Stark’s vision will come true? Let the speculation engine start!!! At least is gives us confirmation that the Avengers will meet the Guardians, but which way round will it be? Will the Avengers go to space or will the Guardians come to Earth, or both?

We have also seen Rockett Racoon and Thor fighting side by side. Another expected scene but what is Thor holding? It’s definitely not Mjolnir. Could this be his axe Jarnbjorn? Why doesn’t he have his hammer? Is he not worthy?

Stark has rebuilt some of his suit armoury. Clearly deciding that the ending of Iron Man 3 was a bad choice. Looks like his suits have had another upgrade as per the new film tradition.

And we have a very casual looking Thanos. He’s just chilling in a waistcoat as all megalomaniacs do. Of course he looks to be sitting down but more importantly he looks hench! He will be a force to be reckoned with.

Marvel are spoiling us, after the Infinity War stuff we now have some Thor: Ragnarok concept art too!


So much awesome! Hulk and Thor battling it out with some huge weapons and Thor wearing his blooming helmet!!! With each image the Planet Hulk influence in this film is more and more evident, I love it! But that’s not all that will be going on. The second image sees Thor and Loki up against Hela. We know she is the antagonist of the film but this if the first proper look at her with Cate Blanchett’s face!

What’s most interesting here is that they appear to be in an alleyway surrounded by fire escapes. Does this mean Hela comes to Midgard? Is it Hela that sends Thor off to the realm where he has to fight the Hulk? Has Loki stopped masquerading as Odin? Does Thor know he was? This image raises more questions than it does answers but Hela looks great!

We’re not done yet! We finally have some Black Panther concept art!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every single image here is amazing. Black Panther himself looks buff and intimidating but we already know that. It’s the environments that are the most interesting here. Presumably all from inside Wakanda, we see some kind of council chamber which looks very ornate, an ancient looking temple type thing, a glowing rocky area which I’m going to say is the source of the Vibranium and an urban area which blends ultra modern with the ancient village.

Up until now Black Panther hasn’t really been on my radar. I know its been coming but I haven’t been particularly excited about it but now I definitely am! If the actual film looks even remotely like the concept art it is going to be beautiful. We already know Chadwick Boseman is brilliant as T’Challa and the supporting cast is nothing short of incredible. This is close to becoming my most anticipated film of the year, all I need now is a trailer!

What do you think of all the concept art? Excited for the films or would you rather not see things until the film is released? Let us know in the comments below.

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Re-reading Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows

SUNDAY CALENDAR AUGUST 7, 2011. DO NOT USE PRIOR TO PUBLICATION ******************** (L-r from center) DANIEL RADCLIFFE as Harry Potter, BONNIE WRIGHT as Ginny Weasley and ARTHUR BOWEN as Albus Severus Potter (19 years later)  in Warner Bros. Pictures' fantasy adventure movie  "HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - PART 2," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The final chapter! This is my last re-reading Harry Potter post; the things I noticed whilst throwing myself into the unending pain of the final book of the series. Overall I love this book and has some of what I considered to be the best writing of all time, but I really dislike that it’s the final installment (or at least it was!) – I am never ready to say goodbye to the characters and could read a book about every year in their lives that follows. I still have to observe a period of mourning whenever I finish this series, before I can contemplate reading something new. Here goes!

