It has happened, 10 years in the making, 18 instalments building up to a film which regardless of critical reception, will define the genre. Avengers: Infinity War is out! I wasn’t planning to write my review of the film for a few days yet but after having a few hours sleep I need to get my general opinions out! As of writing this I will be seeing the film again tomorrow so my thoughts may change but for now, forgive any fanboy moments because, let’s face it, fans of the comics and these character have been waiting for this for a long time!

This is a SPOILER FREE review so don’t worry about me revealing any secrets. I will be touching on certain story points but I won’t confirm any details that haven’t been see in the trailers. If you don’t want to know anything about the film then leave now!!!


Have you gone? Everyone left ready to go? Okay, here we go!

I love this film. I am still running on the excitement of only seeing it a few hours ago but I am confident my love for the film will grow with time and more viewings. There is a lot going on and almost all of it is great. There’s some incredible action scenes, comedy, emotional moments and a lot of surprises to keep you guessing throughout. I can honestly say that there is one particular moment that made my jaw hit the floor! When you’ve seen the film, you’ll know what it is! Combining the different tonal themes of the previous MCU films must have been challenging but the transitions feel completely natural. Unlike Thor: Ragnarok, the emotional beats aren’t undermined by jokes, in this film the comedy is needed to lift the mood and allow you to recover from some of the darkest MCU moments committed to screen.

It was always going to be a nearly impossible task for the Russo Brothers to bring all these characters together in a meaningful, relevant and engaging way. I don’t know the whole number but almost every established main character from the MCU is present in some form and everyone gets their own little moment. It might be an action scene, comedic moment or emotional beat but everyone gets something to do. It is impossible to give equal screen time to everyone so there are some characters that are pushed to the background a little but because there is some much going on throughout the film you don’t have time to focus on that.


Without giving reasons I want to briefly talk about my favourite characters. Tony Stark/Iron Man is as solid as ever and as you can see from the trailers, he’s sporting a brand new suit. As with every upgrade it has some new features and each one of them is great. There is one scene where a lot of these new features are shown at the same time which is incredibly exciting but I’m sure I missed some of the new things! There was more Iron Man than Tony Stark in this which was an improvement on one of my criticisms of past appearances. Stark also gets to interact with some characters he’s never met before and what follows is brilliant!

Thor is an absolute beast in this film! He get’s quite a lot of screen time and has the full range of moments! There is sadness, anger, humour and awesome action scenes. Prior to this Hemsworth’s performance in Thor: Ragnarok was my favourite of his but I think this might have taken the title! He is definitely one of my favourite characters in the film! Thor gets some amazing things to do in the final act which are not only visually impressive but extremely satisfying. This is the God Thunder!


The Guardians of the Galaxy are brilliant, all of them. Star Lord has to deal with meeting other people more powerful (and attractive) than him making his interactions with them incredibly funny. Every Guardian has there moment and some which I was starting to dislike have changed my opinions completely! I didn’t even mind Mantis in this one! Drax is great, Gamora gets some touching moments, Rockett has scaled back his arsehole-ness and teenage Groot is slightly underused but great.

This might be a surprise but Thanos is my favourite character in the film. I can’t say much about him without spoiling things so I’ll say this, Marvel have fixed their villain problem and then some! He is the biggest threat the heroes have ever faced, he isn’t some faceless monster who just wants to blow things up. There are reasons for his actions which the film explains well and while some of what he does is terrible for the people involved, I understand why he is doing it. Thanos was the character I was worried about going into this, he is a CGI character and recent superhero films have shown us how to do a CGI bad guy badly, Marvel have done it right! There are nuances to the performance, layers to the character and some fascinating scenes that makes me crave more Thanos! You can see Josh Brolin in the performance and the voice is a perfect match. Whoever was involved in bringing Thanos to life of screen needs an award, not once did I think his effects were off, I knew he wasn’t real but he looked it!!


Some characters didn’t get the screen time I would have liked but I think that might be fixed in the future. I can’t say how I think this will be fixed because that will be a HUGE spoiler but there is another Avengers film coming in a year so there is a chance these characters will get more time to shine. Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Black Panther were severely underused but their time on screen is satisfying. There are a couple of moments in the trailers with Black Widow and Bruce Banner/Hulk that don’t pay off, but both characters to get some great things to do. Vision and Scarlett Witch’s relationship is fleshed out and is much more believable than before. I would have liked Vision to have had a little more action because his power set is so cool but he has other things to worry about most of the time.

The trailers give a glimpse at some new characters for the bad guys in the form of the Children of Thanos. They are interesting characters who each have their own set of skills but they are little more than minions. There are some cool moments with each one but they could have been expanded on a bit. We know very little about them and one in particular looks awful but they do add a fair amount to the film.


I realise I’ve been talking for a while now and I’m dangerously close to spoiling certain scenes so I’m going to round things up. I liked this film more as time goes on and even writing this has made me realise how great the film is. It’s definitely not perfect, there are some iffy CGI moments, some character decisions are stupid, some minor plot points that don’t really make sense and I do have a lot of questions that need answering but these are nothing when compared to the overall quality of the film. If you are a fan of the MCU and superhero films in general then you will enjoy this film. I will issue you one warning as a fellow fan, this film will show you a side of the Marvel Universe that we have never seen before, it is a rollercoaster of emotion and you will feel battered when the credits role. When you have seen this film, let it sink in for a while then talk to someone about it, we are going to be discussing this for a long time!!!!

Go see the film as many times as you can as soon as you can and stay tuned for our Spoiler filled review and Review Podcast coming soon!! Until then, stay strong, we are in this together!


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