Booksquad: April 2018 – The Boy on the Bridge

Welcome back to Booksquad - our monthly online book club where I pick a book (some suggested by you) to read and then come to tell you what I thought about it, and hopefully include some of your thoughts too! In April I read The Boy on the Bridge by M.R Carey - in the … Continue reading Booksquad: April 2018 – The Boy on the Bridge


Booksquad: March 2018 – The Midnight Palace

Hello! Welcome to a slightly different format for Booksquad. Usually I film a video and post on our YouTube Channel, but I decided this month to trial a written post instead, and see whether that is a better fit. Let me know whether you prefer this or the videos, either in the comments or on … Continue reading Booksquad: March 2018 – The Midnight Palace

Geekstalkers #12 – Christmas

This year you have heard the Geekstalkers talking about all kinds of nerdy and geeky things from favourite films to the scariest horror villain. Seeing as it's Christmas, or rather 'Geekmas' we thought we'd move away from the Geek for this month's article and be traditional! The Geekstalkers will simply giving you what they think … Continue reading Geekstalkers #12 – Christmas

Geekmas: Christmas Decorations

So far during Geekmas we've covered the all important areas of jumpers, gifts and dream possessions, but as of yet we haven't mentioned the equally vital realm of decorations. I've rounded up some of the geeky Christmas decorations I've found. Harry Potter Platform 9&3/4 bauble - £5 Everyone knows my love for Harry Potter, and … Continue reading Geekmas: Christmas Decorations

Geekmas: Christmas Jumpers

We all know that food and drink aside, the best thing about Christmas (particularly in a country prone to wind, rain, sleet, snow and general chilliness) is Christmas jumpers! Anyone who listed to our Christmas Squad Pod last year will know that we all had geeky Christmas jumpers - see evidence below. This year there … Continue reading Geekmas: Christmas Jumpers

GEEKMAS: Away in a Geekmas

Sung in the tune of 'Away in a manger' Away in the Marvel Universe of stuff They had all the Chris's, and all were quite buff The girls were strong and smart The Panther no cub And don't we all want a Hulk in a hot tub Over in DC's world Of darkness and pain … Continue reading GEEKMAS: Away in a Geekmas

Geekstalkers #11 – Geeky Possession

Welcome welcome welcome to the Geekstalkers! We are a collection of nerds, geeks, bloggers, podcasters and everything in between who are passionate about….well…..pretty much anything! We come together every month to chat about a single topic (of which you can read the previous articles HERE) but we are a lively community, always talking, sharing ideas and … Continue reading Geekstalkers #11 – Geeky Possession

Geekmas is coming

Read the title in the Coca-Cola Christmas ad tune, I feel it sets the tone nicely! As the festive period fast approaches us and we all start the frenzied preparations, shopping, attending of parties and general exhausting fun of this time of year, we at Jack and the Geekstalk decided we would provide a daily … Continue reading Geekmas is coming

Realist v Fantastical Films

Though there may be many different genres of film, comedy, horror, sci-fi, romance etc I like to reduce those down to just two; Realism and Fantastical. My categories aren't as clear cut as the usual genres and almost every film has aspects of both but I'll try to explain the difference. At it's basic level … Continue reading Realist v Fantastical Films

Re-watching Harry Potter: The Philosopher’s Stone

Following the series of posts I previously wrote about re-reading the Harry Potter books, I thought I'd pick it up with the films too. So here's my thoughts whilst watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I love the title music so much. John Williams is honestly brilliant. There was not an owl sat on … Continue reading Re-watching Harry Potter: The Philosopher’s Stone