We are so close now! Infinity War is just around the corner and I have taken the ‘heroic’ stance to avoid any further trailers, TV spots, posters, merchandise or behind the scenes featurettes in fear of any spoilers! Luckily between then and now there are still three more films to keep my mind occupied, the first of which being something fresh to the franchise! #16 in the MCU Challenge is Spider-Man: Homecoming. That’s right boys and girls the wall-crawler has finally come home to Marvel! Before you say it, yes I know he’s not entirely back but he has his own stand alone film in the franchise so that counts in my opinion! Briefly seen in Captain America: Civil War, fans were desperate for Spidey’s first solo outing within the MCU so lets not waste any more time and take a look at what Peter Parker is up to!


So What’s the plot?

Shortly after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker has had to settle for being a friendly neighbourhood superhero instead of saving the world. When he disrupts a bank robbery, Peter learns that there is a group of people selling advanced weaponry on the black market. Desperate to prove himself, Peter investigates and comes up against the villainous Vulture! After trying horrendously badly to disrupt an arms deal, Tony Stark aka Iron Man has to save the day and demands the new hi-tech suit back. Still intent on proving himself, Peter tracks the bad guys down, saves his friends and stops the Vulture from stealing a whole but of Avengers Tech. All this aside, Peter is still a high school kid, struggling with being popular, girls, keeping his identity secret and learning that the bad guy is actually his girlfriends dad!! So how does a teenage superhero live his life? This film tells you all about it!

I went into this film full of confidence. I loved Spider-Man’s introduction to the MCU in Captain America: Civil War so I was expecting good things. I was a also a little worried, could he hold his own in a solo adventure? Would we be re-treading the same ground that the previous 5 Spidey films had? I needn’t have worried because this film is buckets loads of fun! That is the overriding feeling that I’m left with after watching, it’s fun, a lot of fun. The performances are great bar none, the action scenes vary in scale and are all great, the comedy is witty and slapstick which in my opinion is a great combination.


There are stakes, but it’s not a world ending scenario which is perfect for a ground level hero like Spider-Man, and there’s heart, a lot of heart. It’s not all swinging and quipping, there are a few emotional moments which pull at those heartstrings or allow you to relate to this character more than ever before. I was a bit concerned that a smaller story wouldn’t be as enjoyable after seeing Spidey involved in a mass super brawl but I might even go as far as saying I enjoy this film as a whole more than Civil War. No, that’s not entirely true. I think I would watch this more often due to it’s lighter tone and comedic themes, but Civil War is definitely the better film. I can’t really go into more details about the film without talking about specific characters so let’s do it!

Tom Holland is my favourite Peter Parker, but he is not my favourite Spider-Man. That title is still held by Tobey Maguire (mostly from Spider-Man 2). Choosing to go back to a teenage Parker was an amazing choice and Holland knocks it out of the park as this socially awkward, super smart, high school loser who just wants to be cool. Every scene out of the Lycra could have been taken from any John Hughes film as Peter faces normal kid problems, bullies, parties, detention and of course girls!


The problem with other Spider-Man films is that they removed him from the high school setting far too quickly! Spidey is supposed to be this normal kid who just so happens to be a superhero in his spare time. The film shows Peter’s intellect really well, we see him developing his own web fluid in science class, he’s part of the academic triathlon team and the scene where he tries to save the ferry from sinking we see him calculating the right places to attach his webbing to. He is a super smart guy!

I love how eager Peter is to be recognised as a hero and craves being an official Avenger, this obviously gets him in over his head after chasing done some advanced weapons sales, but he is willing to cast aside everything else in his life to save people. He is by no means a perfect superhero though, he’s been doing it less than a year and it shows! misjudging a web swing and falling flat on his face, mistaking someone trying to get into their car as a theft, having to run on foot across a golf course, trashing the backyards of people when in pursuit of the bad guys and being ticked by Vulture and having a building collapse on him.

It’s great seeing a hero who isn’t perfect, who doesn’t know everything and relies on his abilities mixed in with a large amount of luck to get by! And of course he is a kid, he doesn’t want to be treated like one but he is, resisting authority, going against advice of his elders and having a laugh basically. There are so many great Peter and Spidey moments to mention so I’ll save them for my likes/dislikes list later on! But good job Tom! The only thing I’m worried about is if he gets a bit drowned out by all these larger than life characters when everyone gets together in Infinity War. I’m hoping he’ll have enough to do and say!