  1. Book cover.jpgWhat source does Voldemort think Snape was getting the information about Harry being moved early from?
  2. Who is the prisoner that must be kept quiet? (I’ve come to the conclusion that this must be Ollivander)
  3. Harry just threw the locket which symbolised Dumbledore’s death into his trunk? I’d have thought he would have kept it nearby.
  4. How is it that Harry had never thought to ask Dumbledore about Grindewald? Given he knew that Dumbledore had defeated him, and he himself was facing the task of having to duel and/or defeat Voldemort, I’d have naturally wanted to find out how Dumbledore had won his battle.
  5. I wonder if Harry ever does go back to visit the Dursleys and whether they did stay protected? [Side note: I really want a story where Dudley falls in love with a witch]
  6. Would it not have made more sense to make Harry look like someone else, than everyone to look like him?7-harrys
  7. HEDWIG!!!!!!
  8. Molly really should have given Harry, Hermione and Ron time to work, research and talk safely, rather than giving them chores to keep them apart.
  9. ‘It’s not all about wandwork’ Great advice there for muggles too.
  10. I never knew until this book that Ginny was actually called Ginervra. The first time I read this book, it took me ages to figure out who Ginervra was!
  11. Do wizards have divorce?Billfleur.gif
  12. What is it with having truly awful Aunts?
  13. It does seem someone should have taken Harry to Godric’s Hollow before now.
  14. Hermione really should know by now that going on at Harry continually just makes him more stubborn.
  15. Are there such a thing as wizarding ‘lads mags’, where the models *wiggle* etc? (For reference, this thought came about when they were looking at the pictures on Sirius’ bedroom wall).
  16. Who did Travers actually send to take notes at the hearing?
  17. Wouldn’t Voldemort know what Grindewald looked like?
  18. Ron should have looked at the Marauders Map too, it might have made him feel better.
  19. Who chose the words for Harry’s parents’ grave?Grave.jpg
  20. If wizards get old and confused, do they have to have their powers contained some how? They could cause lots of accidental damage? Is there a ward in St Mungos for those who are no longer safe to practice magic?
  21. Harry really should be more careful following something unknown (The Doe), particularly after Bathilda.
  22. It’s a bit weird that Snape apparently watched Harry get undressed and jump into the frozen pond.
  23. DOBBY!!!!! No, no, no…..dobby
  24. How many times do you reckon Harry, Hermione and Ron all saw each other naked whilst camping? Awkward.
  25. What is it with Aberforth and goats?!
  26. FRED!!!!!!! No, I can’t take any more.
  27. Told you the giant spiders were a bad idea.
  28. Where did Petunia get her ‘freak’ attitude from? She must have learnt it somewhere.
  29. Snape still only actually killed about Lily. He didn’t actually care about whether what Voldemort was doing was wrong or right, or about Harry.
  30. REMUS!!!! TONKS!!!!! No, no, no, no, no, no…. just take me too.tonks-and-remus
  31. I have never read anything, nor do I think I am likely to, that is as moving, meaningful and emotive as the writing of Harry going to Voldemort to die.
  32. Just leaving the resurrection stone in the forest, doesn’t seem entirely wise. Someone could find it.
  33. Who does Teddy Tonks live with?
  34. Snape was not actually that brave, and still was responsible for giving Voldemort the information that meant he killed Lily and James. I would not have named my son after him.CA.0802.harry.potter.hallows.2.

So that’s it. Finished! Let me know whether there’s anything you’ve noticed in any of the books, or what you think about the stories in general, in comments or on Twitter @JackGeekstalk. I am planning to follow this up with a series of posts on me re-watching the films, so keep an eye out for that.



Super Bowl Trailers Round Up


They are all over he internet but I thought it’s time we had a brief look at the recent Super Bowl Movie Trailers! Let go!

Bare in mind I’m not looking up any further information on any of these films so let’s see what new stuff they have to give!

Ghost in the Shell

Not much new here but still clear the film is going to be visually stunning. It’s looking to be an almost shot for shot remake of the original anime, with a few practical additions. Even though there is still controversary over the films cadting i think Scarlett Johannson looks pretty decent as the Major. It’s going to disappoint a lot of people but could be brilliant.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Yes another trailer for another film that should never have been made. Thankfully Michael Bay has said this will be his last Transformers film! Any new stuff? It’s another ‘find the artefact’ movie, Mark Wharlberg is harbouring Autobota for some reason and there is some more shots of Optimus Prime going rogue. Why is he fighting his friends? What is the threat to Earth this time? I won’t be paying to see this.


I didn’t even know about this film until I saw the trailer. It looks like a mix between Alien and Gravity. Realistic looking space adventure with a mysterious life form that attacks!! Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are faced with this threat but I’m not sure whether this inspires me to see it. I don’t see Reynolds as a dramatic actor and this looks to be below the recent Caliber of films Gyllenhaal has been releasing. I’ll wait for another trailer before I make a decision.

