The end is in sight! This will be the last film in the MCU Challenge that I can re-watch as the most recently released one, Black Panther is so new, it is not out for purchase!! (will I have to restart the challenge when it is available?!). After the fun that was Spider-Man: Homecoming, I was very worried about the next instalment. The third in it’s own trilogy, with the previous two films being very disappointing to me, I wasn’t holding out much hope for anything outstanding. That was until I saw the trailers for #17 in the MCU Challenge, Thor: Ragnarok. An entirely new tone for the third Thor film was evident, much more comedy and so much colour you would be forgiven for thinking you were on something! Considering I was not a Thor fan going into this, I’m about to force my opinions on you now!!!

So what’s the plot!


After returning to Asgard, Thor finds his brother Loki, alive and masquerading as Odin! Searching for their father, with the assistance of Dr Stephen Strange, the brothers find him on a cliff top in Norway where he surrenders to death, but not before giving a warning of the arrival of their evil secret sister! Hela, said sister, arrives, destroys Mjolnir and throws both Thor and Loki out of the Rainbow bridge on her way to Asgard. Thor crash lands on the junk planet known as Sakaar and is enslaved into gladiatorial combat where he meets an old friend, the Hulk! After a brief fight, Thor, Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie, a disillusioned warrior woman turned scrapper from Asgard, escape Sakaar intent on saving Asgard from Hela. Devastation greets them on their return, Thor throws down with his older sister while the others protect the surviving populace. Letting loose his true power and getting Loki to let Sutur loose on Asgard, Thor has brought on Ragnarok but saved the people.

This is by far the funniest film in the MCU. Some will say it does the character a disservice to be so comical but for me, someone who disliked the previous two Thor movies, this is exactly what I needed to fall back in love with the character. Everything screams Taika Waititi, his unique comedic style is relentless and while there are emotional beats, they are scattered here and there and are quickly followed up by another joke. There are some genuinely heartfelt moments, like Odin’s farewell and Loki’s redemption (more on that later) but they are brief and would have changed the tone of the film if made into bigger things. Every single character gets some funny moments, or the odd line, even Hela the big bad, has some great sarcastic lines. Some of the jokes don’t land and there is one character that feels a bit awkward on screen, even though what he is saying is hilarious. This is just a fun film and I predict I will be be putting this back on to lift my mood after the inevitable thrashing my emotions take during Infinity War!.

Being a mix of mystical and cosmic, the film allows for some pretty crazy things to be going on. The action scenes are nothing short of incredible. The opening sequence where Thor is fighting Sutur and his minions, as well as being a really funny verbal exchange with Surtur spouting usual villain rhetoric while Thor undermines him spinning round on a chain, shows many different ways Mjolnir can be used and Thor’s own physical prowess as well as his confidence! One of the best scenes by far is the arena fight.


This is something fans of the comics have been wanting for years. The film takes a lot of inspiration from the Planet Hulk story where the green guy is a champion Gladiator. When Thor and Hulk face off in the arena, again it’s funny but it’s also a pretty evenly matched fight! The crowds reactions when Thor knocks Hulk down and when Hulk catches a hammer blow are great, Thor powering up and taking the fight to Hulk and some pretty cool moves from the outsized god of thunder! It ends a bit poorly when the Grandmaster disables Thor, I would have liked to see them fight to knockout.

The best action scene is the Rainbow Bridge fight. The Asgardian people are stuck between the Hulk fighting Fenris the giant wolf on one end, while an undead army fight the rest of our heroes. Thor joins the fight late after having a scrap with Hela, losing an eye but finding his true power. This leads to a brilliant sequences as the superpowered Thor lays waste to some zombie soldiers while the Immigrant song plays! So so good!


Everyone gets their little bit to do, even Loki gets to fight properly, which is something we haven’t seen him do since the first Avengers film. I’d like to mention the Sakaar escape scene too. This is a really good spaceship chase with a little twist. The ship, driven mostly by Bruce Banner, doesn’t have any weapons due to it being an orgy ship, but it has fireworks! Valkyrie and Thor leave the ship to take down other ships manually which can never not be cool! I don’t think there is a single bit of action in this film that I don’t like!

