Geeks Talk #41 – Since we’ve been in Lock down! Welcome back to Geeks Talk, the monthly Podcast that is full of geeky goodness. So it turns out that life in lock down leads to a lot of geeky goodness. In this catch up episode we tell you what we've been up to in whiles tuck inside the house as well as reading your … Continue reading Geeks Talk #41 – Since we’ve been in Lock down!

2018? It’s on!

Hello and Happy New Year! 2018 is upon us and I thought with a new year a new push for content was required. Hopefully this year will see even more posts, podcasts, videos and general interactions from all of us here at Jack and the Geekstalk, all with the goal of reaching out to more … Continue reading 2018? It’s on!

Geekstalkers #8 – Favourite Actor/Actress

It's that time again! Welcome welcome welcome to the latest Geekstalkers article! The Geekstalkers are a collection of nerds, geeks, bloggers, podcasters and everything in between who are passionate about….well…..pretty much anything! We come together every month to chat about a single topic (of which you can read the previous articles HERE) but we are … Continue reading Geekstalkers #8 – Favourite Actor/Actress

Geekstalkers #5 Favourite Book Series

It's a new month so that means a new Geekstalkers article! We are a collective of like minded geeks, nerds, idiots, bloggers, tweeps, YouTubers and Podcasters who have come together to talk about anything and everything. Every month we discuss a different topic, see below for our past articles. Geekstalkers #4 Favourite Video Games Geekstalkers … Continue reading Geekstalkers #5 Favourite Book Series

Geekstalkers #3 Best Film Score

The Geekstalkers are back!! Welcome to another article from the Geekstalker Community. I feel obliged to issue a warning here....what follows is a whole bunch of AWESOMENESS! The Geekstalkers are an amazing group of geeks, nerds, podcasters and brilliant people who just like talking about anything and everything. A while ago we decided to share … Continue reading Geekstalkers #3 Best Film Score