I feel like there should be a fanfare sounding as you read this! We have made it, the end of the MCU Challenge! It’s been a long run, 17 films have been re-watched and reviewed, hundreds of comments have come in from the people of the Twitterati and a lot of fun has been had by all! Avengers: Infinity War will be unprecedented, 10 years in the making and with so much history behind it, not to mention the sheer number of big character names and big, big acting talent! Whatever the critical reception, it will be a genre defining film. It’s going to be amazing! But before we celebrate too much, let’s talk about the most recent MCU film, #18 in the MCU Challenge, Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther.

So what’s the plot?


T’Challa, the new king of Wakanda, following the death of his father, returns to his secretive home country to begin his reign. Facing divisive opinions within his own country about whether to open their borders to the world, T’Challa is called to action when Erik Killmonger arrives and claims to be the son of T’Chaka’s brother, making him T’Challa’s cousin. Challenging the king, Killmonger bests his rival and claims the throne of Wakanda for himself. As Killmonger prepares to open Wakanda up and share the weapons and technology with the oppressed around the world, T’Challa, with the help of his super-smart sister Shuri, Everett Ross, members of the Dora Milaje and M’Baku, leader of the Jbari tribe, fight to reclaim the throne and bring Wakanda into the new world.

There is a lot I’ve missed out but I’m sure we will get to it in time. First off I want to apologise for my ignorance. There are a lot of cultural references in this film that I’ve clearly missed or misunderstood and it is not my intention to insult anyone by not including them. I fully appreciate that this film is incredibly important to a lot of people and I understand that I am not in the best position to comment on a lot of the issues the film deals with. I just want to look at this as a film, the things I enjoyed and the things I didn’t. My opinions are just that, mine. If you agree then great, if not, then that’s great too. These reviews are meant to provoke discussion, the world would be a boring place if we all thought the same! I’m going to step down off my soap box now and get into the film!

I don’t think there is anyone who would claim that this film looks awful. Even though this is an Earth-based story and not some planet hopping adventure, it has one of the broadest colour pallets I’ve ever seen! Some of the scenes, particularly those within Wakanda itself are simply stunning! T’Challa’s first challenge in particular, not only is it  cool being at the base of a waterfall, but seeing the representatives of the all the tribes in their traditional garb was incredible. I also liked how as T’Challa leaves the ship the shot pans up the cliff, giving you a sense of being as overwhelmed as the new king is.


I love how Wakanda is a perfect mix of super-advanced technology and African cultural traditions. I can’t speak for the accuracy of the African representations but they looked convincing enough to me! If this were a Tony Stark world then all the tech would be there to see, but here a lot of it is hidden within the traditions. For example, the Border Tribe wear traditional Basotho blankets that also double as personal energy shields! How cool is that?! I love all the tech, the bead bracelets that can do anything, Shuri’s sonic canons, remote control devices, the armoured Rhinos and of course the Black Panther suit itself.


At times the film was a little too dark, making it hard to work out what is actually happening. The worst occasion of this is near the start of the film when T’Challa rescues Nakia from a military convoy. It’s at night, in the jungle with very few lights and everyone is wearing dark clothes. You can barely see what is happening, I guess that is the point, illustrating the proficiency of the Blank Panther and the way he uses the shadows to strike, but in my opinion, if I can’t see something, I can’t enjoy it.


Some of the CGI is questionable throughout the film. For the most part it is great but there are a couple of times it pulls you out of the film. The car chase through Korea is exhilarating but some of the acrobatic movements on show are so rubbery it’s obviously not real. The worst scene for this however is the final fight with Killmonger. The problem is you have these two great actors squaring off so every time you actually want them to act you need to remove the masks, obviously physically taking them on and off would be time consuming and awkward, so having the suits dissolve slightly solves this issue, but it still look weird.

Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER L to R: Black Panther/T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan)  Ph: Film Frame ©Marvel Studios 2018

To make matters worse, let’s throw the combatants down a huge dark mine where they have to fight in mid-air for a few seconds before having one of the most confusing fights in the MCU. Due to the sonic technology around them their suits don’t work properly all the time, meaning T’Challa can inflict a fatal wound on Killmonger, but I still to this day can’t figure out how he did it! It happened too fast in a dark scene to actually make it out. So visually, there are incredible peaks but unfortunately, the troughs are incredibly low!

