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We are a collection of nerds, geeks, bloggers, podcasters and everything in between who are passionate about….well…..pretty much anything! We come together every so often to chat about a single topic (of which you can read the previous articles HERE) but we are a lively community, always talking, sharing ideas and generally having a laugh! If you want to be the next Geekstalker let us know! The only thing we ask in return is that you have fun!

For 2019 we are going to be doing something a little different. The Geekstalkers Community has been steadily growing over the last couple of years so we thought it was about time that you got to know our members a little better. Each month we will have at least one Geekstalker talk about…..anything they want to! We have a wide variety of interests which is one of the reasons we work so well!

First up, it’s Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk!

I’m just going to cut straight to it, I love Star Wars. Anyone who’s ever spoken to me, interacted on social media or even heard about me will know this. I can never pin it down to what specifically about the franchise appeals to me so much, and it’s by no means perfect, there are definite low points. jar jarMaybe that’s what it is, there is so much to love about that galaxy far, far away. It’s sci-fi, it’s fantasy, it’s action, it’s romance, it’s comedy, it’s drama, there’s even horror elements and I’m sure as the franchise continues there will be more facets that even I have yet to realise! Almost every single character is memorable in their own way. Everyone can relate to some person/alien within the universe. There’s naive kids that dream of an adventure in the stars, loveable rogues out for themselves but with a heart of gold, women who appear to be soft and fragile but are actually some of the strongest and most fearsome in the cast. There are teachers, priests, soldiers, pilots, traders, gangs and people just living out their lives. The technology on screen looks like it could be achievable in the far future as a lot of it is based on existing things in our world today. The lightsaber for example, it is literally a sword made of energy. we have swords, we have lasers, we have plasma cutters. It’s not so hard to believe that current technology could evolve to the level eventually!

The stories contained within the films whilst maybe not the most original, will also appeal to everyone. Who doesn’t want to find out that they are destined for something greater? Who doesn’t want to be a hero who takes down and oppressive regime? Who doesn’t want to fly among the stars or find out you have special powers? I want all of the above! There are also darker aspects to the universe, many of which mirror real life events. The Empire is the Nazi party, there’s slavery, persecution of race and religion, war and war profiteering, drugs and gang violence and genocide. If it was all sunshine and rainbows it wouldn’t be as emotionally engaging. I’m not going to get into the small details regarding what bits I did and didn’t like from the films/TV shows as it would result in a far longer and more tedious article than I was planning. If you do want talk about all the good and the bad from the series then just find me on Twitter! I’ll talk about it until the Nerfs come home.

To understand my ‘obsession’ as some have called it, we need to go right back to where it all started. Born in 1985, I missed the original trilogy in theatres. As soon as I was old enough to appreciate the bright colours and strange creatures I began watching them on repeat, usually with my sister, at the weekends, school holidays, or whenever I had the chance. I watched other things too but Star Wars was my go to film. I was Luke Skywalker, at least in my mind, I wanted to be an ace pilot and use a laser sword to fight bad guys! After a few years I ventured into the expanded universe for the first time. One Christmas, my grandparents gave me a book called “Star Wars: Ambush at Corellia” featuring Han Solo. I knew the words and it was Star Wars but I hadn’t ever appreciated that the world of Star Wars was much larger than that contained within the films! After that I picked up the occasional novel when ever I had enough pocket money, found old toys at boot fairs and would occasionally dressed up as Darth Vader for the day. When I was 13 something happened. Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace arrived in theatres.


The first new Star Wars film of my generation, a prequel to the ones we already had, giving me the chance to see where it had all started. I already knew that George Lucas had written enough story for 9 films and that episodes 4, 5 and 6 where only part of that but i had no idea what was to come! Set during the Republic’s heyday, the potential to see hundreds of Jedi, brand new characters and ships made me salivate. I decided then to try to consume every aspects of the Star Wars universe possible! My love of the franchise exploded! I saw the film three times at the cinema (don’t worry my youthful love of it has dramatically cooled over time, it is a terrible film) and I bought everything I could get my hands on. Notebooks, visual dictionaries, cards, masks, micro machines, Lego, board games, confectionery, t-shirts,  Ice cream wrappers, yogurt pots, lollipops, water bottles, postcards and key-rings joined the usual collectable items such as action figures, posters, comics, books and of course some costumes. You name it, if I could afford it, I had it. I’m sure my older brother, who I shared a room with at the time, loved it!

Now that I am a 30-something grown man, my love for the universe is no less as strong but I have to be more selective about the items within my collection. I can’t just have a house full of the stuff and while my wife has accommodated various additions to the decor she would like to have a home that at least appears to be occupied by adults. So I am content to have the sentimental collectables secreted away in various cupboards and will wear a Star Wars t-shirt most days whilst perusing the bookcase that holds over 150 Star Wars novels (almost all of which I have read). The obligatory Star Wars mugs adorn my desk at work but the Funko Pop collection remains a point of contention in my relationship!

Now that I have children I get the chance to experience Star Wars from another perspective. For the first 3 years of my daughter’s life I decided to withhold the films from her. I wanted her to not only watch that moment during ESB, discovering that Vader is Luke’s father, but also understand it. It happened a couple of months a go and at first she didn’t realise what had occurred but once the understanding hit she was gobsmacked!


Since then she has seen the original trilogy but I have not yet introduced her to the perhaps more child friendly prequel trilogy (yes I am presenting them to her in the correct order!) It is safe to say she is a fan, Leia of course being her favourite, she does a mean Chewie impression can is able to have wide-reaching philosophical debates about the nature of the Force:

“Daddy, Yoda can lift Luke’s ship cos he has more Force than him”

“He doesn’t have more, he just understands the Force better”

“Yes, Luke doesn’t have enough to understand the Force”

It’s a fantastic time to be a Star Wars fan. The current trilogy may be coming to an end later this year but it will be a long time before we see the last of Star Wars on our screens. A new trilogy is development along with various TV shows. new books are being written all the time, especially since the canon was reshuffled, splitting the new stuff from “Legends”, this gave much more freedom for new stories within the same universe. I will stop blabbing now otherwise I’ll just go on forever. You’ll excuse me if I go an delve back into the trial of Tycho Celchu, how could someone so trusted ever commit such a heinous crime?! If you understand this reference, you are strong with the Force!

May the Force be with you!



We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing the latest utterings from the Geekstalkers as we love talking about anything and everything. It isn’t much of a Community if people don’t get involved and put their thoughts, feelings and opinions across. All our welcome and we would love for you to join the conversation! All our social media links, websites etc can be found below and I promise, you will not be disappointed if you start chatting to some or all of the Geekstalkers. They are a brilliant bunch of people who just love stuff! It just so happens that a lot of that stuff is liked by a lot of other people too!

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