We’re 3 for 3 and going strong!!!! So far it’s been the least geeky day of the week. No new gadgets of gifts today but I still had some geeking to do!

I had the chance to catch up with some more podcasts of varying topics. The Weekly Planet was in my ears again, along with a Footnotes episode of the always cringingly hilarious My Dad Wrote a Porno. I highly recommend checking it out, at times it uncomfortable, disgusting and plain confusing but it is always funny!



Oh and not to forget the very welcome return of the nerdschatting podcast! The first time all three nerds have recorded together in almost two months!!!! This time they’re talking about the new Jack Ryan TV show on Amazon Starring John Krasinski. Not seen the show myself but I’m interested now after listening! Go check them out!




A lot of my free time today has been spent interacting with some of the lovely geeky people in the Twitterverse. You may have heard the recent rumours that Henry Cavill aka the DCEUs current Superman has stepped away from the role. This understandably sent the internet into a bit of a spin as no one actually knew if it was true and even a statement from WB served only to create more confusion. We still don’t know if it’s true and Cavill hasn’t helped matters by posting a rather cryptic Superman related video on his Instagram!

The web was awash with people suggesting replacements, one front runner being Michael B Jordan, condemning the DCEU for the mess it appears to be and asking who will be next? I’m going to wait for something more official before I go crazy but it’s all very exciting for some reason. Who knows what’s actually happening?!

Signing off for now as I endless stalk Mark Hamill on Twitter for posting a tease at something that has to be the title of Star Wars Episode IX surely?! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

P.S. I did very poorly at PUBG last night. At one point I tried to kill another player with a smoke grenade while they rushed me wielding a shotgun. Can you guess who came off better?

Laters Geeks!!

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