There is some great action in this film. The first fight between T’Challa and M’Baku is really exciting (though the outcome is inevitable), but the Killmonger challenge is great. At first you think T’Challa is getting the upper-hand but Killmonger shows his physical dominance and destroys him. There’s something very satisfying about a proud person being torn down.


The Casino scene is the stand out for me. This is where we get to see General Okoye really throw down. The one shot sequence as she takes down a group of Klaue’s men is brilliant, she is not to be messed with and I sincerely hope she gets the chance to show her skills again in Infinity War.


The aforementioned Korea car chase is exciting and fun. We’ve seen car chases before, even ones involving Black Panther where he is clinging to the outside of vehicles, but this scene adds a couple of new elements that make it great. Shuri remote controlling a car all the way from Wakanda, Klaue shooting his sonic hand cannon at the pursuing vehicles, Blank Panther running up a wall and of course Okoye making a car flip simply by using her spear! Awesome!

The biggest action scene is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand you have a huge battle between the Border Tribe and the Dora Milage and it is brutal. Throw into this some CGI armoured Rhinos and Black Panther using his cool kinetic energy ability and you have an incredibly fun scene. On the other hand however, you have Killmonger managing to fend off Shuri, Nakia and a trio of the Dora Milage, all the while wearing his horrible Jaguar suit, I hate that suit.

Yes Killmonger is a good fighter but they would take him down and his performance is ruined by the CGI effects on his suit. Of course this is swiftly followed by the fall into the Vibranium mine so there’s that too. I can’t say that I disliked any of the action scenes but there are certainly better in the MCU.

The one place this film did fall down was its comedy. There’s plenty of funny moments, mainly from Andy Serkis’ Klaue and Danai Gurira’s General Okoye, but most of the time things fall a bit flat. Shuri’s reference to an internet meme from a couple of years ago is the perfect example of the comedic aspect of this film being slightly off, it would have been hilarious two years ago. I can’t work out if the jokes weren’t aimed at me and so I didn’t get them or because the general tone of the film is a lot more serious than others in the MCU so the jokes didn’t fit, whatever the reason, something just felt a little disjointed with the comedy.

Let’s talk about the main man himself, T’Challa. This is Chadwick Boseman’s character. He does a fantastic job at giving the new king of Wakanda an air of grace, nobility, confusion, responsibility, reluctance, arrogance and childishness all wrapped up into one person. I can’t think of an actor who would have done any better. However, he was more engaging in Civil War than he was here. Hate on me if you want but I think the supporting characters were far more interesting, that may be because this was the first time we saw most of them, or because in the grand scheme of things, T’Challa doesn’t do that much outside of the suit.

I do have to give credit to Boseman though, by far the best acted scene in the film is when he re-visits the spirit world and challenges his father about his actions and what he thinks is the right thing to do. This is a brilliant scene and the turning point for the character, he has realised that to be a great king isn’t about just doing what everyone else has done, he needs to make the decisions relevant to him and his people. I love this scene but I’m confident if this wasn’t in the movie, T’Challa would be far down my list of favourite characters.

The Black Panther suit is cool but the CGI problems detract from the acting performance. I’ll probably say it loads of times in this article but the dissolving effect of the suit isn’t great and it becomes annoying when its going on and off every couple of minutes so you can see the actor talk. One thing I really did like was how the hero learned from his nemesis. Killmonger wanted to open Wakanda up but for the wrong reasons, T’Challa then does it for the right reasons. It would have been so easy to have them close their borders again but this really shows the characters maturity as he realises what is best for the country and world, taking inspiration from the bad guy but doing it better!


Good job Coogler! I also like that he didn’t kill Killmonger off. Yes I know he dies anyway but that was his own choice. At the end, T’Challa wanted to try and redeem him, though standing there as someone pulls a blade out of his own chest doesn’t seem like the actions of someone who is trying to save a life! One question I have about that scene though, how long does it take for someone to die of a stab wound to the chest. That mine is incredibly deep and they travel all the way up from the bottom, that would have taken a good few minutes!

Killmonger is a very divisive character. Some people hate him, some people think he is the best Marvel villain ever. I am sorry to say I lean towards the former. I don’t hate him but I do think he was a little over the top and needlessly reckless. Michael B Jordan is a phenomenal actor, there is no doubt of that, but here he seems to be over-egging it a bit. We know he’s a bad guy immediately, then he kills his ‘girlfriend’, then Klaue (for no real reason), then he claims the throne is quite a savage fight after revealing that every mark on his body if for a kill, he has a lot of marks.


