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This month we ask that you indulge our desires as we asked the Geekstalkers to come up with their ultimate Dinner Party guests. If you could invite 5 people, alive or dead, real or fictional, to have over for dinner, who would it be? The suggestions below are all brilliant and I would be glad to attend any of these dinners! You never know, the Geekstalkers might end up getting together for a dinner party soon, who knows! for now, enjoy!

James Carroll – @IAmJACsMusings

So, for my dinner party I’ve gone for what I believe is a range of people that have led amazing lives (whether real or fictional) and have anecdotes to share, but also personalities that I deduce may mix and match well with each other. As for me, I would just shut up and sit in a corner and listen all night long…
Muhammad Ali – He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee and would bring so much energy and personality to my dinner party. So much more than just a boxer, Ali was an advocate and an innovative thinker for his time. He led a life worth living, doing what he loved and standing up for what he believed in. Imagine the mix of fun, sporting and socio-political stories he would have to share!
Leslie Knope – This woman is a force of nature! Not only is she gregarious and intelligent and opinionated but she’d bring each-and-every guest a present too, more thoughtful and  personalised than I could possibly hope to achieve myself. Anyone that has watched Parks and Recreation know what I’m talking about. I’d welcome any unannounced +1 from her character-filled department that she chose to bring too. Well, except maybe Jerry…
Carrie Fisher – This lady was a true legend. I recently had to announce the woman I most looked up to for International Women’s Day and Fisher was the obvious choice. The words I chose to describe her were: “Actor. Writer. Advocate. Feminist. Icon”. I’d take the real thing over her most famous fictional “Princess. Rebel. Leader. Jedi. General” as, in a similar vein to Ali, Fisher led a life full of ups-and-downs and would have so many stories to share. I would hang on her every word.
Chris Hadfield – There’s a range of elite men and women that have had the ultimate experience of being to space, but Hadfield seems to be the one with the most charisma to me. As a life-long sci-fi and sci-fact nerd, if we’re talking about an evening of swapping stories and life-experiences, then this man has the anecdotes I’d most want to hear. Plus, he could entertain the guests with an acoustic rendition of Space Oddity as his party piece.
David Attenborough – One of the most aurally pleasurable voices on our blue planet, what Attenborough has seen or experienced in his years on planet Earth is more than many other lifetimes put together. He must have so many behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen accounts from every terrain in the world that would expand your knowledge and horizons in ways you’d never considered before. He’d be fascinating.
Anyone else want to come?

Ben from nerdchatting – @nerdschatting

I believe I’m allowed to invite 5 people (6 including me) so I’m going to split it into properties I love and invite people from those properties. They just so happen to (mostly) be considered as bad guys.

If that doesn’t make sense, it will shortly.

Guest 1 – Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

Kylo will sweep in early, before everyone else arrives, however this is because he forgot the time of the meal so made a guess and got it wrong. He is, after all, a stroppy teen. Turning up early will put paid to his plan for a grand entrance. This will leave him simmering and in a bad mood.

Kylo Ren

Reason for inviting him?

I’m keen to see how he’ll react in a crowd of people who are immune to his strops!

Guest 2 – Grand Regent Thragg (Invincible)

Grand Regent Thragg will have wanted to arrive before everyone else, so that everyone sees his presence as formidable. The fact that Kylo Ren has arrived before him will make him furious. A curt nod in one another’s direction is all the communication that will occur for now.

Reason for inviting him?

To see how he attempts to further the Viltrum empire with people who have nothing to offer him

Guest 3 – Negan (The Walking Dead Comic)

Negan will arrive whilst wiping the splatter of a fresh kill from his beloved baseball bat, Lucille. Was it a walker or human kill? We’ll never know… Kylo Ren will realise that he is not to be trifled with. Thragg will see him as an annoyance. Negan will assume the centre of the room, grab a drink and begin telling all of his exploits in a post apocalyptic world. Lucille will remain at his side throughout the evening, his grip held tight around her handle.


Reason for inviting him?

To make everyone else feel uncomfortable.

Guest 4 – Forever Carlyle (Lazarus Comic)

Forever will arrive and politely issue me with her invite. She will walk in confidently and introduce herself to all. Negan and Kylo Ren will instantly fall in love with her. She will not consider them her equal. Thragg will be intrigued. Forever will have the Carlyle family sword close by her and will not hesitate to use it.


Reason for inviting her?

She’s better than all of them.