I’ll only briefly talk about the films aesthetic because I know a lot of people have issues with it. First and foremost, I like it. I know it bares a lot of similarities with Guardians of the Galaxy but when the film is set on different planets and involving loads of different creatures, there are only so many ways you can represent the same thing within the same universe.


The movie is bright and colourful, there’s always something to look at and always something going on in the background of every scene. Asgard has seen better days but it feels more realistic than ever before. Sakaar looks lived in and just the right amount of crazy to pass for a planet that is made up of every kind of thing and being! The outfits are new and brilliant, every single one. Thor’s new look is especially pleasing! Taika clearly had a vision and I think it’s bloody brilliant!

Let’s talk about Thor. As I’ve already said, I don’t really like the first two films. The Thor character was a bit bland and the fish-out-of-water thing lasted a little bit too long. This film changed my opinion completely. Chris Hemsworth knocks it out of the park this time around, largely I think due to the fact that he was given a lot of freedom with the character. Taika is a fan of improvisation and it turns out that Hemsworth is a master of it!

I love every line that comes out of his mouth, his comedic timing is perfect and now that he talks a little bit more in line with us Midgardians, it’s a pleasure to watch. His scenes with Loki are fantastic. There’s a development throughout the film when he goes from hating Loki with a passion for essentially killing their father, then defeat at seeing Loki still trying to make deals to save his own skin, then getting the upper hand after predicting another Loki betrayal, and finally being surprised and warmed by the support Loki gives him at the end. The brothers are closer than ever and maybe this could be the start of a new path for them both.

The only scenes I don’t really like are those where they try to create a bond or even hint at a romance between Thor and Valkyrie. She is an incredible strong character and there doesn’t need to be a romantic sub plot to justify her presence so why even do it? Where Hemsworth’s range does show however is when he acts the same scene but in two different ways. He tries to get Hulk on his side to help escape by appealing to his strength and childishness, then tries it with Bruce by appealing to his smarts and desire to be liked instead of feared.

The rivalry with Hulk is hilarious and done very well, the arrogance and vulnerability are both shown incredibly well, especially after losing his hammer, and when Thor turns on full hero mode, he is one of the most impressive Avengers in the MCU! His scenes with Hela were okay, but because she was shown to be so much stronger than him, their combat was with words, which is never as entertaining! Ending the film as the new king of a nomadic Asgard is something he’s not familiar with (and might not last that long!) but I look forward to seeing Thor the leader!

Loki is a fantastic character and Tom Hiddleston plays him perfectly. But, and I’ve said it before, his flip flopping allegiances got a bit boring some time ago and too many of the early MCU films were about him. I was dreading another Loki heavy performance where we are supposed to care about this mass murderer who just wants be loved. Thankfully, we see a new side to Loki and he isn’t on screen as much as I feared. One of his best scenes is when Odin dies. For a talker, Loki utters only a few words in this entire scene, showing off how fantastic an actor Hiddleston really is. Loki knows he brought about Odin’s demise and Hela’s return but he is sad to lose his father and ready to fight his sister, he has grown already!

I have two favourite Loki moments in the film. First, when pretending to be Odin as Thor arrives home, realising he is about to be rumbled, he reacts by saying “Oh Shit!” something very unlike a king! I know this is Anthony Hopkins but it’s supposed to be Loki, so it counts! Second, when Loki arrives on Asgard riding a ship reading to ferry the Asgardian people to safety, as it rises he shouts “Your saviour is here”, he is finally adored by the people for giving them an escape, not only that but he joins the fight proper! His reaction when he sees Hulk for the first time, when Thor gets tossed around like he did in Avengers and when is there for Thor at the end, ready for a hug, are all great Loki moments. It does make me wonder if this hints at an end to the character. He has had is redemption now, will he make the ultimate sacrifice to save Asgard in the future?

What time is it? Banner time! This is the Hulk movie we have been waiting for. A lot of people have been desperate for a solo Hulk film ever since Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk. I want one too but the problem is, the Hulk is more interesting than Bruce Banner, a whole film focused on a rage monster with limited vocabulary doesn’t really work! This film fixed that problem. Banner has been the Hulk for two years, ever since leaving Sokovia at the end of Age of Ultron. This has enabled him to develop his communication skills to that of a toddler.