Then he wants to share Wakanda’s weaponry with his people across the world to return the atrocities they have endured on their oppressors, then he burns the heart-shaped fruit plants, a ceremonial place steeped in history, then tries to kill Shuri and Nakia. It felt like at times the film was reminding you every few minutes that this was the bad guy, we get it already! What I find fascinating is that Killmonger becomes what he has spent his life hating. After being orphaned at a young age, hating Wakanda because of it, living a hard life hell bent on revenge, now that he has the power to do something about it, all he wants is payback, he wants to take the world for his people. Did he ever ask if his people wanted it? And is more bloodshed the right way about getting it? Maybe he never planned to get as far as he did so he was just acting on emotion, it doesn’t seem like a very well thought out plan.


He does stick to his guns though, he refuses to find redemption in defeat and just accepts his fate, he knows he will never change. I also like his own venture into the spirit world, going back to the last time he saw his father alive, such an emotional scene but I found it hard to connect after being reminded that this guy is an awful person! Michael B Jordan’s performance is fine, but I’m not a fan of the character.

I’m going to quickly blast through the supporting cast because there’s so much I want to say about them but so little time!

Shuri is my third favourite character in the film. I do not for a second believe she was able to design and then create all the technology in Wakanda and still only be 16. Some of that stuff would have taken years to build, think of the Vibranium mine train system!! The tech she makes is cool though and I like to think of her a loveable mix of Tony Stark and Q from James Bond.

If we don’t get a scene with Shuri, Tony and Rockett Raccoon in Infinity War then something has gone wrong with the world! She is super-intelligent, a capable fighter and a playful sister too, her interactions with big brother T’Challa are some of the stand out moments in the film. Letitia Wright you are brilliant!

I already liked Danai Gurira going into this film but my expectations were surpassed. As Michone in the walking dead she was a badass, no nonsense fighter (she has softened somewhat recently). As General Okoye, leader of the warrior women Dora Milaje she is incredible.


A formidable fighter against any foe, a tactical expert, steadfastly loyal even in dire circumstances, fearless (who else would stand up to a charging Rhino) and fun too! She isn’t always stern and serious, she likes to have a laugh! Her romance with W’kabi seemed a bit thrown in but the scene where Nakia is trying to convince her to leave Wakanda is gripping. She is loyal to the throne, no matter who sits on it. Her duty comes first but you can see how conflicted she is, so brilliant. I would not want to be on her bad side!

Martin Freeman is a bit of an enigma for me. I like almost everything he has done and even the things I don’t like I can appreciate that he’s doing a good job. His performance as Everett Ross is one of the latter. I didn’t like him in Civil War at all, mainly down to his poor American accent. That accent is back but as he gets more screen time you notice it less. I do feel like Ross was included to remind us that this film is connected to the wider MCU because he doesn’t really have any other purpose until the very end of the film.


I didn’t like how he went from being the man behind a desk to being the superhero pilot. If it wasn’t for Ross a lot more people would be dead. One thought though, in a film that is celebrating African culture and highlighting generations of poor treatment by the colonials, was it a good idea to have white man saving the day? The rest of the characters were busy fighting amongst themselves so it was left to Ross to shoot down the ships carrying weapons out of Wakanda. Also how many people did he kill to do that? Were the ships automated?!

Klaue was a surprise for me. In Age of Ultron he was quite a serious character. In Black Panther he was much more of a caricature but I loved it. Andy Serkis was clearly having a lot of fun playing this character and I had a lot of fun watching him. He’s an evil bastard to be sure but he’s funny to watch! I did a small fist pump (pun intended) when he used his sonic hand cannon for the first time, even though the very rubbery prosthetic hand was a bit off putting, it’s something I’ve wanted to see since the character was announced as being part of the MCU.


I’m surprised they killed him off though. Why did Killmonger even agree to work with him if all he needed was the body to use as entry into Wakanda? Seems like a lot of work. Also thinking about it, the flashback where we see T’Chaka kill his own brother for stealing Vibranium and killing some of their people, makes Klaue’s escape all the more implausible. With all their tech and spies across the world, they couldn’t find a single man and eliminate him?! Are we supposed to believe that? Anyway, Klaue was fun but mental. Side note: I thought his name was spelt Klaw until I started reading reviews!

