Geekstalkers #6 – Guilty Pleasures

What is a guilty pleasure? Well the internet tells me it's "something, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard." We all have those films or TV shows that we love to watch but everyone else thinks are utter … Continue reading Geekstalkers #6 – Guilty Pleasures

Universal’s Dark Universe

Everyone loves a connected cinematic universe so let's have more of them!! That's seemingly what the big studios are thinking these days. The MCU has been very successful, the DCEU is trying its hardest to get its first critical success but is still bringing in all the money. Now it's Universal's turn. The recently released … Continue reading Universal’s Dark Universe

Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Gets a Title

2014's Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt was a fun, action-packed and visually impressive film which surprised a lot of people. Mixing Groundhog Day with Avatar, it was an interesting story if at times getting confused with its own paradox of a solder having to relive the same day, dying over and … Continue reading Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Gets a Title

Egyptian Impossible! The Mummy Full Trailer

After the Teaser last week which was more than a little vague, we now have the first full trailer for the new Mummy film, starring Tom Cruise, and it is......still confusing. Take a look! So the gist of the movie is that and ancient mummy is found and 'accidentally' resurrected? The she unleashes horrors on … Continue reading Egyptian Impossible! The Mummy Full Trailer

The Mummy Returns Again!

So....remember that Mummy franchise that tanked after the second film? Yeah it's coming back. We have known for a while a new creature from Ancient Egypt would be awakened again but now we have our first look at the film. The first poster and an official teaser has been release. Check it out below. reading The Mummy Returns Again!