Eric Bulmer – A Tribute

The Geekstalkers are friends. We may never have met each other in person but we have shared so many aspects of our lives that I'd like to think we know each other very well. Most conversations start with something geeky but they soon evolve into friendly banter, inside jokes and I'm sure I'm not alone … Continue reading Eric Bulmer – A Tribute

2018? It’s on!

Hello and Happy New Year! 2018 is upon us and I thought with a new year a new push for content was required. Hopefully this year will see even more posts, podcasts, videos and general interactions from all of us here at Jack and the Geekstalk, all with the goal of reaching out to more … Continue reading 2018? It’s on!

Geekmas: Deathstork – The Finch Who Stole Christmas – Part 2

You have waited long enough and I'm sure you have been desperate to see how our winged vigilante Deathstork will get out of the tricky situation he found himself in last time! If you missed the first part of the story you can find it, along with all previous Deathstork issues here. For now, please … Continue reading Geekmas: Deathstork – The Finch Who Stole Christmas – Part 2

Geekmas: Christmas Decorations

So far during Geekmas we've covered the all important areas of jumpers, gifts and dream possessions, but as of yet we haven't mentioned the equally vital realm of decorations. I've rounded up some of the geeky Christmas decorations I've found. Harry Potter Platform 9&3/4 bauble - £5 Everyone knows my love for Harry Potter, and … Continue reading Geekmas: Christmas Decorations

Geekmas: Christmas Jumpers

We all know that food and drink aside, the best thing about Christmas (particularly in a country prone to wind, rain, sleet, snow and general chilliness) is Christmas jumpers! Anyone who listed to our Christmas Squad Pod last year will know that we all had geeky Christmas jumpers - see evidence below. This year there … Continue reading Geekmas: Christmas Jumpers

GEEKMAS: Away in a Geekmas

Sung in the tune of 'Away in a manger' Away in the Marvel Universe of stuff They had all the Chris's, and all were quite buff The girls were strong and smart The Panther no cub And don't we all want a Hulk in a hot tub Over in DC's world Of darkness and pain … Continue reading GEEKMAS: Away in a Geekmas

Film Sqaud #11 – Beetlejuice

Want to keep the Halloween spirit alive even though it's nearly the end of November? Well look not further and download our latest Film Squad episode. This time the Geeks are talking all about 1988's Beetljuice. The Tim Burton dark comedy starring Michael Keaton. Download now on ITunes, Podbean and Stitcher! Film Squad #11 - … Continue reading Film Sqaud #11 – Beetlejuice

September Book Squad!

Lou is back with September's Book Squad video (a little later than advertised)! This time she reviews 'The Lies of Locke Lamora' by Scott Lynch and picks October's Book Squad title! Please check out the video below and SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel for future videos! Want to join the Book Squad? All you … Continue reading September Book Squad!