Lupita Nyong’o’s Nakia is probably my least favourite character in the film. I don’t have anything against her but she wasn’t engaging at all. I agreed with her opinions on sharing their technology with the world and helping all they could but apart from that I wasn’t interested.

Her best scene was the aforementioned one with Okoye, I didn’t believe the romance with T’Challa, felt she didn’t really add much to the final act and the film wouldn’t have changed in any way if she were removed. Not a bad character, just a bit superfluous.

By far my favourite character is the leader of the Jabari, M’Baku. Winston Juke knocked it out of the park with this and it’s clear he was having a lot of fun. Starting out as an arrogant challenger to T’Challa, even though he gets defeated and harbours a strong resentment to the Royal Family, he does what is right, rescuing the fallen king and protecting his family from Killmonger.


I don’t really understand his decision to say no I won’t help you fight, only to then a couple of scenes later, turn up to fight. That minor point aside, I love how they represent the Gorilla in not only their attire but their behaviour too. The huffing noise/battle cry that interrupts and shocks people is great and he has a couple of the best one-liners in the film. M’Baku is in the Infinity War trailers so I’m hoping to see him kicking all kinds of ass very soon!

I love Daniel Kaluuya in everything. He is great in this too but I don’t think he is written very well. His dialogue isn’t brilliant and the character motivation doesn’t make sense. His father was killed when Klaue and N’Jobi stole the Vibranium so he has wanted revenge for a long time. After T’Challa fails to bring Klaue in for the first time he immediately turns his back on one of his oldest friends and sides with Killmonger at the earliest opportunity, providing him with an army in the form of the Border tribe.


Surely he should have given him a little more time! Without W’Kabi’s support, the battle would have been over very quickly, how many people were killed in this fight? Are things all fine now that he realised he was being a bit of a dick by backing Killmonger? Surely there will be repercussions for that! On the plus side he does have some awesome looking armoured Rhinos!

Finally, Forest Whittaker’s Zuri was a surprise. Initially he is just like a village elder, refereeing the challenges and overseeing the heart-shaped herb ceremonies. It’s a good performance. The extra layer comes in when we discover that a young Zuri was the spy that led King T’Chaka to the hiding place of his traitor brother N’Jobu.


I thought this was a brilliant reveal and added a heavy weight to Zuir’s death. He had been carrying with him the guilt of coming between two brothers and the secret of what King T’Chaka had done to protect Wakanda. He’s not on screen for long but another brilliant performance by a great actor. Better than his brief performance in Rogue One that’s for sure!

There is so much to like in this film so to plough through, here’s my traditional list of things I liked and things I didn’t!

  • The bad guy is a copy of the good guy, again.
  • Plenty of comic book nods! The heart-shaped herb granting superpowers, Killmonger’s mask.


  • Finally, Klaue’s sonic hand cannon!
  • Apparently Vibranium can do anything! Even heal bullet wounds!
  • Opening exposition by history lesson was brilliant.
  • T’Challa never actually answers any questions.
  • It wasn’t an origin story but still gave us some back ground to the character.
  • CGI Armoured Rhinos!


  • The Jaguar suit is just awful.
  • How big is the Vibranium asteroid?!
  • The entry into Wakanda by ship looks amazing!


  • The spirit world is beautiful!
  • Stan Lee cameo stealing chips in the casino!
  • Okoye fighting in the casino….so cool!
  • M’Baku – enough said.
  • Kinetic energy absorption in the suit. Cool effect but the purple colour clearly added to differentiate between the good and bad guy, and help us see him in the dark!
  • The camera turn as Killmonger approaches the throne. I understand the relevance but I don’t want to watch half a scene upside down.
  • Final fight between Black Panther and Killmonger looks almost all CGI.
  • Killmonger “Burn it all” scene.


  • Is de-cloaking a ship in the middle of a housing estate the best way to reveal yourselves to the world? I probably would have gone to the UN first.
  • Buying the housing estate to build an outreach centre, would regenerating the area have been better?


For the final time in the MCU Challenge, here’s what the people of Twitter have to say about Black Panther!

