My Daily Geek – Day 7

Have we all calmed down after the internet breaking Captain Marvel Trailer releases yesterday? I know I haven't! Boy was it a good one and yes I may have watched more times than is healthy in such a short space of time but it's exciting damn it!!! I'm not going to go on about it … Continue reading My Daily Geek – Day 7

MCU Challenge #17 – Thor: Ragnarok

The end is in sight! This will be the last film in the MCU Challenge that I can re-watch as the most recently released one, Black Panther is so new, it is not out for purchase!! (will I have to restart the challenge when it is available?!). After the fun that was Spider-Man: Homecoming, I … Continue reading MCU Challenge #17 – Thor: Ragnarok

MCU Challenge #4 – Thor

The fourth (or should that be Thorth) instalment of the MCU challenge is 2011's Thor directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Hemsworth and the titular character with Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Anthony Hopkins Odin supporting. I will say this from the off, Thor has long been my least favourite of … Continue reading MCU Challenge #4 – Thor

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer!!!

Today is a good day! We have at last had our first proper look at Thor: Ragnarok. Not just the odd leaked set photo or concept art, not even some promotional images. We finally have the first trailer and boy is it entertaining. Before I blab too much about it let's take another look at … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok Trailer!!!

Kong Skull Island Trailer

It seems like I'm always playing catch up! I blame the superhero shows taking up all my time! Better late than never here's what I think of the latest Kong Skull Island trailer! So first things first, Kong is huge!!!! This is our first proper look at the giant ape and he is bigger … Continue reading Kong Skull Island Trailer