The new Spider-Man suit is a character in it’s own right. When Peter gets his Stark suit taken away he reverts back to his home-made one which looks ridiculous but suits the character. The hi-tech one is so cool but so overpowered!!! I’m not 100% sold on the look and at times the CGI is obvious on it but the things it can do are awesome, trust Stark to put all kinds of gadgets in it.

Almost every additional feature we see has been shown in a comic story at some point, taser webs, web grenade, split web, the fricking web wings! The interrogation mode is hilarious but why would Tony put an insta-kill mode in a kids suit?! Seriously! I don’t think we need to have a JARVIS-like internal voice in the form of Karen (Jennifer Connelly) particularly when it seems to have incredibly advanced AI and even has dating advice for Peter! I like the Spider-drone, the vacuum seal activation and the tracking system but I still don’t understand how his wall crawling abilities work through the suit!

After seeing all the trailers and essentially working out the main plot of the film I was worried that Robert Downey Jnr would be too much of a presence. Being such a big name, playing such an iconic character and featuring heavily in the trailers made me think this might turn into Iron Man 4 featuring Spider-Man. Thankfully this was not the case. Stark is there at the beginning, middle and end but they are not overbearing appearances and the makes sense, it’s not like he was forced into the film just to bring in more viewers. Stark takes on the father figure role (reluctantly at first), something that Peter has been missing since his uncle Ben died, but he grows into it quickly. He is there (sort of) to rescue him when he gets into trouble, chastise him when he has fucked up and support him after his obstacles have been overcome.

The on screen relationship between Holland and RDJ is electric and believable, I would gladly watch a team-up movie with those two alone. Even though it’s not his film we seem some upgraded Iron Man suits and special individually controlled thrusters to save the sinking ferry. I also think the final scene where Tony gives Peter one final ‘test’ to reveal himself to the media is a great scene, it shows Peter’s maturity and Tony’s desire to have another person under his wing, especially since losing so many ‘friends’ in the recent conflict. The only thing that detracts from this scene is that he is somehow still all loved up with Pepper, last we heard they had split up because he couldn’t stop being Iron Man!! RDJ is solid in this film, and it might have been a passing the torch performance, hinting at his departure from the franchise is his next film?!

Michael Keaton is fucking awesome! Most people know this already but I just wanted make sure that everyone is aware of this. Toombs aka Vulture is one of the best Marvel villains to date. For starters he is a normal guy but you can understand why and how he becomes a villain. He was an honest guy to start with but after having his livelihood taken away when Stark’s Damage Control company takes over all salvage jobs after the Battle of New York, he decides to use the alien tech and start up a black market selling weapons to make his money. His justification is that he his doing this to support his family so he’s not an overtly evil person. It’s only when one of his crew draws in some unwanted attention from Spider-Man that he goes over the edge, killing the guys then willing to do anything he can to get the tech to sell. He doesn’t seem to care that he’s killed someone and when he figures out Peter is Spider-Man he threatens his entire family! Genuinely chilling but enthralling.

The reveal that Toombs is Peter’s girlfriends dad was brilliant and genuinely caught me off guard and the conversation in the car is my favourite scene of the film! I love the way the traffic lights shine on Toombs’ face highlighting the evilness and in my opinion showing a reference to the green of the comic Vulture’s outfit. Speaking of outfits, the Vulture suit is incredible.


The wings are a mix of Falcon’s wing suit, a helicarrier and War Machine although it does seem to be able to do a lot when controlled by a couple hand levers. The old fashioned flight suit with the fluffy collar is a brilliant comic reference also! It was also the right choice not to kill him off at the end, leaving him open to return for a sequel, maybe teaming up with other villains such as Scorpion? Keaton is great and I can’t wait to see him return!!!

Ned is Peter’s best friend, the guy in the chair and one of the best characters in the film. Ned, played fantastically by Jacob Batalon is the source of most of the films comedy. He is the audience in this film and reacts exactly how any normal person would if they found out their best friend is a superhero. He is so excited, wants to tell everyone, asks all kinds of questions like “Do you lay eggs?” “Can the spider bite me?” “Are you and Avenger?” and wants to do anything he can to help Peter in his superhero-ing…..is that a word?

