9 DC Hero Films We Want and 1 Re-do

A little while ago we gave you a list of Marvel Comics heroes that we want to see on the big screen and one re-do. In the interest of fairness, I'm giving DC Comics the same treatment only slightly different. The difficulty with DC properties is that there have been so many live-action adaptations already so most … Continue reading 9 DC Hero Films We Want and 1 Re-do

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 4

I'm finally back on track! At the time of writing this we are still in the same week as these episodes were aired! Go me! I can't promise that this will continue but you never know! So what has been going on in the CW-verse this week? Supergirl S3 Ep4 - 'The Faithful' Supergirl comes … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 4

SDCC 2017 Trailer Round Up

Reporte Well aren't we lucky geeks?! Only a week ago we had some pretty awesome gems come out of the D23 Expo in Anaheim and now we have reached the biggest geek event of the year, San Diego Comic Con. Every year we get something incredible, surprised by something unexpected or come out thinking "hmm … Continue reading SDCC 2017 Trailer Round Up

Krypton TV show trailer 

Well this came out of nowhere! It seems like we are in a period of surprising announcements and reveals! The latest one is our first look at KRYPTON TV series being made by Syfy.  The footage hasn't been officially released yet, mainly due to the fact that it's only a teaser for the pilot episode. … Continue reading Krypton TV show trailer 

Superman – Back in Black?

Feel like you haven't had enough superhero movie news recently? Been living under a rock for the last few months? Well never fear, Henry Cavill is here to lend a hand! Superman himself sent the internet into a bit of a frenzy recently with a single photo on Instagram: To the casual viewer this doesn't … Continue reading Superman – Back in Black?

Man of Steel 2!

It was only a matter of time but we now have confirmation that a sequel to 2013's Man of Steel has been put into 'active development' The Wrap reports that Warner Bros. are making Superman  a top priority and they want to make sure they get the character right. It will be a long time … Continue reading Man of Steel 2!

Supergirl – Season 1 – Episode 13 – Recap and Review

What the hell happened at the end of the last episode? Kara had just dealt with Bizarro and was sad that they had to put her back into a coma. Returning to her apartment via the eternally open window, she finds a weird plant thing on her coffee table and gets attacked from behind by … Continue reading Supergirl – Season 1 – Episode 13 – Recap and Review