Geekly Round Up

Welcome once again to the Geeky Weekly Round Up which from this point I will be calling the 'Geekly Round Up', see what I did there! There's lots to talk about from the last week so I will try not to ramble on too much, you know, like I am here....Well let's go then! Pacific … Continue reading Geekly Round Up

Weekly Geeky Round Up!

So many news stories happen throughout the week that I never have time to talk about them all when they come out! So instead I'm going to do a weekly review of the main stories. Of course I'll miss some and of course this round up will probably fall by the way side before too … Continue reading Weekly Geeky Round Up!

Binge Watch vs Weekly Wait

It's the age old question......well okay, maybe not that old but it is question that gets asked a lot today, what is better, binge-watching a show or doing it old school, watching an episode per week? If you have come here for the right answer you are going to be sorely disappointed. Instead, all I … Continue reading Binge Watch vs Weekly Wait

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

The final CW Superhero show but the one that concluded first. A much shorter season than the others but not necessarily a more concise story. Season 1 had a definitive story arc (even if there were some major plot points that weren't dealt with properly) and even though there were a few filler episodes and … Continue reading Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

CW Superhero Round Up – Finale

We have finally reached the end of the CW shows for this season. For the most part it has been a difficult journey with some highs but a lot of lows. Will the finales of each show give us some sense of satisfaction that we managed to get this far? How will our heroes overcome … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Finale

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 24

We're nearly there! This week marks the penultimate episode for each of the remaining CW Superhero shows. Traditionally it's at this point that the shit hits the fan and each show is left with a seemingly insurmountable challenge for our heroes to overcome in the finale. Let's see what's going on in the CW-verse. Supergirl … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 24

CW Superhero Round Up – Week 23

Things are heating up for our heroes this week as they all creep ever closer to their respective finales, will they go out with a bang? Supergirl S2 Ep20 - 'City of Lost Children' It's a James Olsen episode this week! Yes, another where Supergirl herself is a secondary character but I guess it's been … Continue reading CW Superhero Round Up – Week 23