The word ‘Geek’ is everywhere. It used to be a derogatory term but these days it’s cool to be a geek. Everyone is geeky in their own way. If you have an interest in something or spend a lot of your time doing something then you’re probably a geek in that subject. I like to think that my interests are fairly broad but it mostly boils down to science fiction and superheroes which are genres that are only growing in popularity.

Not a day goes by without me delving into some aspect of my interests so I thought I’d start chronicling them in some wonderful little posts for your reading pleasure and I might even have a few recommendations for you!! My adventures will range from the small and uneventful to epic journeys but all will be interesting to me (and probably only me!). Let’s get going!

11th September 2018

I’m lucky enough to have a non-working day every week and after completing my fatherly duties of taking my eldest to Pre-school, I normally have a couple of hours to myself. Today I filled the time with a couple of issues of the Invincible comic which as ever is incredibly awesome.

The titular character was having to deal with several alternate dimension versions of himself wreaking havoc across the world! Bad times!! Invincible is written by Robert Kirkman, a name that you may find familiar as he’s the same mind behind the Walking Dead comics! You can get hold of individual copies of the comic, or the compendium collections like I have, from any good book/comic provider! But if you’re interested, here’s the amazon link!

Invincible Compendium Volume 1 

After a short read I actually ventured out of the house to have lunch with my younger and far less attractive brother. The first of hopefully many get togethers, we tried out a gluten-free coffee shop and proceeded to stuff our faces. Our conversation was almost entirely centred around social media promotion! Serious stuff I know! He was regaling me with tales of his growing Alternative fashion business while I was bemoaning the small amount of effort I put in to promote this site and our podcast (by the way, I currently put very little effort in!). Our conversation is what has inspired me to get back into this blogging lark and you will see even more content coming from us over the coming weeks!

On my way home I caught up with the Weekly Planet podcast as they discuss the recently released Spider-Man PS4 game (which I cannot play! Curse you console exclusive titles!!), giving me fond memories of the Spider-Man games on the early PlayStation models!!

weekly planet.jpg

One of my favourite geeky podcasts, you can download and listen to them in all the usual places. Here’s the ITunes link for your convenience!

The Weekly Planet Podcast

For the rest of the day, the only decision I’ve got to make is whether to read some more Invincible or start book 2 of the Star Wars X-Wings series, this one written by Michael A. Stackpole. The first book was great so I’m excited to see what this Legends title has in store for me. I’ll be keeping you updated on my progress so you’ll learn along with me!


Day 1 done. Tune in next time for……entertainment, if you can call it that!

Fancy joining me on this daily journey? Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below? Any recommendations for me to check out or opinions on the things I’m consuming? Comment away!!

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4 thoughts on “My Daily Geek – Day 1

  1. Great read Dave!

    I’ve recently been replaying all the old Lucas Arts Star Wars games. Finished off Dark Forces II and I’ve not moved onto Jedi Academy! – Ben

    Liked by 1 person

      1. SNAP! I’ve skipped Jedi Outcast, but will be going to that after Academy. Such a great time for Star Wars games. We’ll never get that again. – Ben

        Liked by 1 person

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