Geeks Talk #37 – Marvel Phase 4

Welcome back to Geeks Talk, the monthly Podcast that is full of geeky goodness. This episode we finally discuss the recently revealed slate for Phase 4 of the MCU! SDCC did us proud this year with lots of interesting revelations and teases and some awesome announcements! What were the highlights? What are we worried about? … Continue reading Geeks Talk #37 – Marvel Phase 4

MCU Challenge #14 – Doctor Strange

We are nearly there! So far in the franchise we have seen stories spanning the entire galaxy. Now it's time to go somewhere a little bit different. If Phase 1 was about grounding the heroes in reality and Phase 2 expanded the universe, Phase 3 pushes the boundaries even further. So where are we off … Continue reading MCU Challenge #14 – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in Infinity War

It seems obvious really. Doctor Strange is due to be released this October, establishing the character fully in the MCU in some shape or form....see what I did there? With the reality altering and all that? It was assumed by pretty much everyone as soon as the film was announced that Stephen Strange would be … Continue reading Doctor Strange in Infinity War

Thor: Ragnarok mysteries!

Yet again I'm catching up with things that have been around for a while, but I couldn't call myself a comic/film fan if I didn't talk about them at some point. So let's talk about Thor: Ragnarok. For some time now we have been getting set photos released, some leaked, some official. They range from … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok mysteries!

Geeks Talk Podcast #4 – Suicide Squad

Don't forget to check out our latest podcast! This time we have some SDCC 2016 news and our review of Suicide Squad! Give it a listen below! Geeks Talk Podcast #4 - Suicide Squad  

Doctor Strange Trailer #2

Yes that's right! It's time for another SDCC 2016 trailer talk! This time we get the second Doctor Strange Trailer and it is even more awesome than the last! So much cool stuff on show and some proper magic combat going on too! Check out Dave's trailer talk below: How hyped for this film … Continue reading Doctor Strange Trailer #2

New Marvel Logos

As I'm sure you are aware there are a few Marvel films on their way. The next instalment in the MCU is Doctor Strange, followed By Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2, Spiderman: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther and Captain Marvel. One of the minor revelations from SDCC 2016 was some new film logos for these … Continue reading New Marvel Logos