Geeks Talk #32 – A Look Forward to 2019 Welcome back to Geeks Talk, the monthly Podcast that is full of geeky goodness. This is the first podcast of 2019 and what other way to begin than a look forward to what geeky media will be arriving this year! The geeks are: Lou, Dave, Sammi & Luke. If you want to ask us … Continue reading Geeks Talk #32 – A Look Forward to 2019

Geeks Talk Podcast #4 – Suicide Squad

Don't forget to check out our latest podcast! This time we have some SDCC 2016 news and our review of Suicide Squad! Give it a listen below! Geeks Talk Podcast #4 - Suicide Squad  

Superman – Back in Black?

Feel like you haven't had enough superhero movie news recently? Been living under a rock for the last few months? Well never fear, Henry Cavill is here to lend a hand! Superman himself sent the internet into a bit of a frenzy recently with a single photo on Instagram: To the casual viewer this doesn't … Continue reading Superman – Back in Black?

SDCC 2016 Trailers!

A single post would be too long for all the exclusives that came out of SDCC 2016. So for starters here's all the SDCC trailers that I've managed to see! I will be doing Trailer Talk videos for the majority of these so stay tuned for these but check out the videos below and drown … Continue reading SDCC 2016 Trailers!

Justice Legaue Trailer

Possibly the most unexpected footage to come out SDCC 2016 was the Justice League semi-Trailer. I don't think anyone was expecting to see so much footage so soon, and have it released officially to the general public straight away but it is more than welcome! Watch the video below as Dave takes us through the … Continue reading Justice Legaue Trailer

First look at Season 5 Oliver Queen

Yesterday we had our first photos from The Flash Season 3 so it only makes sense that Arrow would follow. Stephen Amell (@StephenAmell) himself tweeted the photo below with the caption "Here's your Season 5 poster" There are a few things to note from this set photo. It looks like this comes from one of … Continue reading First look at Season 5 Oliver Queen

The Flash Season 3 – Kid Flash!

It's been a while since the Flash Season 2 Finale and we are starting to get little pieces of info about Season 3. Grant Gustin himself has already confirmed that the title of S3 Episode 1 will be "Flashpoint". If you've read your Flash comics you will know that the events of the finale are … Continue reading The Flash Season 3 – Kid Flash!

The Flash – Season 2 – Episode 23 – Recap and Review

Barry's life changed forever at the end of the last episode. In an attempt to show Barry how similar they are, Zoom killed is father Henry in front of him. Now both of his parents are dead, will Barry go over the edge and let go of his anger? What does he have left that … Continue reading The Flash – Season 2 – Episode 23 – Recap and Review