His conversation is still way below adult standard but he can be understood now. Even his mannerisms have developed, I love the little strop he has in his room when Thor is trying to convince him to help, such a child! His action scenes are of course great, and even he has brilliant comedic moments. Also if you don’t think it’s cool when he fights a giant wolf or tries to take down a super-sized Surtur then there is something wrong with you.


Banner is underused but when he is on screen Ruffalo nails it. Confused and scared by his surroundings and scared of being stuck as the Hulk, he is so fragile and way out of his depth on a planet like Sakaar.

He is still a good man though, with no other option, he casts away his fears and launches himself onto the Rainbow bridge, only to lands with a hilarious splat. This must be a riff on the Incredible Hulk movie but is no less funny. Hulk’s new personality will be a different element for the other Avengers to deal with, I wonder if they will keep his level of intelligence at the same level for Infinity War, and how will he interact with Natasha?!

Another kickass woman joins the team! Valkyrie, owns the screen immediately. An ex-warrior protector of Asgard, in self exile on Sakaar, she wants to be left alone, get drunk and get paid. That is until the prince of Asgard shows up. She takes no shit, has a flirty relationship with the Hulk and is a dominant force on the battlefield. Tessa Thompson does a brilliant job contending with these larger than life characters and seeing her best Loki in a fight will always be great!

What little backstory we get explains her motivations well and her change of heart when at first she wanted nothing to do with Thor’s mission, is justified. She’s not doing it for Asgard, she’s doing it for herself. Her introduction is brilliant, at first you think she arrives to save Thor but she claims him instead, that is after she has drunkenly fallen off her ship followed by mowing down some rivals with some arm controlled cannons! Amazing! I don’t think she’s been shown in any Infinity War marketing material but she is bound to be in it at some point, at least initially as shes on the same ship as Thor. Does this mean she dies?!?!!? She better not!!!!

Cate Blanchett is a phenomenal actor. Her performance as Hela, the Goddess of Death is fantastic but I have some issues with it. She looks great, very close to her comic counterpart but the CGI used for her suit and headress are a bit iffy at times. Personally I think she should have had the horned helmet on once she claimed the throne and before that should have just had her dishevelled look like when she first comes out of Odin’s trap, she looks so raw and menacing in that moment.

I don’t really understand how she can make blades appear out of nowhere, but then it’s magic I guess. I like that they made her stronger than the hero. She isn’t undone by some stupid mistake or overcome by the hero’s suddenly enhanced abilities. In a one on one match, Hela wins! It takes a giant fire demon and the destruction of an entire planet (or realm, I can never decide which one Asgard is) to strike her down.


I heard a rumour that a lot of her lines were rerecorded after the fact with Blanchett using a different accent. I don’t know if this was true but I can believe it, there is a certain level of disconnect between what she says and the motions of her face when saying it, something is a bit off. Did they really need to use so much CGI for her? It damages the portrayal of the character when you can tell she’s not actually there. Her arrival on Asgard is brilliant as she mows down waves of soldiers but she looks a bit rubbery when she moves. I might be being a bit picky here, but if Thor and others know who the Valkyries were, and the Valkyries were all wiped out by Hela, shouldn’t everyone know about Hela? I know Odin covered things up but that still doesn’t make sense. I like Hela, I just don’t think she was shown very well.

Jeff Goldblum has one of the easiest jobs in the business. He sails through this film just being an exaggerated version of himself and it is nothing short of amazing. You would expect the leader of this chaotic world to be a tough, no nonsense dictator who rules without mercy. Instead he is a vain, egotistical, campy and colourful immortal (potentially) who is just there for a good time!


Some of the best moments in the film are the unpredictable reactions from the Grandmaster and things that can only be described as Goldblum-isms. He doesn’t actually do a lot in the film but he steals every scene he’s in. If you haven’t seen the film, firstly what are you doing reading this if you haven’t, secondly, I urge you to watch it if for no other reason that to see Goldblum doing his thing. Also check out the Team Darryl video on YouTube for some more hilarious Grandmaster stuff!

