CW’s Black Lightning Trailer

You are officially no longer allowed to have any free evenings in your normal week. If, like me, you are a sad and pathetic superhero addict you have to watch every show you can get hold of. Just in terms of the CW Network that means currently you have to watch Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow … Continue reading CW’s Black Lightning Trailer

The Gifted – First Full Trailer

Yes just when you thought you had seen all the teasers, trailers, sneak peeks for all these new superhero TV shows that appear to be cropping up out of nowhere. Well, never fear we have another one! Marvel/Fox have released the first full trailer for the new show The Gifted. Take a look; The … Continue reading The Gifted – First Full Trailer

Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Gets a Title

2014's Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt was a fun, action-packed and visually impressive film which surprised a lot of people. Mixing Groundhog Day with Avatar, it was an interesting story if at times getting confused with its own paradox of a solder having to relive the same day, dying over and … Continue reading Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Gets a Title

New Power Rangers Trailer

It's official I've now reverted to being 12 again! The new Power Rangers trailer has shown us everything we wanted the last one to show and some! Let's take a look before I start trying to use Kung Fu in my living room! I'm drowning in nostalgia and I love it! I'll say this … Continue reading New Power Rangers Trailer

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 7

Woop Woop! It's CW Superhero time again! What are our heroes up to this time? And who will win the week? If you want to know what are you doing still reading this sentence? Look down!!! Supergirl - S2 Ep7 - 'The Darkest Place' I was worried that Supergirl was starting to loose steam right … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 7