Cure for Wellness

Now this looks a freaky as hell. It looks very much like Shutter Island with its setting inside an asylum of sorts. Sinister things are going on behind these doors, experiments, trials, powers? Is there a supernatural aspect to this film? Or is it all in the patients heads? I’m intrigued and a little scared. I love it!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Yet more confirmation. That this film is going to be hilarious. We get a little more of what we assume is the surface of Ego the living planet but still no sight of Kurt Russell. A weird Gold Lady who is rumoured to be a clone of Adam Warlock, Yondu’s arrow in action and The whole team together, including Nebula and Mantis. The latter of which gets flattened by some falling debris! This will be a great film and I hope it can build on the success of the first while still providing something new.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Men Tell No Tales

Much more of the same stuff we have seen 4 times now. Dead pirates looking for Captain Jack Sparrow. We do have our first look at The undead William Turner, looking a bit worse for wear and a ship apparently grinding on the edge of an abyss but other than that it’s boring. I’ve expressed my dislike of Johnny Depp and the Pirates series so unless I’m foxes I will not be seeing this film. Even The addition of a Johnny Cash song (copying Logan much?) doesn’t encourage me.


Another short trailer for our Adamantium friend. Very little new footage but we do see X-23 running with a group of children. Who are these other kids? Part of the same program as she? It was she jut hiding out amongst them? Caliban interests me. We see him releases a pair of grenades in front of him. Is this a last stand? Has he had enough of the bad guys using him? Or is it a fake out? It’s likely he will die alongside other people, particularly as Professor X seems to be suffering from seizures that disrupt his abilities. It’s going to be very very sad!

Fate of the Furious

Another franchise that has gone on for too long. Without the Rock it would have died a couple of films back but now we have another. Dominic Toretto has gone rogue (I’m sure there will be an elaborate plan where he was the good guy all along) so the rest of the team are trying to take him down. Fast cars, minigun fights and a submarine chase are all in store for those stupid enough to pay to see this film. It’s safe to say I am bored of this franchise.


I’ll say it now, I’m not usually a fan of films that are ‘stupid funny’. In the case of Baywatch I don’t think they could have done it any other way. It was different in the 90s, you can’t take this kind of thing seriously anymore. It looks funny with a good amount of action and it’s self aware, making fun of the original source material. Good job guys!

Stranger Things Season 2

While not strictly released during the Super Bowl, the first teaser for Season 2 of Stranger Things hints at more awesomeness. 11 is back, a new huge creature rears its ugly head and does Will have powers? The friends are dressed as Ghostbusters for Halloween which might have inspired the huge monster they will face, much like the Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. It was just enough to whet out appetite but we still have a long time to wait before it’s October release.

Some pretty good trailer there, balanced out by an equal measure of rubbish. Let’s see how the year pans out!

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CW Superhero Round Up – Week 11


No chat this week, let’s just get straight into it, after all that’s what you came here for!


Supergirl S2 Ep10 – ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Has the move to CW caused Supergirl to take a back seat in her own show? Every recent episode seems to have focused on the secondary characters (who do tend to be more interesting I might add) and Kara is going through the same steps each week. There doesn’t appear to be any real character development on her part.

If you had to think of the worst (or most annoying) villain of season 1, who would you choose? For me it would be Livewire, so imagine my despair when she returned for the third time to seemingly wreak havoc on National City. How have they not realised by now that her practical appearance is ridiculous and the actor is hamming it up to heavenly levels! Choose another character!!!!


The only saving grace in this episode is that she isn’t really the main villain. Some mad scientist guy (I’m not even sure if they say his name) is using Livewire as a battery to power his own versions. This bad guy is not developed in any way and is taken down in the first confrontation he has with our super heroes. Apart from Livewire agreeing to help Supergirl fight him, she is much the same as always.


Mon-el’s feelings for Kara have apparently reached a level where he wants to be a hero to impress her. Kara allows him to help on a real mission. Inevitably he messes up, letting his feelings prioritise Kara’s safety over that of the civilians he was protecting. Kara breaks out of her episodes-long cloud of ignorance, realising that Mon-El might have feelings for her but he quickly denies this, only to finally admit it at the end of the episode. I’m glad it’s out in the open but I don’t think it was done in the right way.

