Have you ever wondered what weapon would suit you best should the world descend into a zombie Apocalypse? I have often pondered such things and always thought that a good trusty axe would serve me well. Well today I learnt that I should stay well away from them!

Last year for my birthday my wife bought me a Red Letter Day experience which gave me the chance to try out a variety of different target sports. Today I went and took part! I’d now like to think I’m proficient in air rifles, air pistols, archery and crossbows but definitely not throwing axes. I was over 80% accurate with the pistols and bow but less than 20% with the axes! Let’s just hope there is an abundance of ammunition available when the dead start walking!

If you’re interested in trying something like this out I had my experience at 1066 Target Sports just outside Hastings, Kent. Here’s a link to their site:



After letting my testosterone flow for a while, it was time to chill with the family. We ventured down to the seafront to eat chips while fighting off the ever encroaching swarm of seagulls. A trip to the edge of the land isn’t complete without a visit to some amusements. The site of so many childhood memories of rage and disappointment, I pretend these games aren’t fixed and when I get a high score I’m just awesome! Loads of tickets were won and of course I tried my hand at a bit of Time Crisis…..I didn’t survive long!

After returning home I dived into the world of Invincible again to see Mark facing worse odds virtually every page! Surely he’s going to lose at some point……enter Thragg!!!!!!! I love this comic and never want to stop reading it!


The evening will most likely be rounded out by a little bit of PUBG, spurred on my my slightly improved performance last night. I actually managed to kill some people!!!!

For now, it’s discussions about the families latest tattoos, stag do planning with friends and yet another tease from Mark Hamill!! What are you doing to us?!?!!?

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