Film Squad #12 – Identity

Film Squad is back for 2018!!! I know you've missed it, after a short hiatus the first Film Squad of the year is Lou's choice of the 2003 James Mangold directed 'Identity'. Starring John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet it's a thriller that is not as straight forward as it would first seem! Download … Continue reading Film Squad #12 – Identity


MCU Challenge #3 – Iron Man 2

We now arrive at the first sequel in the MCU, Iron Man 2 (2010). Following the success of Iron Man it was inevitable a sequel would arrive eventually and the threads were starting to show connecting the new characters coming from Marvel Studios. Tony Stark and Stark Industries made appearances in Bruce Banner's first MCU … Continue reading MCU Challenge #3 – Iron Man 2

MCU Challenge #2 – The Incredible Hulk

The second instalment in the MCU also came in 2008 in the form of The Incredible Hulk. Unlike Iron Man, it was not the first live-action film for this character, Ang Lee's Hulk (2003) starring Eric Bana was not well received, so much so that it was pretty much discarded entirely prior to bringing the … Continue reading MCU Challenge #2 – The Incredible Hulk

Geeks Talk #23 – A Look Forward to 2018

The Geeks are back after Christmas and looking forward to what's coming in 2018 to entertain today's Geek. Film, TV and videos are on topic and Dave we have the return of a Jack and the Geeks Talk game! How will it go? Only time and you listening will tell! Download now on ITune, Podbean … Continue reading Geeks Talk #23 – A Look Forward to 2018

Game Of Thrones – Retrospective Viewing – Season 2 Episode 6

The first Retrospective Viewing of 2018 is here! Let's see how far Sammi gets and we're hoping the Festive break hasn't destroyed her interest in the show! Cast your minds back to season 2 (let's face it, you're going to need something to keep you interested until season 8 arrives in 2019!! Season 2 Episode … Continue reading Game Of Thrones – Retrospective Viewing – Season 2 Episode 6

MCU challenge #1 – Iron Man (2008)

Let's Get started! Ignoring all Marvel Films that came before it in terms of continuity (and tone) the 2008 Jon Favreau directed first instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was, from what I remember, hotly anticipated. Following their financial troubles in the 80s and 90s Marvel had sold the Movie rights to many of their … Continue reading MCU challenge #1 – Iron Man (2008)