The scene where he discovers Peter’s identity is perfect. Peter is sneaking into his room across the ceiling, takes his mask off, carefully closing his door and only turns round when Ned, who has been sitting on his bed watching all of this, drops the Lego Death Star! It’s so funny as Peter tries to explain it away and Ned gets more and more excited! Ned is brilliant and even saves Peter’s life using a dropped web launcher during Peter’s fight with the second Shocker. Can’t wait to see their team up grow in future films!

The rest of the cast were pretty standard. There’s a brief appearance from Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan is basically Peter’s liaison with Tony Stark and is responsible for packing up the plane with Stark Tech that Vulture tries to hijack. Peter’s love interest Liz is not interesting but I think this is purely because she doesn’t get much to do, but then she doesn’t really need to be more that the object of Peter’s infatuation for this teen story. There are two characters I have particular issue with.

Firstly, Flash Thompson. He has redesigned and updated to be a relevant bully for the new Peter Parker. Instead of being this huge physically imposing jock guy, he is the rich, arrogant, entitled guy played by Tony Revolori and I hate him (that’s probably the point but still), his greatest insult is “Penis Parker”….yeah great character……. Secondly, Michelle, played by Zendaya. She is a brilliant ‘take no shit’, sarcastic friend to Peter and Ned and every scene she is in is great but if you are going to make her be the new MJ, as is revealed right at the end of the film, then why not call her that throughout?! She’s not even called Mary Jane!!


I’ve calmed now and I’m confident that she will be amazing in any sequel but whether there will be a believable romance there I can’t be sure!

There is a lot to like in this film, and to illustrate that here’s my list of things I liked and didn’t!

  • The opening theme is a brilliant mix of the Marvel Studios music and the original Spider-Man TV show theme.
  • 8 years after the Battle of New York – this screwed with the MCU timeline a bit!
  • ‘A film by Peter Parker’ – The mobile phone footage is great, giving a behind the scenes look at how Peter joined the fight in Civil War.
  • Dr Bruce Banner picture in Science class.
  • Peter changing into his Spidey suit is far from elegant!
  • Stops a bike thief but can’t find the owner!
  • Having a snack on a train – reference to Spider-Man 2?
  • Stan Lee cameo as a disgruntled neighbour.
  • Bank robbery scene is funny and action packed!


  • Avengers Tower being sold?
  • Aunt May is rather tasty!


  • Captain America featured on a P.E. video – “Pretty sure he’s a war criminal now”
  • The Shocker gauntlet is a Crossbones one slightly adapted.
  • Spidey saved from drowning by a remote controlled Iron Man suit while Tony is in India!

iron man

  • Toombs meant to scare his crew member, not kill him!
  • Spider Tracker! Ned wearing the mask!
  • Hacking the suit and turning off the training wheels protocol!
  • Seeing Peter overwhelmed by all the suits functions is hilarious.
  • Spidey stuck in the Damage Control facility, brilliant scene.
  • Washington Monument rescue scene is exciting!!!


  • Donald Glover’s character is known as The Prowler in the comics and is the uncle of the Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales.


  • Busting a weapons deal ends up busting a ferry in two! Trying to hold it together with webs – another Spider-Man 2 reference?


  • “If you’re nothing without the suit then you shouldn’t have it”
  • Peter’s principal is a descendant of one of Cap’s howling commandos!
  • Peter sees the importance of the duality in his character and uses amazing strength to lift the building off himself. Though the half face effect is a bit iffy!
  • Peter struggling to survive as the plane crashes!
  • Tries to save Vulture from being blown up even though he tried to kill him!
  • Happy in the toilet!
  • Tony offers Peter the Iron Spider suit!

iron spider

  • Aunt May sees Peter in the suit…..”What the F……!”

Be prepared, Twitter has a lot of opinions!! Here they come!

Logan Slavin – @DiamondSpiderP

Spider-Man Homecoming is my absolute Spider-Man movie ever! While I like Maguire’s movies, nobody has done a better job with the character than Holland! Vulture was a great villain and I’m happy with how much Tony Stark was in it! He wasn’t in much and that’s how it should be. It was great to see a Spider-Man film taking place in a high school that felt like high school! Holland looked young and the supporting case did too. I loved Ned. He had some really funny lines!

