CW’s Black Lightning Trailer

You are officially no longer allowed to have any free evenings in your normal week. If, like me, you are a sad and pathetic superhero addict you have to watch every show you can get hold of. Just in terms of the CW Network that means currently you have to watch Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow … Continue reading CW’s Black Lightning Trailer

Geeks Talk Podcast #12 – Disney Special! 

It's that time again guys! The Geeks are back talking all things Disney in our latest episode! There'll be news, Beauty and the Beast movie review, a cracking Disney themed game and of course plenty of listener questions! Download now from ITunes or and get your Disney on! Geek Talk #12 - Disney See … Continue reading Geeks Talk Podcast #12 – Disney Special! 

New Defenders photos

The Marvel team up we have all been waiting for is edging ever closer. We are only waiting to see one more hero in action before the Defenders hits our screen but until then, we have our first look at our heroes! Entertainment Weekly have released a bunch of photos showing each of the main … Continue reading New Defenders photos

Inhumans coming to TV!

It looks like Marvel is well and truly trying to stake its place in the TV world! Over the last few months we've had announcements of various properties coming to the small screen. Legion, a series centred around David Haller, Charles Xavier's son, Cloak and Dagger a teen mutant vigilante show and Hellfire, a show … Continue reading Inhumans coming to TV!

Iron Fist NYCC Teaser Trailer

The Second biggest comic con event of the year has been and gone but we are still left with plenty of goodies to pour over. I'm working my way through the various panels in a much more comfortable way than those who queued up for the Iron Fist panel for 9 Hours!! One of the … Continue reading Iron Fist NYCC Teaser Trailer

Geeks Talk Podcast #4 – Suicide Squad

Don't forget to check out our latest podcast! This time we have some SDCC 2016 news and our review of Suicide Squad! Give it a listen below! Geeks Talk Podcast #4 - Suicide Squad  

Punisher Netflix incoming…soon?!

The title of this post may be misleading. We all know that due to the success of Jon Bernthal's performance as Frank Castle in Marvel/Netflix Daredevil Season 2, The Punisher will be getting his own series. Since the announcement was made there has been no indication as to when the show would arrive as the … Continue reading Punisher Netflix incoming…soon?!

Sweet Christmas – Another Luke Cage Trailer

It's not that long since we saw the first official trailer come out of SDCC 2016 but just in case you were itching for more, a few days ago Marvel/Netflix released another, slightly longer trailer! Check it out below: I won't go into too much detail this one as there is a lot of … Continue reading Sweet Christmas – Another Luke Cage Trailer

Marvel / Netflix unleash!

Yes I know! I am way behind everyone else reporting on this but it has taken me this long to recover from the sheer awesomeness that was SDCC 2016. I can now assemble some sense of coherent thought so it's time to look at the Marvel/Netflix teasers we got a look at! Starting with the … Continue reading Marvel / Netflix unleash!

SDCC 2016 Trailers!

A single post would be too long for all the exclusives that came out of SDCC 2016. So for starters here's all the SDCC trailers that I've managed to see! I will be doing Trailer Talk videos for the majority of these so stay tuned for these but check out the videos below and drown … Continue reading SDCC 2016 Trailers!