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Boo!!! It’s Halloween which means it’s time for the Geekstalkers to get spooky! Well, sort of. You’ll see countless articles listing people’s favourite scary films, horror themes or villains so we’ve decided to do something a little different. This month, we are talking gruesome, gory and ridiculous as we list off some of the funniest deaths in horror films! Gore is becoming increasingly popular in today’s media but sometimes films go a little bit too far and it becomes laughable! Careful of spoiler for a few films below and be warned, these descriptions are not for the feint hearted!!

Ben from X-Geeks – @xgeeks

Horror deaths are supposed to be shocking, upsetting and generally act as a serious moment in a movie. Yet somehow some horror films manage to slip in some rather unintentionally funny deaths. The basketball death scene in Deadly Friend (1986) was almost my pick. I mean, Anne Ramsey’s head exploding after getting hit by a basketball, only to then have her body running around for a bit? Pretty funny, especially as you can tell they’ve used a child for the legs. The glass pane decapitation scene in The Omen (1976) was also just as amusing, with its unnecessary amount of different camera angles. But my ‘funniest horror death’ has to be a scene from Frankenstein (1931). I think you know the one I’m talking about, the infamous flower scene. I never thought I’d be championing the ‘death’ of a child, but it was the just the unexpected nature of the scene that makes it funny.

While I appreciate the importance of the scene in terms of exploring the mind of the monster, there is just something inadvertently funny about a young girl innocently thrown to her death. The escalation and the juxtaposition is simply phenomenal. It’s a powerful scene for sure, but I have still yet to make it through without laughing.

James Caroll – @IAmJACsMusings

There are many unintentionally funny deaths in horror, but I decided to disqualify them from my decision-making process. Instead, I chose to focus on those films that manage to balance the scares with the hilars (I hate myself for writing that). It’s a tricky balancing act that not many have managed to achieve successfully.
One underseen gem that 100% does is Tucker and Dale vs Evil. A mistaken identity slasher that spins genre tropes on their head, the funniest scene, in a film full of them, sees one of the judgemental preppy teens in the woods on a camping trip (spotting the tropes?), that have mistakenly ajudged “hillbilly” Tucker and Dale as serial killers, take a trip, head first, into a wood chipper.
Not only is it funny because of the established situation, not only is it funny because of the absurdity, not only is it funny because of his friends’ reactions (and the subsequent claret soaking they get sprayed with), but it’s funny because of Alan Tudyk’s dead pan line delivery of, “Are you okay?”
Fargo did it darker 14 years earlier and Deadpool did it eXtremely uneXpectedly 8 years later, but nobody does a wood chip chipper death better than Tucker and Dale.

Ben from Nerdschatting Podcast – @nerdschatting

So, we had a vote and you maniacs want to know what my funniest horror movie death is huh?

What are you, psychopaths?!

I mean it could have been Survival Weapon of choice! Or best horror moment! Or even most unbelievable horror death!

OK ok fine. Funniest Horror Movie Death it is.

OK so I’m going to go with a movie from the Final Destination franchise. I’ve not seen all of those movies, however I’ve seen enough to get the premise. Death has a design, and if you cheat Death, it comes around looking for you later.

In Final Destination 2, a kid goes to the dentist and almost dies several times, but it’s all a fake out. In the end, as he’s walking outside with his Mum, he’s chases a bunch of gathered pigeons. This causes the birds to fly up and knock a construction worker who happens to be moving a large and very heavy glass window. This then falls, crushing the young boy into a pile on mush on the floor.


It shouldn’t be funny. This young man’s life has just been extinguished, leaving his mother traumatised and the surrounding bystanders in shock – however I just find it hilarious! One minute he’s there, the next minute he’s a pile of blood on the floor.

Yep, I’m just as terrible a person as YOU are for picking this topic!

For the record, my other choices would have been:

* Survival weapon of choice – crowbar – in a zombie apocalypse it’ll kill zombies and help you break into places to scrounge food and other supplies!

* Best horror moment – the on camera fully lit transformation into a werewolf that David experiences in An American Werewolf in London!

* Most Unbelievable Horror – I just don’t get the Hellraiser movies. Who cares.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Luke from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk

When this months options were advertised I saw the category of ‘Funniest Horror Movie Death’ and immediately voted. I knew right away which death I was choosing.

When I think of horror movies I struggle to think of any that actually scare me, in fact the opposite. Most I find funny. The last I saw was this years ‘The Nun’ which (other than being awful) might be my favourite comedy of the year. More time was spent laughing at that film than anything else.