Before we get to my traditional list, I want to talk about a couple of the supporting characters. Firstly, Korg. He is a Kronan, not the first time we have seen them in the MCU but definitely a different take on the species. Voiced and mo-capped, by Taika Waititi himself, he is a good character but (and I’m going to get shouted down by a lot of people for this) the voice does not match the appearance.

korg meek

It takes me out of the film every time he talks, I like what he is saying and I appreciate the juxtaposition of this huge rock man with quite a soft voice but I don’t think it works. The only saving grace for me is that he is a character from the much loved Planet Hulk story and I’m glad he has been realised on screen. A further disappointment for me is that of Meek. Not a huge character in the comic story but no less important than Korg. He looks great on screen but doesn’t get a single word. Why? His supposed death is even used as a joke towards the end of the film, he is supposed to be a capable fighter but the only time we see him fight he gets knocked down straight away. Waste of a character.

Another character that was misused was Skurge, played by Karl Urban. Again, an interesting character in the comics and good to see him on screen with some nods to some of his notable comic appearances, like the dual wielding of some M-16s and being known as the Executioner! I understand his alliance with Hela, purely for self preservation and his reluctance to execute his own people, and I like his redemption and sacrifice to save those people, referencing a similar act in the comics.


But why oh why did they make him a cockney? Karl Urban is a great actor, especially in action oriented roles but this accent is so out of place that it ruins the character for me. It doesn’t even make sense in the universes own logic. Every Asgardian character shown before him has a posh if not regal accent, it’s almost Shakesperean, so why give him a different one? Was it to show that he was not part of the Royal Family and just a grunt until Hela arrives? whatever the reason, I don’t like it. He does look cool though so it’s not all bad!

Everyone likes a list right? Well here’s one of things I liked and things I didn’t!

  • Thor giving us exposition while talking to a skeleton!
  • “Des and Troy”
  • The Tragedy of Loki play with cameos from Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth and Sam Neal was an amazing and funny surprise!
  • Dr Strange scene was fun but felt like a forced cameo, and some of it we had already seen in a post credit scene.
  • “I have been falling for 30 minutes!”
  • Umbrella transforms in Mjolnir! Awesome!
  • In a film with so many fantastical things on show, why is the most obvious use of CGI in a scene where three real people are standing on a cliff?
  • The Warriors Three are cut down with ease. Only Hogun puts up a fight! Fandral doesn’t even get to say anything! And where is Lady Sif!?
  • Comic easter eggs on the Grandmasters tower. The heads of Beta Ray Bill, Ares and Bi Beast can be seen.
  • Asgardian treasure room, a fake Infinity Gauntlet and the Tesseract!
  • Stan Lee gives Thor a new hair cut!
  • Heimdall leading the resistance, how powerful is he?! He can not only see everything but he can communicate with anyone, anywhere.


  • Obligatory topless Thor scene and Hulk in a hot tub! We have all now scene the Hulks ass!


  • “Red, White, pick a colour” A reference to the different coloured Hulks in the comics?
  • Bouncy ball rebound!
  • Valkyrie’s memory scene, slow mo fight!


  • “Loki pretended to be a snake, because he knows I love snakes” – brilliant scene.
  • “Let’s do get help!”

get help

  • Asgard is not a place, it’s a people. Convenient as the place is destroyed.
  • Fenris the wolf!


  • Loki has blatantly nicked the Tesseract!

There you have it. It is a really fun, action packed, funny, entertaining film but as with all things, it’s not perfect. I know the issues I have are not shared with my all, but on the other hand I know I like it a lot more than some people. I had fun watching it and that’s all that matter to me! But now it’s time to hear what Twitter had to say!

DAISY IS QUEEN – @zachmaster014

This movie’s just awesome. it’s really remarkable that the movie turned out the way it did. With such a drastic turn for the Thor franchise. We could’ve so easily had another Edgar Wright situation on our hands. But the risk paid off because this is by far the best Thor movie.

STARCHLORD – @ssppudd

Definitely the funniest marvel movie. Valkyrie and Korg were welcome additions to the MCU and I really liked Hela and hope she returns. The cgi was quite crap at times, but I didn’t mind that so much. The fight between Hulk and Thor was cool but it was kinda forgettable. 7.5/10. Loki is still great.

Mauricio RMC – @enrealidadouso

I detest Thor: Ragnarok and I feel ashamed of what they did to the god of thunder. Of everything I hate from the Marvel universe, this movie won first place. It is the perfect sample of how to make an adaptation that totally mislead the character and that adapts it to the successful formula of the studio.