Tanner Slavin – @Tanner_Slavin

I personally felt that it was a bit overrated. I loved it but not as much as some people. I feel that T’Challa works well off people, especially Shuri. Shuri was the best part of the movie to me! Killmonger was ok. I could see his side, and he would have been great if he didn’t go full on super-villain at the end. The “burn it all” scene is where I started to lose interest in his character, and that’s where the CGI went downhill. Other than those problems I had, it was enjoyable. I loved the new characters and the king himself! The Character of Black Panther was another of the best parts. I’d give the film an 8/10.

Jimbob Squarepants – @VintageGt

Average. Not a terrible movie by any means but won’t trouble my top 10 MCU movies. Saw it twice as I suspected 2nd viewing may improve it for me. It didn’t. Very pleased it’s done so well, shows that CBMs still have clout and are as popular as ever but not great IMO. 6/10.

a guy on yavin 4 – @indamicks

It was good…not as good as civil war but still a good fun film.

Logan Slavin – @DiamondSpiderP

Black Panther is the best rated MCU movie, but that doesn’t mean it’s my favourite. I didn’t like it as much as everyone else. I hate how they used Killmonger. He could have been a great villain, but they used him weirdly. He was introduced, ignored and BAM! He’s our bad guy! But besides that, I liked it! The person who steals the shows for me is Shuri! Aside from a bad meme reference, she was the highlight of the movie! She’s probably my favourite character from the movie, besides T’Challa. I think of her as the Korg of this movie.

There were some CGI problems, at the end, but Wakanda looks amazing! One thing I appreciate is how much time is spent developing the city and culture of Wakanda! One other problem I had with the movie is when they “killed off” T’Challa. While it was a comic reference, which I appreciate, it didn’t create any suspense. We all knew he would survive. He’s in the Infinity War trailers. Besides, they wouldn’t kill him off in his first movie! But other than those issues, it’s still a good movie with some good comedy.

BesottedGeek – @BesottedGeekPod

Loved Chadwick Boseman, the strong female characters, and the visuals. The performances of the villains fell flat for me, even though Killmonger’s motivations were legit.

Lewis – @LewisNotADick

It’s an amazing film. The world is developed and very real feelings the characters have motivation and development, everyone shines. While it still has issues with CGI, it’s not too much of an issue and doesn’t detract from the film.

The Valkyries – @valkyriesblog

thevalkyriesco.wordpress.com One of our writers thoughts on Black Panther, I personally enjoyed the film but nothing will be Ragnarok!

Seb Reeves – @TheRealMrSeb

Enjoyed the film, but not in my top 5. I felt it fell short of the hype. There were some strong performances form main and supporting characters, my fav was M’Baku. There must however be a way of dealing with the villains without killing them off, there’ll be no bad guys left soon.

X-Geeks – @xgeeks

Fantastic world and design. Championed African culture. Excellent villains. Solid story. Loved the political aspect of the film. The being said, some utterly terrible green screen and CGI. Some jokes fell flat.

Princess Buckethead – @izzyl

I enjoyed the film, it was like Hamlet in Wakanda. Wish they hadn’t killed off Killmonger as he was a good villain with a point. M’baku was my fave, look forward to seeing more of him in IW. Hated Klaues prosthetic weapon arm.

James Carroll – @IAmJACsMusings

Stunning Wakanda world building. Convincing and charismatic cast performances. Strong character motivations. Serious and meaningful underlying themes. Too much CGI. MCU continuity issues. Nowhere near enough Michael B Jordan. Good not great. Middling MCU Challenge entry for me.

Krista Vaughan – @kvaughan737

They hyped it up too much imo, I didn’t enjoy it as much as some. It was a good movie, but I liked the supporting characters better than C.B. I liked seeing more of Martin Freeman’s character and I’m looking forward to seeing Shuri and Okoye in Infinity War.

False Starts Pod – @FalseStartsPod

I enjoyed the film enough. It was a solid marvel movie. Could’ve done with a bit more Cougler flair. Loved the villains. Didn’t like the final fight. Should’ve focused more on BP and KM. What I did hate though were the reviews surrounding the movie. I understand the cultural importance of the movie. But every review I read based their ratings on that and scored it that way. Rather than the movie on its own merits. Which, as I said, is good. Just good.

STARCHLORD – @ssppudd

Characters were good, atmosphere was good, pacing was a bit jarring and the cinematography was fantastic. M’Baku and Shuri were best, Klaue died way too early and Killmonger should’ve been introduced earlier than spontaneously appearing. I loved it but it has its flaws. 8.5/10.

