Welcome back! I’ve decided I’ll be taking a break from these every weekend (I’ve got to have a life at some point haven’t I?) Well it’s the beginning of a new week and that means plenty more time for geeking about!

I managed to finish reading compendium 2 of Invincible and boy did it not disappoint! I don’t want to give any story spoilers away because most of it has to be read to be believed but rest assured that our hero Mark faces his biggest challenges ever in this book, to mixed success. I recommend any comic fan goes an pick up a copy immediately! I am currently seeking out compendium 3 to finish off the reading but it might have to wait until payday!


In the brief moment I had nothing to read I was able to watch a couple more episodes of the Netflix documentary The Staircase. I’ts a true crime documentary following the court case of novelist Mike Peterson who was accused of his wife’s murder, she was found at the bottom of a flight of stairs which Mike claims she fell down. He maintains his innocence throughout but there are some suspicious revelations during the case that will give anyone pause. I’m a couple of episodes from the end of the series so I don’t know how it ends but it’s well worth a watch if you like your true crime. Anyone who’s watched Evil Genius or Making a Murderer will like this.


When this get’s a bit too much I jump back into listening to some of my favourite Podcasts. The Weekly Planet have a new episode every Monday, this week James and Mason are reviewing the new Predator film! If you fancy something a little more UK based, then I strongly recommend the SuperNerds UK podcast. Always a pleasure to listen to these guys and this week they are joined by Indie comics write Tom Ward!

You can check them out here: SuperNerds UK


It’s also Porno day, as My Dad Wrote a Porno has a new episode out every Monday! If you haven’t listened yet go an download it now. It’s hilarious and cringe-worthy in equal measure!

A geeky day of mine isn’t complete without some venture into the Star Wars universe so I’ve read a couple of chapters of Book 2 in the X-Wing series, Wedge’s Gamble by Michael A Stackpole. The first book was great and this one is off to a brilliant start as Corran Horn shows off his piloting skills once again! Man I love Star Wars!

I like to keep my ear to the nerdvine to see what news there is and today we were given a brand new trailer and poster for the Mary Poppins reboot starring Emily Blunt. I’m still not sure this is a good idea but it seems to be gaining a decent following. I won’t be seeing this in the cinema but might check it out on home release.

Before I go, let’s hear from Mr Mark Hamill again. It’s almost definite that he is trolling fans by now. His latest tweet leaves us with the message “The purpose of annoying everyone….”

Damn you sir, damn you!

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