The Geekstalkers are friends. We may never have met each other in person but we have shared so many aspects of our lives that I’d like to think we know each other very well. Most conversations start with something geeky but they soon evolve into friendly banter, inside jokes and I’m sure I’m not alone in the group by saying that I would do anything to help any one of the Geekstalkers. Though we are a close knit group, the community extended far beyond out little Twitter DMs. So many more people get involved almost every day and we have got to now these people very well. Bonds have been formed that cannot be broken and all through the power of the internet.

Yes, there have been laughs, a lot of them, there have also been sad times but not like this. I apologise for my lack of articulation but a few short days ago we learnt that one of our long time internet friends Eric Bulmer aka Pow Science passed away unexpectedly. An incredibly smart, funny and just a genuine guy. Eric’s knowledge of books, films, comic books, model making and of course his love for cosplaying as Captain America was boundless, every single conversation was a joy to be involved in. It was a world shattering shock to everyone, most of all I’m sure to Eric’s family and friends. Every single one of the Geekstalkers has had their own interactions with Eric on a seemingly endless amount of topics. We had a discussion on what we should do to honour this amazing man and though nothing will ever be good enough, there are some things we would like to say. We also want Eric’s family to know that he was loved all over the world and brought so much joy to every one of us. Eric, this is for you.

Claudia  – @1GeekyNerd

I didn’t know Eric – affectionately known as Pow – long. A year and a half, tops. 18 months. Our friendship was a toddler, one could say.

But not with Pow. He had the ability to make you feel like you had known him all your life, so caring he was.
And he truly cared. He’d make sure to check up on you if you were sick. He’d find a way to make you laugh if he knew you were sad. He’d treated you like family.
I’ve met many people in my life but few with such a big heart and kind soul.
And he loved. He loved Mrs Pow and young Pow something fierce. He loved his friends. He loved his job. He loved cosplaying. He loved to help others.
We had many conversations, both serious and silly, both public and private. We talked about life, and movie characters, and plush goats. We talked about science and often often I joked about moving into his amazingly cool store and squatting there. Or pay rent by working as a sales person, or something.  But he always made sure I knew I was welcome at his house any time.
The King and I made it out sacred duty to tease him and we knew we were doing a good job if we got a Tommy Lee Jones from him. If we were particularly rowdy, he’d give us a Captain America. Then we could call it a day and rest knowing that our work there was done.
I miss my friend greatly. He forever has a little corner of my heart, never to be forgotten.
Godspeed, Cap. Until we meet again

Dave from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk

I think my first conversation with the man I knew as @PowScience was something to do with Captain America. Cap has always been my favourite Marvel character and though I thought it strange at first that what appeared to be a Science Twitter account following me, I quickly learnt that this man’s knowledge of Cap and his adventures far exceeded anything I could ever reach. Not only did Pow know Cap, he was Cap. His cosplay was awesome and seeing the pictures of the numerous conventions, exhibitions and days out in costume always brought a smile to may face, especially when he shared the experience with his daughter Khatima.

I don’t think I will ever be able to accurately put into words the way I feel right now. It’s more than sad, part of me is empty. Though I never met Eric I included him in my group of friends who was always there and after all, that’s what a friend is. The world is much darker without the Pow’s bright light and I feel I need to do something more than just write down some words. My love and support goes to Mrs Pow and Khatima. I hope they know how much he adored them, they were his world.

Eric, though I didn’t know you as well as others you will be sorely missed. Forever brave, forever bold and forever in our hearts.

Nicola from We Have a Hulk – @wehaveahulkpod

Eric/Pow was one of the most genuine and nicest guys on Twitter that just loved to chat comics, cosplay and nerdy stuff. He was just so accepting and I really admired how much he loved Marvel, especially Captain America! I could talk to him about comics for ages, we’d normally chat about Ms Marvel, Daredevil and X-Men, which I always really really enjoyed.Oh and of course Marvel film predictions!
He genuinely brought a lot of this group together with his fun ‘brain spin’ posts, a game where we had to guess what we saw on a card with Mrs Pow deciding the winner! I always looked forward to a round of the game, but most importantly his responses – if you were being silly he’d normally send you a picture of Tommy Lee Jones looking down at you from his newspaper or a gif of Cap saying ‘language!’
I also really enjoyed seeing his cosplay pictures as he inspired so many people when he attended events dressed as Captain America. It was also great to see the updates of him and his daughter at conventions, as they both looked so excited meeting some of their favourite TV/film/comic stars!
Pow was genuinely a huge part of our community on Twitter and I will miss him so much. Here’s one for you Pow…
Lou from Jack and the Geekstalk – @JackGeekstalk
I am not the most frequent of Twitter users, but Pow was someone I had interacted with a few times. He seemed to have a genuine love for life, and it always made me smile to read his tweets that so clearly shared his love of his family. I never saw him being anything other than respectful, and from my viewpoint was a genuinely nice guy that it was pleasure to have any interaction with. Pow chose one of the booksquad reads, and I’m very grateful for his support and for directing me towards new literature I wouldn’t have otherwise found. I can’t say that I knew him really well, or that I spoke to him every day, but I can say I will genuinely miss his contributions and conversations. I am incredibly sad that someone who really was a source of light has left us – I can only wish his family love and strength at what must be a heartbreaking time, and hope that Cap is resting well.

Ben from nerdchatting – @nerdschatting

As many of you know, our friend Eric Bulmer (better known as Pow Science) passed away suddenly over the last weekend. He had, upon my recommendation, caught up on all the issues of Invincible and was patiently waiting, like all of us for issue 144. Had it come out on it’s original release date, as mentioned above, he’d have read the complete story… now he’ll never get to see the ending to the story. He also won’t get to see any of the MCU movies he adored, and always went to see on opening night. Whilst this all may seem inconsequential to the loss his family must be feeling, and it 100% is, it makes it all the sadder that I won’t get to talk about this at length on Twitter….with my dear departed friend.

Sleep tight Pow/Eric/Cap – we’ll miss you, for you were the best of us all.


Eric was an amazing man and from what we knew of him, one of the kindest beings in the world. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that he will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Whenever I read a Captain America story or see another Cap cosplayer, I will think of Eric and the joy he brought to so many.

Goodbye Cap, you are and will always be a hero to us all.


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