Guest 5 – Tywin Lannister (Game of Thrones TV Show)

Tywin will arrive late, in an effort to achieve dominance over the other guests. It will only work on Kylo Ren. Tywin assesses the room, sees the strength in Thragg, the brutality in Negan, and the potential in Kylo Ren. Forever will remain an enigma to him and no matter the offer, she will never bend to his will. Tywin will consider the long game and how he can move these pieces around the board to his advantage.


Reason for inviting him?

To see how he makes even the most powerful squirm in his presence.

What am I serving?
To start – chicken Liver parfait (vegetarian option available)
For main – five cheese macaroni and cheese with lardons (vegetarian option available)
For desert – chocolate cake

A wide selection of wines, beers, spirits are available.

Chances of dinner party not ending in bloodshed?

Very very slim!

Markus – @TheMarckoguy

So what would my ultimate dinner party look like? Well, calm down, I’ll tell you.

My first guest is a very special one. It’s a very famous man who is most known for his dedication to the art of action. That’s right, my first guest is Keanu Reeves. Why would I invite him? Well, for one, I’ve been a big fan of his for quite some time thanks to movies like The Matrix, Constantine, Speed, and John Wick. And secondly, from what I’ve heard about him through interviews and people’s overall experiences with him, he seems like a very humble, charming, and warm-hearted individual that I would simply love
to have at a dinner party.


My second guest is someone who used to be everywhere in terms of movies, but has taken a step back in recent years. It is none other than Freddie Prinze Jr. The reason why I’d love to have him at my dinner party is because of his podcast, Prinze and the Wolf, where he has shown himself to be such an incredibly interesting and kind and funny person. Also, he loves cooking, so he’d probably help me out in the kitchen.

Freddie P.jpg

My third guest is the first one who’s of a more fictional nature. I am talking about Steve Rogers, A.K.A Captain America. I am mainly talking about the movie version as played by Chris Evans. Why would I choose this superhero for my dinner party? Well, that question answers itself, he’s a superhero… great in case we get attacked. But also because Rogers has shown to be a very loyal and respectful man who could give some great stories from his superhero-ing. He’d always be ready to help out, whether it is setting the table, taking dirty dishes to the kitchen, or any other task you might have for him. The ultimate cool dude.

Steve Rogers.gif

My fourth guest is someone who is now dead, but since I am allowed to include ANYONE in this ultimate dinner party, I am still picking this guy. My number four is B.B. King. Who is he, I hear some of you asking? B.B. King was a pioneer of blues, one of the greatest artists within the genre. From his powerful vocals to his badass guitar skills, this dude is a legend. And that’s a big reason why I’d invite him to my party, because of my love of blues. He’d probably be happy to play some music for us. Also, he is well known for having been a very nice man, and I like nice people, so that plus the blues history would make him a very appealing dinner guest.

B B King.jpg

My final guest is my best friend. Because he’s my best friend. Kind of explains itself. It wouldn’t be the ultimate dinner party without my best friend. Because friendship is important. I don’t need to explain it any further.

Seb Reeves – @TheRealMrSeb

This is a tough topic given that we can select guest from anywhere, alive, dead, real or fictional, and then we cap our numbers at 5. I haven’t contributed to ‘Geekstalkers’ for a while so I really wanted to give this topic a go. So if I was hosting a dinner party and I had to pick 5 famous people to join me who would I pick. It would have to be a group that had a good mix of personality, people that can keep the conversation flowing.

For charm, wit and a good old yarn, I’d have to go with the actor David Niven. He was a charismatic man full or charm with a good yarn. He first came to my attention when I was about 7 years old in the film ‘Paper tiger’, in which he plays the English tutor to a Japanese ambassador’s child. He charms the child with tall tales of his exploits during the war, stories that he has to live up to when they are kidnapped by terrorist from whom he and the boys try to escape. The irony of this is that Niven actually did serve in the armed forces during the 2 nd world war having studied at the Royal Military College at Sandhurst.

david Niven

Sport is always a good topic of conversation and so my next guest would be Lawrence Dallaglio England rugby captain and sporting hero. I love sport although I am more of a spectator these days; my favourite sport is rugby (union). Who better to discuss the current plight of the England team and the way ahead for 6 nation’s rugby?


Next up I’m choosing two authors Robert Rankin and J K Rowling. I first found the works of Robert Rankin when I was mooching about in book store in Canterbury, when I noticed a book title ‘Nostradamus ate my Hamster’ the pages within were full of madcap shenanigans based in the Brentford area. I highly recommend his loosely connected series the ‘Brentford Trilogy’ currently a set of 10 books.