The scene of Thor haircut has nothing to envy to Batman taking out a credit card. They turned Thor into a clown and it seems that nobody bothered him. And that’s what I feel most pain.

Something good? Tessa Thompson. The charisma comes out of her pores.

Something nice? A planet upholstered with the art of Jack Kirby.

Something interesting? The score of Mark Mothersbaugh.

The best scene? Thor vs Surtur

Jimbob Squarepants – @VintageGt

4 times in the cinema & 4 times since I got the Blu-Ray. I was worried in the run up to this that they’d over-stylised it but I was wrong. Contains some of my favourite CBM scenes ever filmed and a firm top 3 CBM ever made for me. Absolutely love this film. A straight 10/10.

Greg and the Movies – @gregandmovies

This was a very fun film and definitely the best of the Thor films. The additions of Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thompson were a plus. Did anyone else get a X-Men Mojoverse feel on Sakaar? People with abilities kidnapped to battle one another for entertainment?


Definitely in my top 5 MCU movies and the best of the Thor standalone films! Ragnarok definitely feels the most direct adaptation from the original comic visually too. It legit feels like everyone had so much fun making this movie and working with Taika Waititi.

Krista Vaughan – @kvaughan737

This is actually my favourite of the Thor movies. I really enjoyed the addition of Hulk and the growth we see in his character. I think they tried too hard for the laughs in some parts, but overall the sarcasm and action scenes lands this in the middle of my list. I wish there had been more Idris Elba, he plays Heimdall very well. And of course Jeff Goldblum was just being Jeff Goldblum.

Tanner Slavin – @Tanner_Slavin

This was the most fun Thor movie! Thor was more likable and Korg was the best! Hulk was awesome!

20thCenturyGeek_Pod – @20thCenturyGeek

Really not a fan of bro Thor. The humour wares thin pretty quick and undercuts some moments that should have had dramatic weight. One of the few MCU movies I haven’t gone back to.

nerdschatting – @nerdschatting

Marvel does flat out comedy. Better than I thought it’s be. Lots to like here. Feel Thor should bring Taika Waititi back a few more times. Great Planet Hulk arena scene. #GetHelp

Logan Slavin – @DiamondSpiderP

Ragnarok is my favourite MCU movie that doesn’t involve Spider-Man. Chris Hemsworth got to be funny, which was awesome and it has one of my favourite scenes in any Thor movie ever, the beginning of the fight against Surtur. I also loved what they did with Hulk. Let me elaborate, a lot of people don’t like that he acted like a spoiled child, but I think it makes total sense. He was never smart and he was sent to a world where he can win any fight. So they spoil him. He has been spoiled so much he acts like the child they treat him like.

Seb Reeves – @TheRealMrSeb

Absolutely fantastic! So good in fact that I’m tempted to add more than 1 exclamation mark. I was a little worried at first when I saw the trailer that maybe they’d shown the best bits. I was wrong. The movie is crammed full with little gems, and absolute MCU masterpiece.

Princess Buckethead – @izzyl

Seen it twice and one of those times was this morning! It’s colourful, vibrant, humour and when when viewed back to back with Thor: TDW, much needed lightness. It feels like the calm before the storm.

Faye – @ABitFilmMadFaye

Thor: Ragnarok is a really funny film. It shows Thor, Loki, Hulk and a new character Valkyrie working together. Thor harnesses his power without his hammer this time and I think it shows he’s so much more powerful than before.

Trash Panda – @geekcartel

I love it! It was just an all around fun film that had some of my favourite elements from Planet Hulk with the exception of Beta Ray Bill. And it gave us a clue to who would end up ruling the universe in Infinity War too.

False Starts Podcast – @FalseStartsPod

Been a fan of Taika’s movies for a while and he didn’t let me down here. I think the movie can be viewed as trivial because it’s so funny, like it has little impact on the MCU at large. Then you remember that Odin is dead, Asgard is gone and Thor lost both an eye and hammer. And also Jeff Goldblum.

Mike Lamb – @MichaelnLamb

Really, really funny and much improved compared to Dark World. Hulk was great. Easily the best Thor film!

Lilian Sue – @LSue23

I might’ve said this previously, but I honestly feel as though Taika wanted a Planet Hulk film and just shoehorned the Ragnarok portion in because he had to. The Planet Hulk portion was well done with the humour but didn’t mesh with the Ragnarok tragedy. Hela was great, however.

