Hello hello hello you lovely Geeks! It’s been a while since we have you a Geekly Roundup (I guess Life gets in the way) but I’ll endeavour to keep it as regular as possible! This week seems as as good as any to revive the post and Boy has there been a lot of stuff to talk About this week! So let’s Get started!

Riding Solo

The internet was awash with Chat About Solo: A Star Wars Story. The first trailer finally arrived less than 4 months before the film is released and……I can’t talk About it! I have decided to not watch any trailers,Tv spots, featurettes or bts footage for them Film. In the current film climate trailers have a tendency to show far too much of the film, particularly with Spiderman: Homecoming and Justice League, so I’m trying an experiment to see if watching no trailers for a film I know I will be seeing affects the viewing experience in anyway. It’s going to be tough because I usually watch all footage for new films and I’m addicted to social media, avoiding spoilers is going to be a challenge. For now I’ll have to make do with the posters that I’ve already seen. These ones!

Introducing Cable

One thing I can talk About is the latest trailer for ‘Untitled Deadpool Sequel‘, I love the title by the way. Have a look!

Very cable heavy and that is definitely not a bad thing! Josh brolin looks amazing and he’s going to be kicking all kinds of ass pretty much all of the time! Cable is the straight man to Deadpool’s immaturity, comedy, offensiveness and fourth wall Breaking. Already the trailers show the tone from the first film carrying over with commentary on a certain moustache debacle, toy story references and plenty of profanity! I can’t wait for this film but I am worried it’s not going to be as good as the first as the novelty may have worn off but it will be enjoyable. Will the introduction of such a serious character force the film to be less ridiculous? I hope not!


To Infinity

Every day is one step closer to Infinity War. The Super Bowl provided us with a little more footage from the film.

The main thing that came out of this was the first proper look and Caps new shield. It basically looks like enlarged gauntlets something many people assumed from the full trailer a few weeks ago but still good to see. We see a little Team up with Dr Strange and Iron Man and also see Peter Parker riding the weird portal gate thing in his Homecoming Spider suit. He previous trailer showed him in the same location wearing the Iron Spider suit so does this attach to him in a similar way to the Hulk buster armour? I’ll probably watch one more trailer before the film comes out as I don’t want it to be spoiled too much but for now it’s still looking awesome!

Patrolling for Doom

The Titans live-action TV show is something that I am becoming more interested in. Over the last couple of months we have been getting things like casting announcements and promotional images, now we have a reveal from Geoff Johns himself, The Doom Patrol are on their way. Mr Johns shared a script page showing that episode 5 of the show will be named ‘Doom Patrol’ but we have no context.


Will the Titans be going up against them? (almost definitely), will there be a team up? Not knowing much about the Doom Patrol I don’t really know what to expect but with character names such as The Chief, Robotman, Elasti-girl and Negative Man there could be some interesting scenes ahead. Titans arrives on DC’s streaming service later this year.

Star Wars in coming

In a piece of Star Wars news I can talk about, Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are to write and produce a series of new Star Wars films! So this is the writing team for Rian Johnson’s new trilogy you might say? Well, no, apparently their films are going to be separate from the Skywalker Saga and from Johnson’s trilogy! So after episode 9 we are going to be getting a tonne of new films! Does the mature content Benioff and Weiss are known for mean that Star Wars will be more ‘adult’ in the future? Will there be graphic violence and nudity? It’s going to upset a lot of people if that’s what happens! I love Game of Thrones so I have no problem with these guys writing some new films in a galaxy far, far away but they need to keep the Star Wars film and not just do GoT in space.


Jessica is pissed!

Another trailer for the soon to be arriving second season of Jessica Jones is here. This time we get a lot more footage and a better idea of what Jessica will be going through. It’s clear that her origin will be a larger part of the show as we see the aftermath of a a terrible traffic accident and mentions of chemicals, testing and a company. Who is the second person that was with Jessica? Will it be someone we know? And is that Killgrave clapping at the end? Take a look and see what you think.


Only glimpses have been seen of the Venom movie since production started but now we have the first official poster and a trailer to go along with it!

Well……it doesn’t really show anything. There is a brief glimpse of something that is probably the venom symbiote but other than that it just Tom Hardy looking confused or angry. This is only a teaser so hopefully the full trailer will give us something, but so far we haven’t seen anything like what we actually want to see, Hardy wearing the Symbiote! I’m still apprehensive about the film but I’m not ruling it out yet, even if they still haven’t confirmed how linked to Spiderman it will be.


The poster does hint that we will be getting a variation of the traditional symbiote look, so that’s one good thing! Venom arrives in October this year.

Justice League, back in black

Another Justice League deleted scene has been released prior to the DVD/Blu Ray coming out. This one has angered a lot of people because it shows the black Superman suit was originally in the film!!!! Not only that but it depicts Clark, shortly after being revived trying to understand his place again (at least that’s what I think it shows!). It’s short but impactful, and what is that weird looking space suit Clark looks at?

Happy Birthday Marvel!

With Black Panther only days away and Infinity War a few short months out of reach, Marvel are turning up the promotional machine with a few Marvel 10 years celebratory posts! 10 years in the making and everyone is coming together! These just look awesome.

10 years

The character poster is cool as it’s an indication of how many characters could show up in Infinity War but the next one is even cooler!


Look how many a-listers are here! This is almost everyone who has been involved in a Marvel movie, actors and film makers a like, and it says ‘Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years’ hinting at there being many more stories yet to come! I love Marvel!!!!!


That’s your lot for this week, hopefully I’ll be back at the same time next week bringing you a round up of the biggest news, and probable gushing over the awesomeness that is Black Panther. Until next time Geeks!

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