I read the first book, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone’ within a week, not because it was a small book with few words, but because I found it very difficult to put down, after by week four I was reading ‘Goblet of Fire’ and loving every line. I found the story within simply magical and I would love to discuss the inspiration behind her work.

A dinner party is nothing without music, and for that you need a musician. So many past and present would make the short list, but I think based on music I remember from my childhood and having seen him live, I would invite Lionel Richie, from his time in ‘The Commodores’ to his solo career he has written and performed music for every occasion and would be more than welcome at this one.


Nicola and Chris from We Have a Hulk

So this month Team Jack and the Geekstalk have asked us to compile a list of 5 people who we would invite to our ultimate dinner party – and I’ve literally spent ages chopping and changing my list, it’s such a toughy. Anyway here’s who I’ve gone for at this current moment in time, but it’s probably changed by now. Here we go!

1) David Attenborough

Ok this pick isn’t the most obvious or geeky, but David Attenborough is an absolute legend and he’s my bonafide hero. He’s achieved so much in his life, traveling around the world to protect, inspire and educate us about the world we live in. Also go and check out David Attenborough narrating Adele’s Hello – you’re welcome!


2) Aubrey Plaza
Now this lady stars in two of my favourite TV shows – Parks and Recreation and Legion. She’s brilliantly bonkers, awkward and hilarious and I absolutely adore her character in Parks and Rec, (April Ludgate) – yep she’s my spirit animal. She would bring the funnies to the table.
3) Stan Lee
I don’t hide the fact that I’m a huge Marvel fan and one of the my favourite superheroes growing up as a kid was Spider-Man, so clearly I’d have to invite Stan Lee! He’s created and brought to life so many amazing heroes including The Hulk, Black Panther, Groot, Doctor Strange, Thor and Professor X. He would also bring so many stories to the table!
stan lee.jpg
4) Kit Harrington
Ok yes – this one’s purely for selfish reasons! Most of you know that I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, so how could I have a dinner party and not invite one of the cast members? I was thinking about possibly adding George R R Martin to the list, but I think I’d end up throwing things at him because he’s taking so long to write the next book! Also Kit could provide the music for the evening – go and check out Game of Thrones: The Musical on YouTube if you haven’t yet!
kit harrington.jpg
5) Helen Mirren/Judi Dench
I really couldn’t chose between these two as they’re both British legends so I’ve put both down – sorry! One’s played Q in Bond and the other has played the Queen, so you’re pretty hard pressed to find higher quality actors than these two!
And because I had such a fantastic top 10 list, here’s the rest:
Runners up: Tom Hanks, Donald Glover, Mary Berry, Nick Offerman & Carrie Fisher
Chris’ picks would be: Stephen Fry, Tim Minchin, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Elon Musk & Richard Ayoade

Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk

I’ve chose to select my guests from the fictional world and like any good host, I wanted to make sure each guest had someone to talk to but there may be a wild card in there too!

It wouldn’t be much of a dinner party without some food, so my first guest will also be the chef! Hannibal Lecter (the Mads Mikkelsen) version knows food like no other so I am confident he can create a meal that we will never forget. I will provide the ingredients though, just in case!


There’s always got to be someone who will boast of their adventures, so I’ve gone for Indiana Jones. Not only is he a history teacher, he is a great adventurer! Think of all the stories he could tell about finding rare artefacts, battling Nazis and saving the world! Plus he looks rather dapper in a tux!

Indiana Jones

One role of the host is to play matchmaker with his guests, so in that line I think it’s time to find someone for Indiana Jones. Someone with similar interests but who can also hold her own in a fight. My third guest is Lara Croft. She has raided more tombs than the average Archaeologist and knows her way around an armoury. Personalities may clash to begin with but after a while attraction will blossom.

Lara croft.jpg

Every dinner party needs to have someone who can get along with everyone, or calm things down when it gets a bit heated. My fourth guest is Charles Xavier. Not only is he funny, smart and charming, he can read everyone’s minds to help with conversation and if it gets a but hairy, he can neutralise the situation. Very useful.


My final guest is an obvious one for me. I’ve gone for Princess Leia! She has the smarts, the charm, the likeability and the conversations skills to make her a killer guest. Also she will have had dinner party etiquette training making her the perfect person to have at your table. And you never know, if she deems me to be rogue-ish enough I might even have a chance!! The only risk is that’s she’ll fall for the familiar looking Indiana Jones!




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