So far during Geekmas we’ve covered the all important areas of jumpers, gifts and dream possessions, but as of yet we haven’t mentioned the equally vital realm of decorations. I’ve rounded up some of the geeky Christmas decorations I’ve found.

primark_hpbauble.jpgHarry Potter Platform 9&3/4 bauble – £5

Everyone knows my love for Harry Potter, and Primark have this giant bauble which would look at home on any Potterhead’s tree. I particularly like the sparkle – it looks like it might have been accio-ed out of the Hogwarts Christmas feast. There is also a similar bauble featuring the Hogwarts Crest.


hmv_deadpoolbaubles.jpgDeadpool bauble set of 6 – £14.99

Deadpool’s suit is red, so he’s basically Father Christmas right?! This set of baubles from HMV is sure to bring a smile to the face of fans of the anti-hero. The comic-style captions are a nice touch too.



amazon_starwarsbauble.jpgStar Wars Han and Ledia bauble – £5.50 

Amazon has various offerings, particularly for the Star Wars fan, but this romantic bauble featuring Han and Leia under the mistletoe is something a little different to the rest. I particularly liked that it is a very traditional style of bauble, doesn’t just feature a logo or symbol, and has lots of glitter to catch the twinkle of the fairy lights.


disney_reytreedecStar Wars Rey Christmas tree decoration – £8.99

I know I’ve got two Star Wars options in a row here, but this Rey hanging figure is so different to the previous offering both in the style of decoration, and trilogy of films, that it’s inclusion felt justified. It makes sense that the Disney store would have some options for the Star Wars fan, there is also a whole Last Jedi set of figures available for £55.




asos_batmanstocking.jpgBatman Stocking – £12

Away from just baubles and tree decorations, this Batman stocking from Asos is a gift even when empty. Hopefully you’ve all been good enough to ensure it will be filled come Christmas morning though!

This one could be good for parents and kids alike – a family of Bat-stockings.


therange_spidermansticker.jpgSpiderman Christmas Wreath Sticker – £1.49

A really simple way to add some geek-ness to your festive decor, this wreath sticker from The Range is cheap and cheerful! It’s 30cm in diameter, so big enough to be seen wherever you decide it belongs.



That’s all I’ve got for this post, although I’m sure there are plenty more out there. Be sure to keep your eyes on the upcoming Geekmas posts – there is plenty more festive geekery to come!

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