I have rambled to great extent of my love for film. I have seen hundreds of film as many of you have but there will always be some that I’ve missed and quite probably will never see. Some of these films are considered to be cinema gold or the greatest films in existence but I still have not seen them. Everyone has those big films that seemingly everyone else has seen, well here’s my top 10 Greatest films I’ve never seen!

The Godfather 1, 2 & 3


The Goonies


The Good The Bad and The Ugly


Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

Django Unchained






Rocky (the entire series!)

ROCKY IV, Sylvester Stallone, 1985, © MGM / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Les Miserables

Les Mis

2001: A Space Odyssey


Now don’t be to angry with me. I am aware that most of these films rank highly in almost every “Best Films of All Time” list but I have just never watched them. There’s no particular reason why I’ve missed them and I feel some, particularly the older films, won’t appeal to me now as much as they may have when I was younger. A lot of people have fond memories of Rocky and the Godfather which has been maintained throughout their film watching life. My earliest memories of film (apart from Disney) are Star Wars. This has defined my love of film and my obsessive fandom of the wonderful Space Opera and has probably focused the majority of the movie watching to particular genres.

Now that my film tastes are maturing and by that I mean it’s not all about the bright colours and big explosions (although I do still love them!), I look for more substance in a film. Superhero/comicbook and Sci-fi films are always going to be my favourites but they need depth, the story needs to be well thought out and written and the characters need to be engaging.

I am trying to go back a pick up some of the bigger films that I missed when I was younger and will soon be trawling through some Hitchcock films as I’ve only seen one or two of his. If you can recommend any ‘big’ films that I should watch let me know in the comments.

What are the greatest films that you’ve missed? Let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Great Movies Never Seen

  1. I’ve actually been trying to catch up with some legendary films, I just recently saw Fight Club and Breakfast Club. The only two I’ve seen on your list are The Goonies (and I saw that one for the first time just two weeks ago) and Les Misérables. I kind of feel like I need to see The Godfather but it’s not really something I desire. Love the post, so fun to read! You always put up such a brilliant content!!

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    1. Thanks for your support! We love seeing your likes pop up! Fight club is amazing and I’ve never seen breakfast club!! I feel the godfather has been hyped so much for years that it is always going to be disappointing even if it is as great as people say!

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