Derek White – drekjwhite01

Black Panther has an over-crowded plot given that 3 of the 4 comic book villains in the movie (Erik Killmonger Stevens, Klaue and M’Baku (cbv is Man-Ape and the fourth one was Nakia cbv is Malice but movie version was re-written as a love interest of T’Challa) have their own story arcs in the movie. Though this works out alright for giving us some backstory, it also makes it where they have to jump between a multitude of things during the climax because of having yet to resolve them and due to that we get a climax that shifts focus between 3 fights at any point. You originally have Killmonger v the Dora Milage Black Panther and some Dora Milage v the Border tribe and an aerial dogfight by Ross to take out the shipments of vibranium weapons.

Afterwards you have the Killmonger v Dora Milage fight change to an underground fight between Killmonger and Black Panther and the rest of the fights mostly stay the same except for the fight against the Border tribe which now has the Jabari (led by M’Baku (who in the movie went from being a small antagonist to being another support for the protagonist due to a life debt and because of realising that he needs to protect his lands and people. Which is a far cry from the comics version but it works out)) arrives to help the Dora Milage against the Border trive. Also, given Andy Serkis’ performance as Klaue in this movie (he literally steals every scene he’s in due to humour); I hope that his character has some way to come back in spite of being presumed dead.

Also the VFX was more focused on being practical FX, so it’s not the most flashy entry (especially in comparison to Thor: Ragnarok), but the few flashy FX it has are mainly an ex machina of something a character has (BP suit pulses or Klaue’s hand cannon pulse). And they stand out in comparison to the practical FX used to make the scenery look how they want it to be (ie. with the waterfalls). Also , I don’t get why people think Killmonger is the best suited for the throne. I mean look at the character’s agenda and tell me you don’t see a but of Hitler in his plans for the world (use powerful weapons to help one race to overpower their alleged oppressors so that race can be ruled by a first strike Wakanda)

But all in all, it’s a really goo addition to the MCU. One that feels a mix between a Bond movie and a self discovery themed movie, all the while focusing on taking down threats to the nation of Wakanda. And in spite of its issues, worth re-watching.

DAISY IS QUEEN – @zachmaster014

This is definitely the most overrated MCU movie. T’Challa himself is nowhere near as interesting as he was in CW. Most of the side characters really don’t have much of a point. The action’s pretty weak. And Shuri is the most annoying character in the MCU.

Skinny Steve – @wolverineyay

I would’ve liked an origin story better where we see T’Challa much younger and get an idea of how he was raised kinda thing. It sort of didn’t give me enough context I feel. Like I understood by the end but man do I love me an origin story. I’d give it 7/10.

The Screen Plug – @TheScreenPlug

Fav so far! World building in Wakanda, Serkis chewing scenery, and a powerful performance across all cast members. Some weak CGI towards the end isn’t enough to stain this film. It’s fun, moving and powerful! #WakandaForever

contributing DM at Vanity Fair – @StevenSimmons

Not my favourite Marvel film but still fun. Really brought home the fact the  I’m tired of Marvel killing off all their villains. Klaw, at least should have stayed longer. Wakanda has the dumbest system of government in the world. I also think the final battle was incredibly weak with some of the MCU’s worst CGI. Still, strong characters and entry in the MCU even if it doesn’t break my top 7-8 favourite MCU films.

20thCenturyGeek_Pod – @20thCenturyGeek

After seeing it twice I came to the conclusion that this film wasn’t aimed at me. It all felt very MCU generic after the 2nd viewing. It’s all good quality but seen it all before. I understand it from a representative perspective and so glad people have been touched and inspired by it. It’s an important and a good one but not a great one.

Robert – @thatRobster

Fantastic!!! Amazing visuals, great to see some culture in there too. The female cast are impeccable and that’s what I enjoyed the most about the film.

Chris Hartmann – @achrishartmann

This was special, BP felt totally fresh and new, it really opened up a whole new world and reinvented a lot of the BP mythos (making it better) Coogler is KING! I feel like no one really spoke about Nakia she was amazing throughout. Can’t wait to return to Wakanda.

wes_sager – @WesSager

I’ve only seen this twice so far and want to see it again before Infinity War. So much to love. I was shocked for the story. The women stole the show and were brilliant. Beautiful movie.