Getting involved in the fight with the fake Livewires, Guardian gets knocked out and Kara discovers Jimmy is behind the helmet! She is not happy with this at all and though accepting that he an Winn are going to continue their crime fighting ways she does not support it in any way. The Super-friends will never be the same again.


J’onn J’onnz has another change of heart this week. When Megan suffers a psychic episode of sorts, at first he refuses to help her because she is a White Martian and doesn’t want her to have his memories. In the end, Alex guilt trips him into a mind-meld with her and we are treated to a weird scene where they are reliving some of the Green Martian slaughters. J’onn manages to pull her out of this place and they will probably end up being the ‘best of friends’ if you know what I mean!

The only thing of note to take from this disappointing episode is a warning from Megan. The White Martians have found her and are coming to Earth! Will war come to National City?


The Flash S3 Ep11 – ‘Dead or Alive’

In stark contrast to Supergirl, The Flash continues its improvement with another entertaining episode. There is still plenty I don’t like about a couple of the story arcs but this week Cisco saves the day in more ways than one. For most of the shows life Cisco has been my favourite and this week is a return to form for him after the recent ‘I’m sad about the death of my brother’ episodes.

Team Flash come up against Gypsy, a breach hopping ‘Collector’ from Earth-19 who has arrived to bring HR back for punishment. Apparently breach travel is illegal on their Earth and the penalty is death. The only way to prevent this is to offer a challenge by combat. This challenge doesn’t come from Barry, the hero who is most in tune with his powers, but from Cisco, someone how has been holding back his powers for as long as he has had them.

Throughout the episode Gypsy shows she is incredibly proficient with her powers which appear to be a more developed form of the same that Cisco possesses so the outcome of the battle seems obvious. But as this is a show about heroes, Cisco triumphs. The battle is funny as the pair are flirting and fighting, hopping through breaches to other worlds (including Supergirl’s Earth), and Cisco actually showing he is a force to be reckoned with.

Needless to say, HR is saved from death with the clause that he can’t ever return to Earth-19 and Cisco shares a touching moment with him, the previous Harrison Wells invested his time in Cisco, this was his chance to return the favour.

The only other thing going on in the episode, apart from Caitlin trying to teach Julian to be a bit more diplomatic with his team interaction, is Iris getting herself into trouble. She is scared of not leaving anything behind if she dies and this pushes her to risk her life for a story about arms dealers. Barry, Joe and Wally all try and talk her out of it but she ignores them and gets herself into trouble. Is this an attempt to give her more than a 2-dimensional character? If so it’s just making her seem selfish.


Barry finally realises something that everyone else knows, he isn’t getting fast enough to save Iris from Savitar. Luckily there is another Speedster who has been getting exponentially faster, Wally aka Kid Flash. Barry tells him that he will be the one to save Iris, he will be the only one fast enough to do it. This is already different from the future, will it work?


Like I said before Cisco saves this episode. Iris is not strong enough to be the focus and the rest of Team Flash have not had enough development this season to hold a story. Wally is edging closer to being another favourite of mine, mainly because his joy at having the speed he craved is infectious. Barry has always seemed a bit smug about his powers, Wally just seems happy to be living it! Go Wally!


Arrow S5 Ep11 – ‘Second Chances’

I’m starting to think that this entire season is about the Black Canary. It started out with the aftermath of her death, we got a new potential Canary in the form of Evelyn Sharp, then we got Earth-2 Laurel Lance aka Black Siren and now we have the search for another. There are other characters in the show you know!

This episode felt a little bit like one taken from the Flash. Team Arrow (minus Felicity, Rory and Diggle) head off to Hub City to recruit a woman called Tina Bolen, an ex-cop turned Meta-human vigilante. She is out on her own revenge mission which mirrors some aspect of Oliver’s mission, this is probably why he feels so strongly that she is the right fit to take on the mantel of the Black Canary.


The entire episode could have been condensed into a neat 30 minutes. There was no need to have the long drawn out hunt for ‘Sonos’, the man who killed Tina’s lover and who just so happened to gain sound related powers at the same time as she got her canary cry. The only interesting thing about this part of the story was that she killed the guy, there wasn’t the hesitation and failure to follow through as we get so often in these types of shows, she guns him down. Of course she does then realise that her revenge doesn’t make her feel any better and it is this that pushes her to accept Oliver’s offer.

