Jack and the Geekstalk is a collection of vlogs, blogs and content by four very different geeks, with very varied interested and abilities. You’ll probably gather from the descriptions below, that this is a bit of a family affair!

Who are we?

Dave pic (2)Dave- I am a self-confessed Star Wars and comic geek. I’m married to Lou, thus Sammi is my sister-in-law, and am a proud Daddy of a baby girl who I have already dressed as a Stormtrooper (and R2D2, Boba Fett, Superbaby, and Batbaby). Love films, comics, and gaming, as well as expressing my opinions on pretty much anything to anyone who will listen! If you feel like it, follow me on Twitter @Crutchy for plenty of geek news and gossip.


Sammi picSammi- I’m the socially awkward penguin known as Sammi, girlfriend of Luke, younger sister of Lou and bane of Dave’s existence (in the loveliest way possible- he’d be lost without me)! Doctor Who is my big geek obsession, but I also love comic books, Sherlock, Welcome to Nightvale, and Supernatural. Another petrol head, I also love British Touring Cars, but my biggest passion is music and could happily spend a whole weekend in a record shop just browsing vinyl.


Luke picLukeLuke- I am a massive gamer, Halo being my all time favourite series, and I enjoy making YouTube videos (find me as LucasWhizz). I work in IT support, I absolutely love my job and anything to do with technology really. Sammi is my girlfriend, she is pretty awesome but I think I may be in love with Walter White- after all he is the one who knocks… Sorry Babe 🙂



3rd anniversary_1Lou- I am a big Studio Ghibli, Once Upon A Time and Supernatural fan… outside of Geekstalk, I am married to Dave, have a baby daughter and am big sister to Sammi. I love to bake and cook (much to the other three’s joy), and am a motorsport fan, in particular British Touring Cars.



Who is Jack?

Jack is the codename given to Dave and Lou’s baby daughter throughout the website.

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