Comix Write Keith – @TheRealityComix

Probably the tightest scripts of the MCU, reminded me of The Paper Chase or other 70s films. Biggest flaw: Black Panther himself. He was FAR more interesting in Civil War (just as Spidey was far more capable in CW than his own flick) He has no “oomph”. Although I admired “killing” Panther for MUCH of the 2nd act, his defeat was not a surprise nor did it mean much since he never came off as a strong, intimidating, or truly powerful character in the first place. Finally, a lot of white people (myself included) had trouble connecting with the material because of how steeped it is in its cultural ideas/ideologies. However, that’s what makes this movie special and fascinating imo; I applaud Marvel for letting this vision make its way to the screen.

J-Money – @jturner66

As a nerd/geek who happens to be African American, I actually connected with Killmonger, and the females more than I did with Black Panther. For his first solo film it was good not great. I disagree about the use of CGI though, I gave it an 8 out of 10.

Greg and the Movies – @gregandmovies

This movie is very overrated and way too CGI. The chase through Korea and the fight in the caves looked like a video game.

Chad Hirsch – @ChaddyDaddy_19

Well let’s just say I liked this film enough to see it 3 times in theatre. But seriously the movie was brilliant, very emotional and obviously the cultural impact and importance of this film can’t be overstated. Coogler seriously doesn’t know how to make a bad film! Boseman is absolutely perfect as T’Challa. MBJ gives us one of the best, most fleshed out villains the MCU has had yet. I really hope his character comes back in some way because Killmonger was a very compelling villain.

The obvious scene stealers were Okoye and Shuri. Overall I loved the film. Coogler, Boseman and the entire cast and crew brought Wakanda to lie in an amazing way and I’m sure a lot of people agree with me here but I can’t wait to go back for another visit!

Matthew Fisher – @CouchPotato_MVP

Black Panther was terrific! Director Ryan Coogler presented a thrilling solo adventure for T’Challa while expanding the MCU by bringing Wakanda and its culture to life. It was also cool to see a Marvel character be not just a superhero but a diplomat as well. Chadwick Boseman was great as T’Challa/Black Panther as he nicely personified this hero and showed him learning what it means to lead a nation. Michael B Jordan was excellent, too, as Erik Killmonger, playing one of the best and most layered MCU villains so far.

The supporting cast (featuring Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, Danai Gurira, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis) was outstanding with stellar performances from everyone. Meanwhile, the film’s action was so cool. Each fight was better than the last, whether it involved Black Panther in an exciting car chase in South Korea or the final climatic battle in Wakanda, Coogler brought the right amount of intensity and thrills to these scenes. Black Panther was the film this hero deserved with a gripping adventure full of political intrigue, plenty of humour, and solid world building. it’ll be great to see how Wakanda factors into Infinity War and the future of the MCU.

Color Commentary – @Colorcomm3

You wanted our thoughts on Black Panther?

Okay. Here’s our first set of thoughts:

And when we realised that there was still much more to say. We recorded a whole other batch of thoughts:


Let’s not forget the post credits scene!

For the first time since Captain America: Civil War we see Bucky Barnes. He is alive and seemingly very well in Wakanda. No longer on ice or wanting to murder people but still with no replacement arm. Shuri calls him the White Wolf (another comic nod) and says he still has much to learn!


I know that this isn’t the deepest, most thought provoking review of Black Panther out there. I could have gone in a lot deeper and discussed the minutia of what the film is trying to say but I don’t think I’m the right person to talk about that. I love films so I want to discuss the pros and cons about them. That’s enough for me!

Well there you go, we’ve done it! Every single MCU movie has been watched and reviewed and just in time for Infinity War! It’s been really fun and I love all the comments from the countless people who have contributed over the last few months! These reviews have helped me look at these films in slightly different ways and appreciate them all the more, because let’s face it, I’m biased when it comes to these kind of films. I may like some of the films in the franchise less than others but there are none I hate and would gladly watch any and all of them again. but that’s the past, onto the future! The world will be Avengers crazy for the next couple of weeks, understandably. Expect a review podcast and article to be coming form us soon and after that a new challenge will commence! I will be putting a poll out on social media for suggestions on the next franchise to tackle, I’ve already had some suggestions but the final decision will be a public one! Keep an eye out for that and until then, try not to let Infinity War destroy you too much!

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