While all this is going on Felicity actually does some decent old fashioned hacking! With Diggle seemingly on the chopping block, the DA gets wind of a file which would exonerate him. Felicity hacks the NSA to find this file only to come up empty handed but does come into contact with a super-fan. Anyone who has been on the internet will tell you that if an anonymous computer user asks to meet in real life, you should steer well clear! But apparently Felicity is fine with it.


Luckily the person she meets isn’t a murderer, she is a Hack-tivist inspired by Felicity’s old hacking life to carry on that mission and as part of a hacking organisation is taking the fight to the man! Oh and has picked up the file Felicity needs to free John, which is lucky! It’s clear that Felicity will get a renewed desire to return to her hacking ways as a way of giving her character something to do other than be annoyed at people. Too little too late I say.

In the flashbacks we see Talia Al Ghul basically knocking some sense into Oliver and directing him down the path we seem him start on in Season 1. He has a monster inside him, but that monster needs to become ‘something’ else. She even gives him his first Arrow costume. I thought he made this himself, where did it go by the time he was rescued from Lian Yu?! These scenes are a bit meh, although Oliver does beat a man to death just because Talia told him to! Has the monster grown too large?


It was an inconsistent episode. The good bits were really good but the bad bits sunk very low. Diggle is now out of custody, Felicity is going back to her hacking roots and we have a new Black Canary whose real name just happens to be Dinah Drake, a reference to one of the people who held the mantle in the comics. It was an episode that stopped the slide the show has been on for the last couple of weeks and I just hope this now means it will go up again. We need a good second half the season, especially because we know season 6 is on it’s way!


Legends of Tomorrow – S2 Ep10 – ‘The Legion of Doom’

Thank God for this episode (or at least parts of it). Last week Legends reached ridiculous levels, all of which were crap but his week we have an episode that was fun, entertaining and intriguing. This might have something to do with the Legends taking a back seat and the focus being on our bad guy trifecta, Eobard Thawne, Damian Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn.

All three of them are a joy to watch in their own way as they try to get information out of the reprogrammed Rip Hunter. Thawne is clearly playing the other two off against each other and placing himself as the leader of the group with his lackeys doing the grunt work.

Seeing Merlyn and Darhk verbally then physically spar was brilliant. They clearly hate each other and think they are better than the other but fighting will get them no where. After realising that Thawne speeds off all the time for no apparent reason, they trap him in a bank vault and demand an equal footing, which he reluctantly agrees to.

Who knew the Reverse Flash was scared of something. As the Legends figure out, Thawne keeps moving to avoid being written out of existence entirely. We see the physical manifestation of this as the Black Flash!!!! In the comics it is the entity that acts as Death for speedsters but we last saw him in the previous season of The Flash, when Zoom was collected by the Time Wraiths he morphed into the Black Flash and is now apparently hunting for Thawne.

The genuine fear on Thawne’s face was brilliant as he came wishing millimeters of the Black Flash until the others helped him trap the beast. The three are now working as a partnership after retrieving a drive that holds Rip Hunter’s memories.

Being the bad guys they don’t just want to put them back in Rip’s head, they want to change a few things. The episode ends with Rip appearing to kill George Washington! What the hell are they doing? Stay tuned for a whole mess of temporal paradoxes that will be glossed over in future episodes.


Finally the abberation that is Martin Stein’s daughter Lily is addressed. Mick lets the truth slip and she goes off on one at her dad by saying he never wanted her. As all relationship wounds heal super fast in these shows, Stein apologies to her and says he needed her in his life. I hope it isn’t just smoothed over as easily like that, I want her to hold some resentment for him or he has to correct the timeline to erase her. Basically I want some emotional heartbreak!


This episode clearly shows that the core Legends team can easily be overshadowed be more interesting characters. The character development evident at the beginning of the season seems to have waned and they haven’t had a good proper fight for a while now! Hopefully things will pick up from now.

The winner this week is Legends of Tomorrow, The Legion of Doom are fun to watch!

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