Hello and Happy New Year! 2018 is upon us and I thought with a new year a new push for content was required. Hopefully this year will see even more posts, podcasts, videos and general interactions from all of us here at Jack and the Geekstalk, all with the goal of reaching out to more and more of you lovely people.

In the past year we have seen the creation and growth of our personal Geekstalkers Community (check out the years articles here) which includes some of the most awesome people we have ever encountered during our geeky travels and as we near the 1 year anniversary we will be reaching out again to bring in new people!

2017 also saw the conclusion (and Geekmas Special) of our own Vigilante comic strip Deathstork. You find the series here. It may not be the best quality artwork or storytelling but we have a blast, doing it, especially coming up with all the character related puns! While his introductory arc may be complete, rest assured, Glade Wilson will return.

The boys from our team, Dave and Luke also started a separate podcast called The Jack Lads. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but we guarantee you will learn something by the end of each episode, even if it’s only that you don’t want to listen anymore! It’s a surreal comedy podcast where the boys answer the questions that life has never asked. Find it on ITunes and Podbean if you want to start questioning everything about the world around you.

We have started branching out a little on our site, bringing a wider variety of content. It was a bit boring just having Dave’s CW Superhero round ups and the occasional film review, so in 2017 Sammi started watching Game of Thrones from the beginning and giving a retrospective review for each episode which will continue until she gives up with the show. Lou has been re-reading and re-watching the Harry Potter series and giving her thoughts on each entry, Luke has been delving back into the gaming world and Dave has been trying to ask questions like what is better, physical or digital in the film ownership world? Hopefully we will be bringing you all kinds of new content in the future, so much that you will keep coming back for more! This is after all not just a geek site, it’s about us, our thoughts, opinions and arguments.

And of course we will continue to publish our podcast, switching between Film Squad reviews and general topic discussions twice a month!

For now I’m going to sign off but I’ll be back tomorrow giving you a tease for something big for the new year. It’s not something we thought of ourselves but I reckon it’s going to be a lot of fun! Toodles!!

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