Team Flash have had some time to recover since Jay’s death. I wouldn’t say they have been able to rest what with the King Shark problem but things are starting to return to normal. The focus this week was Barry trying to get faster. He needs to be much faster if he is going to defeat Zoom!

Here’s our recap and review!

Team Flash have assembled at a nearby canyon for some training. Barry is going to try and jump the gap! He is determined to get faster and tries his best.


He launches himself over the canyon …..but doesn’t make it, he falls! Only to be caught by some drones that Cisco thankfully brought with him!

Returning to S.T.A.R. Labs the team tell Barry that they all need a break. They have been working non-stop since returning from Earth-2 and they need to relax for a bit. Barry eventually agrees and they decide to go out for some drinks.

Jesse asks Wells if she can go and when he says no at first, she turns his own logic around and says he wanted her to get to now her team mates. He says yes but says she must go with protection….but he means his Meta-human detector watch! All teenagers breathe a sigh of relief!

The Team go out to a club and have shots! Iris and Wally show up to join the fun which results in some light flirting between Wally and Jesse.


The Meta-human watch keeps going off when Jesse is close to Barry but also when she gets closer to Wally….does this mean something?

Jesse excuses herself to the bathroom tor try and an stop the watch from going off but instead uncovers some of the voice messages Wells left when he was still trying to get her back!


Caitlin and Cisco go off to dance, which the latter cannot do! Leaving Iris and Barry to talk. She says that if they ever got married he is not allowed to dance like that! Have those thoughts started to develop in her mind?


The evening was going well until a red streak comes into the club and robs everyone in a couple of seconds! Barry gives chase but the speedster is too fast for him!


A lot of people across the city think the Flash is responsible for the thefts. First and foremost is Iris’s new editor. He has jumped on the story and wants Iris to do a story on it detailing how the Flash has gone rogue!


Jesse asks Wells about the messages, he admits to recording them and that he would do anything to keep her safe. She tells him that he used to be her hero, now he is just a killer.


Barry can’t work out why the speedster is so much faster than him. Caitlin tells him about Velocity 9, even though she promised Jay she wouldn’t. Barry is angry that they didn’t tell him. He could have used the V9 to increase his speed to stop Zoom!. Caitlin tries to explain that the drug is addictive and deadly.

Before the argument can be resolved, the ‘Bad Flash’ as Cisco calls it, is back! Barry chases and almost catches up but is then given a smack down before the speedster, who is a woman, stops to smirk and then speeds away.


The Team talk about how there can be another speedster. Caitlin thinks she has a lead. When developing V9 she sent some parts over to her friend Eliza at Mercury labs for advice. There is a chance she has reversed engineered her own version and is now using it!


Eliza claims to know nothing of the V9 or the new speedster but later we see she was lying and has actually developed a split personality as a result of the taking the drug, and they need more!


In the meantime, Barry has taken the last vial of V9 and plans to use it. Wells confronts him. Barry wants to do everything within his powers to stop Zoom so why shouldn’t he cheat to level the playing field?


Wells tells him that he will lose a chunk of himself if he compromises his values. “Don’t be like me, be better, be like Jay”. With this, Barry drops the vial destroying the last vial of V9. As he returns to the control room the speedster arrives!

Trajectory, as she calls herself, grabs Barry and locks him in the pipeline, knocks Joe down and demands more V9.


Trajectory threatens to kill Jesse, prompting Wells to offer to make some more V9.

Not trusting Team Flash, Trajectory tests the V9 on Jesse before taking the rest and escaping. Jesse goes into shock as the V9 is too pure for her system to cope with (could this be an early indicator for her getting speed powers?)


Jesse is saved by a blood transfusion from Wells as he is the only match to her Earth-2 blood type. Though she is grateful he has saved her life, she is worried that he will be willing to do anything to protect her, regardless of who else it might affect.


Caitlin was smart and put a micro tracker in the V9. The team track Trajectory to a bridge where she is running back and forth at super speed trying to use her friction to destroy it. Barry super-speeds those in danger away and starts a speed fight with Trajectory.


The bridge comes down and the two speedsters are separated by a huge gap. In order to reach trajectory Barry must run faster than ever, Mach 3.3 according to Wells, to jump the gap. This is The Flash so of course he makes it and knocks Trajectory down.

Barry tries to talk Eliza out of injecting herself again. Her addiction wins out and she injects herself. As she runs away, her lightning turns blue and the speedforce burns her up! Has she turned to pure speedforce? All that remains is her friction-proof suit.


The Team come to a realisation that Zoom must have used some version of V9. This explains his blue lightning and it must mean he is dying which is why he needs Barry’s speed as a cure….just….like….Jay!! When Jay took V9 it temporarily healed his dying cells!!!

Cisco confesses to having ‘vibed’ a few times during the episode and has seen Zoom each time. It happens whenever he has been near Jay’s helmet.


Barry smashes the display case the helmet is in and gets Cisco to ‘vibe’ again. He sees Zoom take his mask off, to reveal….the face of Jay Garrick!


Barry is mad!! At last we get the comic book scene every Flash fan has been waiting for! Barry runs to the canyon featured earlier in the episode and screams in anger!!!!


Here’s a few things that jumped out at me:

  • Jesse has been spending her time learning about Earth-1 celebs
  • Wells is a fan of Kayne West!
  • Wells says he could make an ‘Inescapable daughter cube’ for Jesse. Mother box reference much?
  • Barry tries to explain his relationship with Wally to Jesse, unsuccessfully.
  • Barry is yet again not quiet when talking to Joe about his speed with lots of people around!
  • Iris’ editor has seen the true colours of loved figures before. Has he been negatively affected by a hero in the past? Wants heroes to be accountable.
  • Cisco has another awesome line when answering why Trajectory was trying to destroy the bridge, “Villains gonna vill!”
  • Jesse has left and is making her way to Opal City, another comic book city, the home of Starman.


Though not a lot happened in the episode I was relieved that the team have finally started putting the puzzle pieces together. I still don’t think the Zoom explanation is as simple as him being Jay Garrick. We know that the Jay the team have been working with is dead because we saw Zoom take his body to his lair.


Maybe Zoom has pretended to be Jay at times on Earth-1? Maybe Zoom is another version of Jay from another world? Earth-2 perhaps? Maybe he is Earth-1 Jay otherwise known as Hunter Zolomon? This would fit with the comic book version. But also if Zoom is Jay, who the hell is in the iron mask?!

Remember when I said that I’m glad Iris was being given more to do then just be a love object? Well it didn’t last long. Iris invites her boss out for coffee to distract him from her writing the bad flash story, he thinks this was a date and it ends very badly for him and he runs away embarrassed.

Whether out of shame or regret, he prints a pro-Flash story that Iris wrote and Iris tells him that their ‘date’ wasn’t a deal breaker. Looks like she has started a new fling!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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