Nightwing Movie Approaches!

Hot off the back of the confirmation that Matt Reeves will in fact directing the solo Batman movie, we also got the announcement that Nightwing aka Dick Grayson is finally getting his own flick! It has been a long time coming and seemed like a no-brainer since it was confirmed that a Robin did exist in the … Continue reading Nightwing Movie Approaches!

Welcome to the Geekstalkers!

Our second Community article is here and you may have noticed we now have a name! We are the Geekstalkers, a group of awesome people, podcasts and ponderers of all things geek and pop culture! This month's topic is comics, below you will find each members favourite comic which will range from a single issue, collected … Continue reading Welcome to the Geekstalkers!

The Flash and Burn?

Yet more trouble for the DCEU! Are they going through the motions and trying to make every problem happen? We've had very mixed reactions to the two films released so far, rumours that the next film, Wonder Woman, is a mess which were quickly debunked but it still reached the general populous. Directors have been … Continue reading The Flash and Burn?

Welcome to the Community!

We at Jack and the Geekstalk love interacting with like minded people. Sometimes in normal conversation topics like comic books, video games and superheroes can be dismissed by people purporting to be 'grown ups' classing them as childish! Rude I know! It is a breath of fresh air to be able to share our opinions … Continue reading Welcome to the Community!

Black Adam vs Shazam: DCEU Expands

Remember when the Shazam movie was announced literally years ago? There has literally been no news since then apart from the initial casting on Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Black Adam, Shazam's nemesis. Well now things are taking shape. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that following a very positive meeting with 2016's highest paid actor, New … Continue reading Black Adam vs Shazam: DCEU Expands


With virtually no information on the film since it was released we finally have some hard facts to chew on! Deadline have reported that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes will be writing the script for the Green Lantern Corps movie which is being described as 'Lethal Weapon in Space'. Goyer is clearly a trusted DC movie … Continue reading GREEN LANTERN CORPS NEWS!

New Justice League Image

The title says it all, we have a new look at our Justice League team. Obviously with a major absence, still no Superman, but let's take a look. So everyone is present and correct. It looks like the team are stepping off the Flying Fox ready for a fight. Batman is wearing his 'Tactical Batsuit' … Continue reading New Justice League Image

Gotham City Sirens Movie!

I'm a few weeks late with this news but just before the Christmas break we learnt that DC favourite femme fatales will be getting their own movie! Coming off the luke-warm success of Suicide Squad, we will be getting another DCEU film featuring, presumably, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and of course Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. Robbie … Continue reading Gotham City Sirens Movie!

Exclusive: Interview with Marie ‘Crow’ Grousset

It's that time again! We have yet another exclusive interview! I know, we're in some high flying circles now!! This time around we have been talking to the wonderful, humble and extremely talented artist Marie Grousset. If the name doesn't sound familiar right now don't worry, in the next few years she will one of … Continue reading Exclusive: Interview with Marie ‘Crow’ Grousset

Justice League Update

I've been waiting a while to do this post as we seem to have been steadily getting Justice League photos, videos and news over the last few weeks. So in no particular order here's the latest info (mostly official) that has been circling around the internet! Let's kick things off with a behind the scenes … Continue reading Justice League Update