Retro Ben – @RETRO_ben_YT

The beginning is like a self parody but the story and entire movie is great. And Cate Blanchett is great and sexy too.

contributing DM at Vanity Fair – @StevenSimmons

I love the movie but wish it were more focused on either the Planet Hulk storyline or the Ragnarok storyline. Ragnarok ended up being an afterthought. Skurge was unnecessary and his arc meant nothing to the audience. Supporting characters are great. The film is definitely style over substance but it is still a super fun film. Grandmaster and Korg steal any scene they are in. I love the callbacks to previous Thor films in shots and the soundtrack. The end battle is great and the choice of Led Zepplin really worked.

James Carroll – @IAmJACsMusings

Space fantasy as its Flash(“ahh ah”)iest, Ragnarok is: Thorsome, Hela good, Full of gloriously glib Loki asides, a Hulk load of fun, great Valkyrie for money! Third time’s the charm for the God of Thunder. I can’t TaikaWaititi to see the Revengers return in Infinity War!

Chad Hirsch – @ChaddyDaddy_19

FINALLY! Although I think Cap Winter Soldier is the best overall MCU film, Ragnarok is by FAR the most enjoyable in my opinion!! Taika Waititi really knocked this movie out of the park, his knack for comedy was really on display in this one! Chris Hemsworth looked like he was having more fun than he’s ever had in the MCU, he was brilliant! His comedic timing is flawless, he really got to let loose in this movie. The Hulk/Thor fight scene was hands down one of, if not the best action sequence in any MCU movie to date!

The supporting cast was amazing as well! Hulk was hilarious with his baby talk, Valkyrie was great Tessa Thompson nailed that role, Loki is Loki always mischievous, the legendary Jeff Goldblum was a very welcome addition to the MCU. The real scene stealer of course was Korg!! Good god he had me in tears the whole time. Cate Blachett rocked it as Hela, she was funny, creepy and intimidating! Still wish they would give Heimdall more to do because I love Idris Elba and he’s a phenomenal actor! If we are lucky enough to get anymore Thor movies, Ragnarok should be the blueprint for how to proceed telling Thor’s story. This film blew me away and continues to do so every time I watch it!!

jalisha turner – @pinkyopink

The best Thor movie ever in that series.

We Have a Hulk – @wehaveahulkpod

Absolutely love this one, definitely the best Thor outing so far. Fantastic characters (Korg, Valkyrie and Hulk), great humour (very Taika Waititi!) and some amazing set pieces (The Valkyrie vs Hela scene was stunning). Gets a huge Hulk thumbs up from us!

BesottedGeek – @BesottedGeekPod

Jokes fell flat but visually stunning. Tessa Thompson stole the show and Cate Blanchett was stunning. Fun popcorn movie.

Comix Write Keith – @TheRealityComix

I felt it was far less the comedy than people made it to be. Valkyrie was great but underwritten; Thor should’ve lost his eye at the start – I had no empathy with him til then. Hulk was fun but had no actual effect on the plot. If you remove him, nothing really changes. Still fun. The art direction is where the movie shined imo. That, and I did like that it was more of a grand adventure than the previous two movies.

The Screen Plug – @TheScreenPlug

Fun…really fun…too fun? Is that a thing?! It’s a really good enjoyable watch, but I had expectations of the scope that were not met. I wanted much more gravitas considering it’s subject and timing ahead of Infinity War. Easily the best Thor though.

Derek White – @derekjwhite

Thor: Ragnarok is a Hela (pun intended) amazeballs movie that has amazing vfx all throughout and has two main types of scenes which are either: hilarious or action packed. Taika Waititi did with Thor was the Russo Bros did with Cap in Winter Soldier and then added on his unique brand of wacky humour to the mix. The only bad things about it is the timing of getting Taika to direct Thor movies given the possible contract issues and how bad the previous ones were in comparison. And it would’ve been cool to see who won between Thor and Hulk but besides those, a Hela amazeballs movie! Definitely want Taika back to direct more. Easy 7 out of 5 star ranking.

Craig J. Santucci – @CraigSantucci

Many things 2 love. The Thor narration, the intro to the helmet, Hela knocking over the “glove”, Loki walking by the cube, on and on. Art direction amazing. I thought the overly chatty Hulk went too far. The humour was great, but too much takes away the true essence of the Hulk.

