Seaon 1 Episode 3 – ‘Lord Toe’

Okie dokie, I am going to be completely honest here… when I started this little experiment I thought I was going to give up by now… So lets get straight into episode 3 before I actually back out of this!

  • The sword chair!!!!
  • Ahhh Big Toe, I’ve heard a lot about you.
  • Wow you are hella creepy.
  • Renly Baratheon… not gunna lie you’re pretty nice to look at
  • I’m sorry… 6 million in debt!? Holy crap, I’m not even mad…I’m impressed!
  • So is Ned like, the PM now, some kind of secetary of state?
  • Christ this is the worst nanny ever!Nanny
  • I might start sending messages via Raven
  • The war for Cersei’s c*nt…charming as ever Jamie (googles to see if this song has been made)
  • Khaleesi looks bad ass
  • Oh hell now…Screw the wall I’m good on the ground ta!castle black the wall game of thrones.png
  • I’m gunna make a wild guess here that anytime a character says “we’ll talk when I get back” they’re never making it back.
  • Well she’s no Clear Blue but she’s probably right!dothraki-phrases-all-true-game-of-thrones-fans-should-use-daily-20-photos-4
  • Man of his word as always, never respected a man for pissing off of a wall before!

That’s all for this episode but the adventure continues….

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