While some didn’t like the technology suit, I thought it was a good idea, It makes more sense that Stark would make a good suit. I never believed Peter could do that, especially with him being poor! Karan was ok, nothing great but not horrible. I loved that shocker was in this. I wish he would have worn his mask, but beggars can’t be choosers. Vulture was great! He is now one of my favourite MCU villains. You could relate to him, even though he did horrible things.

I can’t go any farther without saying again how great Tom Holland was! He was amazing! I have been a fan of Spider-Man ever since I was a little kid so I really know the character. This is how I imagined him. I didn’t hate Garfield or Maguire, but Holland is perfect in this role. One thing I like about this that others don’t is that there is wasn’t a giant web swinging scene. It didn’t need it. He wasn’t in the city so he couldn’t do anything like that. Aside from amazing Spider-Man 2, all Spider-Man films to my memory have ended in one of those.

It was a nice change. All in all, this was a great Spider-Man movie. it did the character justice and then some! I’d give it a 9.5/10!

Wait, I’m not done! Just thought of another point. The Vulture reveal. He’s Liz’s father. I just want to talk about how well that was covered up! The cast list said Michelle’s last name was Tooms. That made me go in expecting her to be related to Tooms, but then Liz! That was awesome! I didn’t see it coming and loved it!

Another thing! I loved the score! The score was awesome. The Vulture’s theme sounds like an inverse Avengers theme. Listen to them both one after another. Also, Spider-Man’s theme sounds like it was taken right out of the old cartoon!

Tanner Slavin – @Tanner_Slavin

Great movie. Tom’s casting was PERFECT! In my opinion it was way better than Toby! Keaton’s Vulture was great too! So many Avengers easter eggs and Spider-Man easter eggs! The shocker was ok, and I loved that Miles Morales Easter egg! Can’t wait to see if Prowler comes back!

Ned was great and putting Peter in high school environment was best. And his time, he didn’t look 25! He actually looked like a high-schooler! The effects were pretty good and RDJ as Iron Man was perfect as usual! 9/10.

Rebecca Haslam – @gigtripper86

For me this is the best of the Spider-Man movies. I know a lot of people were wary of there being a new SM film, but Tom Holland brought a new energy and youthfulness to the role and that really came through not just in the movie itself but how audiences everywhere responded to it.

STARCHLORD – @ssppudd

Probably my favourite Spider-Man movie. Villain talked sense instead of “I’m evil for the sake of it”. Plot was connected to the MCU without having to completely rely on it. Iron Man wasn’t in it for too long so that was good. The 2nd end credit scene took a sizeable amount of piss though and Karen was OK at best. I hated the whole Liz love interest but could relate to Ned, Michelle and the others. Tome is my favourite Spider-Man and the twist near the end was amazing. it’s not as good as Guardians of the Galaxy but still better than most of the other MCU movies imo. The bank robbery scene at the start is the best scene in any Spidey movie imo. 7.5/10.

nerdschatting – @nerdschatting

A wonderful reintroduction to a familiar character. Holland was perfect. Stark tech suit is thumbs up. Vulture a superb villain. The reveal at Liz’s house made my jaw hit the floor. Great movie. Now Sony, just give the rights to him back. You’re done. 8 Karen’s out of 10 web settings.

Chris Hartman – @achrishartman

Loved this film…maybe a bit too much of THIS FILM IS IN THE MCU for me but Spidey v Vulture was the best since Raimi’s Spidey 2! Not a fan of this pseudo MJ, just make Zendaya Mary Jane or not. Can’t wait for the sequels…I could watch 10 more sequels, no bs.

Mauricio RMC – @enrealidadnouso

I usually have a very negative opinion about the MCU movies, but in this case it will not be that. I think it’s a correct presentation of Spider-Man in the MCU universe. It makes some changes to mythology but I think it’s still true to the character. But I think it shares a negative characteristic with the previous MCU films…it’s very “standard” and I think that’s the fault of the director. In spite of the good things that I saw, is far below what Sam Raimi did in his step through the character.

Good things: Tom Holland and all the actors.

Best Scene: The limousine scene and Peter’s decision.

Pleasant surprise: Zendaya.

Bad things: Why I have to see a scene of Pepper Potts in this movie?

