Supergirl Season 2 Review

Now that all the CW Superhero shows in the Arrow-verse have concluded both in the US and the UK I thought I would do a quick season review for each show. While the weekly Round Ups have explained everything that has been going on in the show I haven't put many of my own opinions … Continue reading Supergirl Season 2 Review


Geeks Talk Podcast #14 – Wonder Woman: The First Avenger

Yes! We're back! The Geeks Talk about the most recent entry in the DCEU Wonder Woman! The review forms the main part of our episode but we have Dave's Nearly New (complete with a brand new theme song), our traditional themed quiz this time with Luke as the question master, and some wonderful listener questions! … Continue reading Geeks Talk Podcast #14 – Wonder Woman: The First Avenger

Let’s Talk Wonder Woman

There are a million and one Wonder Woman reviews out there already and more will surely follow, but I couldn't call myself a superhero movie fan if I didn't take the time to talk about it. The Jack and the Geekstalk team discuss the movie on our latest Geeks Talk Podcast episode but I want … Continue reading Let’s Talk Wonder Woman

CW Superhero Round Up – Finale

We have finally reached the end of the CW shows for this season. For the most part it has been a difficult journey with some highs but a lot of lows. Will the finales of each show give us some sense of satisfaction that we managed to get this far? How will our heroes overcome … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Finale

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 24

We're nearly there! This week marks the penultimate episode for each of the remaining CW Superhero shows. Traditionally it's at this point that the shit hits the fan and each show is left with a seemingly insurmountable challenge for our heroes to overcome in the finale. Let's see what's going on in the CW-verse. Supergirl … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 24

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 23

Things are heating up for our heroes this week as they all creep ever closer to their respective finales, will they go out with a bang? Supergirl S2 Ep20 - 'City of Lost Children' It's a James Olsen episode this week! Yes, another where Supergirl herself is a secondary character but I guess it's been … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 23

CW’s Black Lightning Trailer

You are officially no longer allowed to have any free evenings in your normal week. If, like me, you are a sad and pathetic superhero addict you have to watch every show you can get hold of. Just in terms of the CW Network that means currently you have to watch Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow … Continue reading CW’s Black Lightning Trailer

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 22

No boring preamble this week, let's just get straight into what the CW Superhero shows have to offer us. Supergirl S2 Ep19 - 'Alex' As the title suggest this episodes suggests its all about Alex this week. Whilst she is the focus of the story the screen is taken up by Kara and Maggie locking … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 22

Final Wonder Woman Trailer

This may be the final full trailer for Wonder Woman and boy is it full, but there will undoubtedly be a billion TV spots, clips, featurettes released in the last two weeks before the 1st June release. You're going to want to settle in and get comfortable for this trailer as it seems to go … Continue reading Final Wonder Woman Trailer

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 21 

Well hello there! We are finally back with all the CW Superheroes! (minus the Legends of course). It's been an odd break and I can honestly say I haven't been itching to see the return of any series in particular. This may be an indication that TV Superhero fatigue is finally settling into me, long … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 21