Exclusive: Interview with Marie ‘Crow’ Grousset

It's that time again! We have yet another exclusive interview! I know, we're in some high flying circles now!! This time around we have been talking to the wonderful, humble and extremely talented artist Marie Grousset. If the name doesn't sound familiar right now don't worry, in the next few years she will one of … Continue reading Exclusive: Interview with Marie ‘Crow’ Grousset

Exclusive: Sean Buttimer Interview

Lady Luck is definitely with us! Not only were we lucky enough to have an interview with the beautiful and talented Aesha Waks, star of many Indie films, but we now have another Exclusive interview with the Director of Aesha's latest project, Smoke Screen. "A botched assassination of the US Attorney General forces its perpetrators … Continue reading Exclusive: Sean Buttimer Interview

Exclusive: Aesha Waks Interview!

It's time for an EXCLUSIVE!! We have been lucky enough to have┬áhad a few minutes with Award winning and super talented actress, Aesha Waks! She has countless projects under her belt including numerous independent films, such as Arresting Gena where she starred as Gena opposite Sam Rockwell.   A lot of people will have seen … Continue reading Exclusive: Aesha Waks Interview!