Something I do not understand: Listen to Jennifer Connelly but not see Jennifer Connelly…

Light and Nerdy – @lightandnerdy

Fresh new spin on Spider-Man plus Tom Holland is such a great nerdy teen pick for the role and any excuse for more Tony Stark screen time is a win!

Princess Buckethead – @izzyl

Watched for the first time last week, enjoyed it and glad they didn’t go over familiar ground losing Uncle Ben again. Enjoyed the phone cam footage from Civil War perspective. Michael Keton as Vulture was great casting, he is normal yet menacing especially in the post credit scene.

Nerdy Birds – @nerdybirdspod

Best casting choice of Tom Holland – he had a tough job to personalise the mask (limited facial expression) but the section when he talks to Karen in the warehouse is hilarious! Fun, smart, decent writing – great film and best Spider-Man outing.

T0MMY – @Tomiouss

It’s a good Spider-Man film. What more can you ask for?

Robert – @thatRobster

Tom Holland IS Spider-Man! Fantastic film! The reveal with Michael Keaton was so well played out. I struggle to find anything negative to say.

dead lewis – @LewisNotADick

I think it was an overall entertaining film that balances humour and seriousness well. However, the fighting for me was bland and boring and what was essentially a CGI slugfest. Michael Keaton being himself though, truly menacing.

Krista Vaughan – @kvaughan737

I enjoyed this version of Spidey, especially the scenes with Tony Stark. I liked getting to see Jon Favreau back in the MCU. It is definitely in my top 10, thanks to Michael Keaton and Tom Holland’s performances.

The Screen Plug – @TheScreenPlug

LOVE THIS! No watching Uncle Ben get murdered, Aunt Bae, Tom Holland’s believable 16 yr old performance and Michael Keaton, my gawd! The film is worth the tension in the ride to prom alone!

Greg and the Movies – @gregandmovies

This was a fun fresh take on Spider-Man. They manages to get Peter right. It was smart to build excitement for this by introducing him in Civil War. It really paid off.

Fred – @FredFeany

7/10 nothing special bout this one, storyline was meh. But for RDJ and Tom, it could have been a 3.5/10. Love it tho.

Jimbob Squarepants – @VintageGt

Huge over reliance on Stark. Maguire had far better material thanks to Raimi and gave a far more angst ridden, weighty performance. I hated the newfangled ‘killer’ suit and the whole movie was really missing something for me. Rescued hugely by Keaton who was brilliant as ever. Average.

False Starts Podcast – @FalseStartsPod

Possibly the best villain in all the MCU and they didn’t kill him off after 1 movie. Which is great. Progress! Love Tom Holland as Parker and Spider-Man. So happy they didn’t do the origin again. Tony Stark will die in IW. It’ll be Peter’s “Uncle Ben Moment”. Fight me.

Chad Hirsch – @ChaddyDaddy_19

Absolutely LOVED this movie. The Spider action was a little underwhelming but it’s obvious that he’s still learning to utilise the full extent of his powers since he’s so young! Tom Holland is the best Spider-man we have had to date by far! Michael Keaton is a legend and man he crushed the role of Vulture, shifted from being the nice family man to chilling psycho murderer flawlessly. I also really enjoyed how they worked in Stark, his role wasn’t too big which I feared it would be. They did a terrific job of not letting RDJ’s presence overshadow Holland. And lastly..all I gotta say is Aunt May is a straight up cougar!

Lee Westney – @westney1979

Absolutely love this film. Loved how Tom Holland played Spidey excited at getting to use his powers and figuring it all out. Thought the twist with Vulture was awesome and could have watched lots more or those 2 together. Can’t wait to see him in Infinity War and sequels.

The DynamoBros – @TheDynamobros

I think the trailers ruined the movie for me, I wasn’t a fan of the suit either but Michael Keaton did great, and the dynamic between Peter and Tony was fun.

Retro Ben – @RETRO_ben_YT

A good movie for Tom Holland and the MCU but not my favourite Spider-Man movie.

DAISY IS QUEEN – @zachmaster014

Definitely my favourite Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland is the best. Great overall story, and the Vulture is one of the best MCU villains.

wes_sager – @WesSager

That car scene with Keaton and Holland is outstanding! I get caught up in it every time I watch it.

Lilian Sue – @LSue23

What made it for me was the scene in the car…Keaton needs to play more villains! Having said that, some of Peter’s growing pains were a little annoying but Ned was a great character!