Selene Kallan – @SeleneKWriter

Awesome movie! It had it all. Funny, action packed, Loki. I loved it.

Fred – @FredFeany

Light hearted, with a proper villain. The Dr Strange cameo was needless tho. 7.5/10.

ThruTheSilverScreen – @ThrSilverScreen

This was an absolute blast of fun from beginning to end, Taika Waititi’s brilliant brand of humour was perfect for the MCU as he gave us a buddy cop movie set in space. It was almost always entertaining with plenty of great jokes but with that a really well told story, and Korg who just might be the funniest character in the MCU thus far.

J-Money – @jturner66

Really don’t understand the hate this movie receives, by far the best Thor movie. DC should talk to the special effects staff of this movie, just tremendous!!!!! Yes Hulk was a little silly, but the fight scenes are awesome!!! I enjoyed it immensely.

wes_sager – @WesSager

Been watching this movie a lot lately. So much fun. Love the scenes with one-on-one interactions. Tessa Thompson captivates me. Love the music, especially the use of “Immigration Song”. Korg is awesome, also mentioned vampires which is a cool nod. Loki as Odin was hilarious.

Rebecca Haslam – @gigtripper86

For me this is the funniest of the MCU movies to date. My friend and I when we saw it were chuckling practically the entire time, and the movie itself shows good character development, especially for Thor. Cate Blanchett is great as Hela, and she brings a real darkness to the film franchise that, imo, had been more eerie (especially with The Dark World) up to that point. Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie however is the undoubted stand-out performer; the energy she brings to the character, who has depth, strength and heart, is palpable in every scene. Overall, it’s easily my favourite of the Thor films and , like the other MCU movies, is a good set up/lead up into the hotly anticipated Infinity War.

Lou Geekstalk – @Lola_Flump

I LOVE this film! It’s one of my favourite films, not just in the MCU. Great pacing, brilliant humour, a cohesive plot and feels like this was the film the cast were picked for – they are all excellent. The Dr Strange scenes felt a little out of place, but didn’t detract overall.

GeekyNerd – @1GeekyNerd

While it’s not one of the strongest MCU movies, I still enjoyed it. Sure, the humour was a little over the top at times but I still laughed more than groaned. It made me feel like a little kid again and there’s nothing wrong with that. It has been vilified plenty, and some truly hate it. but the thing is, it’s still a superhero movie! And not a crappy one either. Costumes are still awe-inducing, and fight scenes are good. I think it’s in part that the bar has been raised high, and we’re getting spoiled.

Matthew Fisher – @CouchPotato_MVP

Thor: Ragnarok was a fun and wild ride! Director Taika Waititi took the Thor series in a whole new direction and made it more exciting because of it. The result was a solid family drama wrapped up in a lively and funny space adventure. The film also had a great time expanding the cosmic side of the MCU with trips to Sakaar and exploring the hidden truth of Asgard, Not to mention the new characters were a nice addition to this universe (Korg and the Grandmaster were wonderfully bizarre).

Yet one of the best parts of the film was the friendship between Thor and Hulk. Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo played these scenes terrifically, from joking about who’s stronger to just catching up. This was an awesome Marvel team-up! I also enjoyed Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Cate Blachett as Hela. Both were outstanding and layered characters who either helped or hurt Thor in this journey. Overall, this film Ragna-rocked Thor’s world, changing his life, perception of Asgard, and being the God of Thunder. It’ll be interesting to see how this alters Thor going forward but hopefully his sense of humour stays as strong as he is.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the post credits scenes!

  1. Things are all good on the Asgardian ship, that is until an enormous ship appears! Thanos has come to play!
  2. The Grandmaster is still alive and thanks those for their role in the rebellion, they couldn’t have done it without him though!

That’s your lot! Thanks again to all those who have given us their two cents about Thor: Ragnarok, it’s the interaction that makes this articles such a joy to write! For though however, it’s onward to the final film in the list. #18 in the MCU Challenge is Black Panther. The first appearance of Wakanda and it’s ruler since Captain America: Civil War and I’m sure nobody would argue that it shows a different side the Marvel Universe that we have never seen before! I predict a wide range of opinions on this one! Until next time!!

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