Season 1 Episode 4 ‘Fat guys, Prime Ministers and Dumb cows’

Right here we are at episode 4 and I am actually growing attached to a few characters which I am sure will only end in pain for the characters, myself and now you too…you are so very welcome! Time to bring the pain with season 1 episode 4…

  • What the f*ck is that?
  • “Hodor”, yeah I can see this getting annoying!
  • I cannot see Greyjoy without hearing the song ‘Alfie’
  • Ughhhh they’re gunna make the fat one a proper character aren’t they?
  • Lord Dick of the wall
  • Oh my god…he’s a chubby Ralph Little!!!
  • Weird Dragon name sex…that’s erm…Kinky?
  • Drunken horse racing sounds great!
  • So Ned is literally the PM then?
  • Totally with Ayra on this whole ‘being a lady’ bullsh*t…You do you Ayra
  • Ned continues to look like utter sh*t
  • Bloody hell that wolf got huge, how big do wolves grow…and how quickly hmmm, my plan to track time off of the growth of the wolves may be problematic.
  • Damn Khaleesi… you tell him!
  • Storm chasers – Westeros
  • Ohh Cannibalism… yummy
  • Fat shaming… not cool (looks over previous comments and sweats)
  • Well…Thawn is sh*t at motivational speeches.
  • Ok, King Robert is kind of a d*ck.
  • Having a flashback to ‘A Knights Tale’… not any horrific neck stabbing in that tho… God damn
  • Yeah Littlefinger… You are beyond creepy!
  • JEROME!!! Where’s Robson mate, sing us a song!
  • Dick move you dumb b*tch.

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