J-Money – @jturner66

I loved it, once again the villain stole the movie Michael Keaton;s Vulture was outstanding, Tom Holland did a great job, and RDJ is his solid self the back and forth with an immature Peter was outstanding. Oh yes and they kept Spidey tied into the MCU after Civil War.

20thCenturyGeek_Pod – @20thCenturyGeek

My appreciation for it has grown over a couple of viewings. It’s top 10 MCU film for me. Despite minor niggles it captures Spider-Man’s essence brilliantly. I think it will age well too. I honestly think in 25 years it will be loved by a generation in the way I love Ghostbusters.

Seb Reeves – @TheRealMrSeb

I loved this film, some really fun scenes and one of the best villains in the MCU. I should also add Homecoming is in my top 5 MCU films

Mike Lamb – @MichaelnLamb

Keaton stole the show! He really does well as a villain! Holland was great as Spider-Man, but I felt like it was aimed at a younger audience. They need to take some more chances with the sequel and maybe get a little darker. All in all, I was definitely entertained.

contributing DM at Vanity Fair – @StevenSimmons

Fun film that brings us the best on screen Spider-Man in Tom Holland. Michael Keaton is amazing as Vulture but most of the highschool supporting cast is lackluster. “Ned Leed” was unnecessary as comic relief in an already comedic film. The action scenes are really fun but it was a small chore to get over Peter being so teched out just starting in his career. Still, solid film that would have been even better had Marvel/Disney been in 100% control.

Captain Simon W Miller – @CaptainMiller95

This movie is absolute garbage. A boring, generic and lazy mess of a movie.

Matthew Fisher – @CouchPotato_MVP

Spider-Man:Homecoming was the solo MCU movie Spider-Man deserved. Director Jon Watts seamlessly incorporated Peter Parker’s life and world into this grand universe. Besides being a standout adventure, the film played out a drama worthy of a John Hughes movie. Tom Holland was outstanding as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, adding his own take on this hero while still capturing his constant trials and tribulations. Of course, Holland also made Spider-Man’s sense of humour as sharp as ever. The rest of the case was just as great, with both iconic and up-and-coming actors making their mark in the MCU. Michael Keaton was terrific as Vulture and Marissa Tomei was a stellar choice for Aunt May. Overall, Spider-Man: Homecoming was a spectacular way to kick off the Wallcrawler’s journey to becoming the hero we know he’s destined to be.

James Carroll – @IAmJACsMusings

Did I need another resuited Spider-Man movie so soon after the last aborted attempt? I didn’t think so until I saw this coming-of-age comedy that referenced Ferris Bueller, BttF: Part II an The Breakfast Club (among others)

Did I need another iteration of Spider-Man and his teen geek alter-ego Peter Parker? I didn’t think so until I saw Tom Holland’s infectiously enthusiastic and ultimately incomparable portrayal of everyone’s favourite neighbourhood webslinging wannabe Avenger.

Did I need another potentially disappointing take on a classic Spider-Man villain? I didn’t think so until Michael Keaton’s birdman soared above almost any other adapted antagonist from the entirety of comic canon – not since Loki have I feared and cheered in equal measure.

Did I need another big screen Spider-Man blockbuster? I didn’t think so until I understood what this wall-crawlers direction was under the genius creative control of chief Watcher Feige within the winning MCU. Now I need more, for thwips sake…

So before we go, let’s briefly chat about the post-credit scenes!

  1. Toombs in prison and gets confronted by the other person he was selling guns to, he witholds Peter’s identity from the guy who has a suspiciously prominent Scorpion tattoo….this guy is another Spider-Man villain known as Scorpion!


2.Captain America addresses the audience and lectures about patience!

Done and Done. That was a bit of fun wasn’t it? I’m starting to realise that Phase 3 was is all about vibrant colours! Look at the colour palate for Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man:Homecoming, Thor:Ragnarok and Black Panther! All incredible looking films, but is so much brightness an indication that things are going to go very very dark both visually and tonally in Avengers: Infinity War? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I can’t take it! Quick let’s go watch another film to stave off this thoughts! Next up is #17 in the MCU Challenge, Thor: Ragnarok. The final film in the Asgardian trilogy. Is it an improvement on the previous two? Is it just set up for IW? Stay tuned to find out! Until next time!

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