Geekly Round Up

I'm getting closer to post these on time (is there even a time limit for something you set yourself?). After a week long obsession with all things Infinity War I though I should probably look at what else has been going on in the geek world, at least until I get a chance to watch … Continue reading Geekly Round Up

Geekly Round Up

As with all things on this site, I'm late again but trust me, you are going to want to read these geeky news stories. There is some awesome stuff on the horizon and even though you haven't asked for it I have made it my mission to bring everything together for your reading pleasure. I … Continue reading Geekly Round Up

Official vs Leaks: Quest for Knowledge

I've previously spoken about my Completionist Viewing addiction - Completionist Viewing And now I have another related issue. As I feel the need to consume every facet of information related to a particular film, TV show, comic book etc I browse the various geeky websites on a daily basis looking for any snippet of information … Continue reading Official vs Leaks: Quest for Knowledge

Krypton TV show trailer 

Well this came out of nowhere! It seems like we are in a period of surprising announcements and reveals! The latest one is our first look at KRYPTON TV series being made by Syfy.  The footage hasn't been officially released yet, mainly due to the fact that it's only a teaser for the pilot episode. … Continue reading Krypton TV show trailer