The sub-genre of the ‘Horror’ class that I enjoy the most is the classic slasher movie. Normally a group of teenagers will rock up to a spooky location and one by one they will start to picked off by an unknown assailant. My pick for this months article is from the film ‘Friday the 13th’ – not the original, which .. I errrr.. Actually haven’t seen – but the 2009 version starring Jared Padalecki and Danielle Panabaker.

It is not a good film, but it is absolutely worth your while if you like stupid, over the top slasher flicks. It is full of the typical movie tropes, lots of sex, and even more violence. The specific death that gets the award is of Chelsea, played by Willa Ford. In the scene a group of the characters are out on a speed boat, getting drunk and having fun when a series of events (including a headshot with a bow and arrow to one of the teenagers) leaves Chelsea, naked and stranded under a wooden dock. Jason starts walking along the dock and the camera is fully focussed on the face of Chelsea. The sound of Jasons footsteps stop but unfortunately just as the look of relief on her face begins a machete is thrust through the wooden panels and into the top of her skull. Her eyes roll back into her cranium and she is pulled from the water, exposing her naked torso. Her head hits the underside of jetty and the blade is removed, then she falls back into the water.

The reason this death is so funny to me is just how abrupt it is. The tension is building while the noise of the footsteps is heard, the fear on the characters face does actually look genuine. And then in the blink of an eye, it’s over. Literally. The time it takes from when the footsteps stop to when she is stabbed and then dropped into the water is probably 5 seconds. The kill leaves the victim unable to react and with absolutely no dignity. The best thing about it, you don’t even see Jason, it’s like a proverbial Mic Drop, only the microphone is a blade and he uses it to kill people… a lot of people.

Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk

I’m going to bend the rules here a little bit. The Friday the 13th franchise has many memorable deaths and I’m selecting one from possible the worst if not weirdest entries in the series, Jason X. This film is set in the future, in space where a reanimated, biologically enhanced Jason runs amok on a spaceship. There’s plenty of weirdness and it’s hard not to laugh at almost every scene of this film but one ‘death’ in particular takes the cake.

Known as the sleeping bag scene, we see Jason pursuing a member of the crew who then activates a virtual reality simulation in an attempt to distract him. This simulation is of two scantily clad teenage girls camping next to Crystal Lake, a recreation of the same Lake from 1980s Friday the 13th. Nice little nod! The characters invite Jason to join them  in their sleeping bags for some pre-martial sex but instead he beats them to death with each others bags. The true hilarity of this scene can only be appreciated by viewing it so here it is:

If you want a laugh, go check out Jason X, it is awful but in a hilarious way. Happy Halloween!

Markus – @TheMarckoguy

Death isn’t a joke in real life. But thanks to movies, they can be portrayed as comedic. Which is fun, especially when it’s caused by evil little goblin things.
My choice of funny horror death comes from the 1984 classic Gremlins. Directed by Joe Dante, this movie is about a guy named Billy (Zach Galligan) who receives a very peculiar gift from his dad. It’s a little creature he calls Gizmo. And when certain rules that pertain to Gizmo are broken, all hell breaks loose as more creatures like him get unleashed… and none of them as friendly as little Gizmo. It’s a holiday horror-comedy that entertains on every level. And it contains one funny death.

In the movie there is a mean old lady played by Polly Holiday. The character is pretty much hated by everyone (audience included), so her death in kinda deserved. In her house there is one of those elevator chairs used by people with limited mobility. One of the gremlins causes it to go a bit haywire, so when the lady sits in the chair and goes to use it, it goes a bit crazy, pretty much flying up the stairs and launches the lady out the damn window.

This is funny on two fronts. One: A despised character got her
comeuppance. Two: It is such an outlandish and goofy way of going out that you can’t help but laugh at it. There are many parts of Gremlins that make me laugh… but that scene has always been a standout.

Nicola from We Have a Hulk Podcast – @wehaveahulkpod

So as you all know from the last Geekstalkers article – I’m a complete wimp when it comes to horror films! So when ‘funniest horror death’ came up as a topic, I knew I had to go down the horror/comedy/parody route! Instantly films like Scream, Tucker and Dale vs Evil or What We Do in the Shadows came to mind, but I don’t think you can top the one of the original and best horror comedies out there – Scary Movie! The funniest and most meta death from the film has to be when Drew (played by Carmen Electra) is chased around and eventually murdered by Ghostface.

The amount of horror tropes director Keenen Ivory Wayans managed to rip apart in this scene was hilarious – like the fact she picks a banana for her main weapon rather than a knife, gun or grenade, or the slow motion running in her underwear then falling over bit. It’s just so ridiculous you have to laugh! Bit of a shame that the rest of the franchise wasn’t as clever with referencing horror films and tropes as this one though…

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