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We are a collection of nerds, geeks, bloggers, podcasters and everything in between who are passionate about….well…..pretty much anything! We come together every month to chat about a single topic (of which you can read the previous articles HERE) but we are a lively community, always talking, sharing ideas and generally having a laugh! If you want to be the next Geekstalker let us know! The only thing we ask in return is that you have fun!

This month we decided to do something a little different. We are forever talking about the creative minds that produce our favourite films, TV shows and books but you never get a taste of our own creativity! I set the Geekstalkers a task this time around, they were to come up with an original character and basic plot for what could be this characters cinematic debut or written adventure. There are no rules, it’s been left open, the Geekstalkers can create anything they want! Time may see these stories develop further but for now, let us introduce you to some of the most compelling new characters ever committed to media!

Lou Geekstalk – @Lola_Flump @JackGeekstalk


Powercorn was an ordinary horse named Sandy on a rural West Country farm, when a huge storm caused a lightning strike to hit both him and Powerman, the renowned superhero, who was flying overhead. Powerman was knocked from the sky, and somehow the lightning striking both him and Sandy simultaneously caused them to effectively merge. Powerman’s consciousness and superpowers were transferred to Sandy. Now Powercorn is an actual superhero unicorn. He can fly, has super strength,super speed, enhanced senses, and his horn (which is oddly reminiscent of Powerman’s trademark quiff) can not only sense danger but gives him the ability to communicate with humans and other animals alike. Bust Sandy isn’t completely gone and has retained more than just his preference for carrots – he remembers the joy brought to him by local children and families, and has sworn to protect them. Initially he finds himself stepping in to prevent harm through accidents and unfortunate circumstances, but soon mysterious events begin to unfurl and when a dark character with impressive abilities shows up, Powercorn finds it is up to him to stop a sinister plot that could endanger everyone.

James Carroll – @IAmJACsMusings


Augustus Raines: An Epistolary Account of a Superhero’s Assistant

The story of the trials and tribulations of Augustus Raines, assistant to notably badass cape-wearing crime fighter Knightmare, is revealed through a series of letters, e-mails, diary entries and newspaper clippings. It’s (mostly) a mundane life repairing costumes and preparing power shakes, but somebody’s got to do it!

Dave Geekstalk – @Crutchy @JackGeekstalk


A mild mannered Olympic level skier, Clint Shard is out training for the the forthcoming competition when he gets caught in a freak avalanche. After hours trapped under the snow, Clint emerges and finds that he has been fundamentally changed. With the ability to create and influence materials in the environment, Flint feels an overwhelming rise of cool energy coming from within him. A huge blast of icy power explodes outwards, clearing the area of loose snow and ice. Recovering, something catches his eye, a piece of metal with the word EnviroGlobe emblazoned across it. Confused, Clint attempts to track down the company. His investigation leads him to a company that use the energy created by natural disasters and turns them into a renewable energy source. At least, that’s what the public think, in reality, EnviroGlobe is using strange new technology to force these disasters, endangering millions of people. Not only that but the energy is not going to the consumer, it is vanishing elsewhere…….

Claudia – @1GeekyNerd

YRUBE – A Gender Fluid/Neutral Historian

A gifted historian haunted by intergenerational trauma, discovers a portal that allows time travel. Upon exiting the portal and discovering they are now a hundred years in the past, the historian faces a moral dilemma: Should they go back even further in time to change the circumstances that caused the near complete genocide of their people, or should they go back to their actual time and not interfere with history as it is known!

Markus – @TheMarckoguy

You like Indiana Jones? Well, this is kind of like that, but not really. Charlie Crane, like Indy, is a treasure hunter. Only unlike Indy who does it for the sake of archaeology and preserving history, Charlie does it because he is a bit of a greedy bastard. Indy puts it in a museum, Charlie sells it. He’s not a bad man, he just likes not having to worry about his personal economy. Yes, he can come off as a dick (because he is one), but it’s nothing personal, he just doesn’t care about you.

Born in 1993, Charlie’s the son of a history teacher mom and a news anchor dad. While he’s never fallen out with his family, some of his less-than-squeaky-clean antics have garnered a little bit of disappointment from them. But it’s not his fault that he’s had to steal valuable stuff… at least partially. Though if you ask his cousin (who’s a cop), it’s all Charlie’s fault.

Charlie travels to exotic locations on the regular. Meeting locals, discovering ancient places, dodging traps, avoiding death, and swearing at all of it. But in the end it’s (possibly?) worth it, because of the sweet cash he’ll make from these ancient treasures that most people will never see.

That’s all for now, but there will be more to come as these and other stories expand into out own little Geekstalkers novella collection. We’re hoping to gradually build these unique worlds over time so stay tuned!

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing the latest utterings from the Geekstalkers as we love talking about anything and everything. It isn’t much of a Community if people don’t get involved and put their thoughts, feelings and opinions across. All our welcome and we would love for you to join the conversation! All our social media links, websites etc can be found below and I promise, you will not be disappointed if you start chatting to some or all of the Geekstalkers. They are a brilliant bunch of people who just love stuff! It just so happens that a lot of that stuff is liked by a lot of other people too!

Come join the chat!!! Become the next Geekstalker!

The Geekstalkers are: 

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Claudia @1GeekyNerd
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Ken Major @KenMajor83
Open All Powers Pod @openallpowers
Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk @Crutchy@JackGeekstalk
Lou from Jack and the Geekstalk @Lola_Flump,@JackGeekstalk
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