Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer

Well it's happened....we have our first trailer for Marvel's Inhumans TV show. Over the past couple of months we have been getting set photos, leaks and an official photo which got absolutely ripped apart by critics (and people like me). So things couldn't get any worse right? Watch the trailer and find out; Even … Continue reading Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

The final CW Superhero show but the one that concluded first. A much shorter season than the others but not necessarily a more concise story. Season 1 had a definitive story arc (even if there were some major plot points that weren't dealt with properly) and even though there were a few filler episodes and … Continue reading Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

Film Squad #8 – Amélie

It's that time again. The Geeks are talking the 2001 Jean-Pierre Jeunet film Amélie starring Audrey Tautou. It's a unique film to be sure and one that will take several watched to understand fully. Follow the link below to hear what the Geeks think of the film or find us on ITunes under Jack and … Continue reading Film Squad #8 – Amélie

Han Solo Gets a New Co-pilot!

It seems that modern films are plagued with problems more than ever, especially the big blockbuster ones! barely a day goes by without news of a script re-write, re-shoots, cast or crew drop outs or release dates being changed. These problems were probably always there but they are reported more widely than ever today. The … Continue reading Han Solo Gets a New Co-pilot!

Jurassic World 2 Gets a Title and Poster

Over the last few months we have been getting little snippets of information on the Jurassic World sequel, the last confirmation being Jeff Goldblum's return as Dr Ian Malcolm. So the internet blew up a little when the title of the film and the first official poster were released. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Very little … Continue reading Jurassic World 2 Gets a Title and Poster

Deathstork’s Journey Comes to an End?

Well what do you know, the bird is back! It's been a long time coming and Glade Wilson himself has been through all sorts of trials and tribulations. Now Deathstork returns in his final issue. Will he succeed in his mission? Will he avenge his family? Read on to find out! Here's Deathstork Issue #10 … Continue reading Deathstork’s Journey Comes to an End?

Arrow Season 5 Review

Now we get to the flagship show of the CW superhero group. The one that started it all and ties all things together (bar Supergirl, she's still a bit of an outsider). The first two seasons of Arrow were fantastic, great story, brilliant characterisation and visuals. Arrow was supposed to be grounded in reality, the … Continue reading Arrow Season 5 Review