The first Retrospective Viewing of 2018 is here! Let’s see how far Sammi gets and we’re hoping the Festive break hasn’t destroyed her interest in the show!

Cast your minds back to season 2 (let’s face it, you’re going to need something to keep you interested until season 8 arrives in 2019!!

Season 2 Episode 6 ‘All the bloody Gods’

  • This seems bad
  • How do the ravens know where to go…is there a GPS system?
  • F*ck you Greyjoy
  • He’s right you are a steaming pile of sh*t
  • Ahh dude you should not have spit at him
  • Nice imagery with Greyjoy not being able to chop Rodricks neck on in one swing
  • Oh shit, Littlefinger do not recognise Ayra and if you do…keep your mouth shut
  • Okay so do all of the guys in this show fall in love after looking at a chick for 2 seconds?
  • We all know you are not gunna kill her Jon
  • WTF is Jons stupid *ss run?
  • Cersei please try and see that Tyrion is actually trying to save your daughter
  • For someone that I feel doesn’t have many lines, I feel Joffrey is able to convey how much of a c*nt he is very well anyway.
  • Shit, Sansa kick him in the balls and run
  • Thank god, never been happier to see the hound before
  • Seriously dude ‘little princess’, she will f*ck you up
  • Lol, that was a bloody funny death
  • Getting sick of the term ‘Your grace’
  • Rob…get a haircut you hippy
  • Dude, stop flirting with the nurse chick you literally have to marry someone else
  • Yeah that’s it Rob, remind her of the amputation she performed…smooth
  • Ygritte has Jon wrapped round her little finger
  • Naked Tonks.
  • Greyjoy, you literally only think with your d*ck
  • Nooo Clear blue, and where are the dragons?
  • Okay that last dragon straight up sounded like free willy.

Sex, death and dragons, Sammi is slowly learning the basic formula for Game of Thrones. If you want to see here education continue, keep an eye out for the next retrospective viewing!

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