Retrospective Review: Big Hero 6

Fancy some fun? Bright colours? Action? Family bereavement? Okay, maybe not the last one, but be prepared for that and more if you sit down to watch the family friendly Big Hero 6. The 2014 animated superhero movie is another success to add to Marvel's portfolio. Not part of the MCU by any stretch but … Continue reading Retrospective Review: Big Hero 6

Cars 3 Trailer

Another Trailer, another third instalment. This is it's Pixar's Cars 3. After the second film in the series tanked pretty hard and the equally disappointing spin-off Planes, a third film was not a guarantee. Let's take a look at the trailer to see what we're dealing with. Before we get into the details let … Continue reading Cars 3 Trailer

Inhumans coming to TV!

It looks like Marvel is well and truly trying to stake its place in the TV world! Over the last few months we've had announcements of various properties coming to the small screen. Legion, a series centred around David Haller, Charles Xavier's son, Cloak and Dagger a teen mutant vigilante show and Hellfire, a show … Continue reading Inhumans coming to TV!

X-men Universe Reboot?

Remember that great X-men movie Trilogy? You know the one...yeah, no not that one... oh wait, there isn't one! While some of the mutant adventures have been great, X2 and Days of Future Past in our opinion, the franchise has never maintained consistency in quality. After the muted response to X-men Apocalypse, the third Film … Continue reading X-men Universe Reboot?

Ghost in the Shell Teasers

The original Ghost in The Shell Anime movie is two things, confusing and beautiful. A live action adaptation was inevitable at some point, especially considering the recent surge in fan support for Japanese animation. Ghost in The Shell will be difficult to do justice in live-action. The visuals involved in the original are hard to … Continue reading Ghost in the Shell Teasers

Gambit’s loss is DC’s gain

It wasn't too long ago that we were talking about the Gambit movie being on track for an early 2017 start to production. This film seems to be cursed and not even the success of the Deadpool film has helped to keep it a float. A couple of weeks ago The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Doug … Continue reading Gambit’s loss is DC’s gain