Geeks Talk #27 – Deadpool 2 & Solo Review WARNING! This Podcast is full of Spoilers!! Welcome back to Geeks Talk, the monthly Podcast that is full of geeky goodness. This time around we have a couple of juicy reviews for your lovely ears. First off we discuss Deadpool 2 and secondly we see what Dave thought of Solo as he went #SoloforSolo. … Continue reading Geeks Talk #27 – Deadpool 2 & Solo Review


Geeks Talk Podcast #24 – Black Panther Review

Wahoo!!!!!!! We are back and finally bringing you our Black Panther Review!! We have been excitedly waiting for this film for a long time and now we get to talk about it for an hour!!! Download using the link below or head over to ITunes or to find all of our episodes! Geeks Talk … Continue reading Geeks Talk Podcast #24 – Black Panther Review

Film Squad #13 – Transformers: The Last Knight

It's Film Squad time again and Luke has a lot to answer for with his latest suggestion. he made us watch Transformers: The Last Knight........yeah.......sigh..... It's a newer film than most of the ones we watch so maybe it will be okay.....? Download now on ITunes, and Stitcher to find out what the Geeks … Continue reading Film Squad #13 – Transformers: The Last Knight

Geeks Talk #23 – A Look Forward to 2018

The Geeks are back after Christmas and looking forward to what's coming in 2018 to entertain today's Geek. Film, TV and videos are on topic and Dave we have the return of a Jack and the Geeks Talk game! How will it go? Only time and you listening will tell! Download now on ITune, Podbean … Continue reading Geeks Talk #23 – A Look Forward to 2018

Geekmas: Christmas Squad Pod

It has become an annual tradition for the Jack and the Geekstalk team to forgo the Film Squad podcasts in the month of December. In its place we have a Christmas Special Pod! Last year it was all about Christmas films and this year it's Secret Santa gift exchanges and a very challenging Christmas quiz! … Continue reading Geekmas: Christmas Squad Pod

Geekmas: The Geeks Make Snowflakes

Another one where it is what it says on the tin! As we creep ever closer to the big day (and no this time I'm not talking about the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi), we want to be as Christmasy as possible! Today Geeks decided to attempt something they haven't done for years...make … Continue reading Geekmas: The Geeks Make Snowflakes

Geekmas: Jack Lads Christmas

The Jack Lads are here to answer the questions that life has never asked. This time it's all festive! Have you ever stopped and thought about Christmas? I mean REALLY thought about it? What is it all about? Who decided what a Christmas Tree was? Why are gifts put into giant socks? Most importantly, Who … Continue reading Geekmas: Jack Lads Christmas

Geekmas: Girls of Geekstalk Make-up

It's time for a bit of a throwback! A little while ago the Girls of Geekstalk recorded a little video in which they trialled some geeky themed make -up techniques! And yeah, that's pretty much it! It's not Christmas themed but it's another thing us geeks get up to! There will be more geeky make-up … Continue reading Geekmas: Girls of Geekstalk Make-up