Geeks Talk #32 – A Look Forward to 2019 Welcome back to Geeks Talk, the monthly Podcast that is full of geeky goodness. This is the first podcast of 2019 and what other way to begin than a look forward to what geeky media will be arriving this year! The geeks are: Lou, Dave, Sammi & Luke. If you want to ask us … Continue reading Geeks Talk #32 – A Look Forward to 2019

My Daily Geek – Day 1

The word 'Geek' is everywhere. It used to be a derogatory term but these days it's cool to be a geek. Everyone is geeky in their own way. If you have an interest in something or spend a lot of your time doing something then you're probably a geek in that subject. I like to … Continue reading My Daily Geek – Day 1

The Geekstalkers As Superheroes

Welcome one and all to the Geekstalkers Community! We are a collection of nerds, geeks, bloggers, podcasters and everything in between who are passionate about….well…..pretty much anything! We come together every month to chat about a single topic (of which you can read the previous articles HERE) but we are a lively community, always talking, sharing … Continue reading The Geekstalkers As Superheroes

Avengers: Infinity War – Review – SPOILER FREE

It has happened, 10 years in the making, 18 instalments building up to a film which regardless of critical reception, will define the genre. Avengers: Infinity War is out! I wasn't planning to write my review of the film for a few days yet but after having a few hours sleep I need to get … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War – Review – SPOILER FREE

MCU Challenge #16 – Spider-Man: Homecoming

We are so close now! Infinity War is just around the corner and I have taken the 'heroic' stance to avoid any further trailers, TV spots, posters, merchandise or behind the scenes featurettes in fear of any spoilers! Luckily between then and now there are still three more films to keep my mind occupied, the … Continue reading MCU Challenge #16 – Spider-Man: Homecoming

MCU Challenge #14 – Doctor Strange

We are nearly there! So far in the franchise we have seen stories spanning the entire galaxy. Now it's time to go somewhere a little bit different. If Phase 1 was about grounding the heroes in reality and Phase 2 expanded the universe, Phase 3 pushes the boundaries even further. So where are we off … Continue reading MCU Challenge #14 – Doctor Strange

MCU Challenge #13 – Captain America: Civil War

Now we get to the last team up film before Avengers: Infinity War arrives! If Age of Ultron went big with an evil AI trying to kill all humanity, then this film brought the focus inwards a bit. #13 in the MCU challenge is Captain America: Civil War. Some may say this is effectively Avengers … Continue reading MCU Challenge #13 – Captain America: Civil War

MCU Challenge #11 – Avengers: Age of Ultron

This was always going to be a difficult film to make. Avengers Assemble was critically and publicly applauded and made a killing at the box office so the pressure was on for a repeat performance. How do you make a sequel to the most successful comic book film ever? How do you bring the characters … Continue reading MCU Challenge #11 – Avengers: Age of Ultron

MCU Challenge #6 – Avengers Assemble

Now we arrive at the big one! Or at least the big one for the time. Film 6 in the MCU Challenge is Avengers Assemble, the first team up film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So far we have seen the core characters getting their individual outings but it was all working towards this. AA … Continue reading MCU Challenge #6 – Avengers Assemble