X-Men Xpedition #1 – X-Men (2000)

I know it's been a while but hopefully you've recovered from the emotional bashing that was Avengers: Infinity War?  It's okay if you haven't as I think many of us will be feeling the effects for months if not years, at least up until the release of Avengers 4 anyway! Until then, let's do something … Continue reading X-Men Xpedition #1 – X-Men (2000)

SDCC News Round Up!

As there were so many trailers (some of which I know I missed!) released at SDCC I've moved the rest of the announcements to their own post. Again, there will be tonnes of stuff that I don't list here but I've just tried to concentrate on the bigger stories. A few surprise announcements and some … Continue reading SDCC News Round Up!

Logan Trailer #2

We were spoilt today, first a Power Rangers trailer and now another look at Logan! A whole bunch of new footage on display here and some confirmation of theories from the previous trailer. Let's drink it in! This is very much an X-23 trailer. Still not name checked yet but everything else is there, most … Continue reading Logan Trailer #2

X-men Universe Reboot?

Remember that great X-men movie Trilogy? You know the one...yeah, no not that one... oh wait, there isn't one! While some of the mutant adventures have been great, X2 and Days of Future Past in our opinion, the franchise has never maintained consistency in quality. After the muted response to X-men Apocalypse, the third Film … Continue reading X-men Universe Reboot?

Deadpool 2 in Trouble?

A sequel to fan favourite Deadpool was expected, especially considering the box office success it achieved. Everyone involved in the films production were confident a second film would happen, even the film itself acknowledges the fact in a credits scene! So when the official confirmation came shortly after the release of the film, no one … Continue reading Deadpool 2 in Trouble?

Gambit Movie back on track?

Is this film cursed? It certainly feels like it. It seems like forever ago that the Gambit movie was confirmed but since the announcement things haven't felt right. Last year at San Diego Comic Con the future looked so bright, Channing Tatum appeared on screen with the rest of the 20th Century Fox projects cast … Continue reading Gambit Movie back on track?