I’m getting closer to post these on time (is there even a time limit for something you set yourself?). After a week long obsession with all things Infinity War I though I should probably look at what else has been going on in the geek world, at least until I get a chance to watch the trailer again! So what distractions have there been in the last week?

Stuck in the Middle with Spock

This is something that I would never have seen coming. Quentin Tarantino, creator of such films as Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, is making a Star Trek film. You read that right! A director who is know for his hard hitting, shocking visuals and distinctive style is going boldly into a place he has never been before. As you let that sink in, I’ll also tell you that is is going to be R-rated. This is going to be a Star Trek unlike anything we have seen on TV or film. I’m picturing something a little closer to the Alien franchise, body horror, terror and uncomfortable dialogue are almost guaranteed. It’s going to be…..interesting.

Third times the Charm

It was inevitable. Stranger Things has been renewed for a Third Season. That is all……..Or is it? No word on a release date yet or story details so it’s left to us to speculate. Is Papa really alive? Will Eleven find more of her siblings? Will Will actually catch a break? How will Dustin fare with the girls now he’s taking advice from Steve? So many questions.

Jurassic World….again

I am going to try and take my personal bias out of this story otherwise I will upset some people. I’m going to be impartial. Here we go. The first full trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has been released. In it we see returning actors, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard going back to the island from the last film to rescue some dinos from a Volcano. Jeff Goldblum is back in the Dino world and it looks like we are going to be getting some flashbacks to when Chris Pratt’s character met Blue, the Velociraptor for the first time………..It looks like more of the same crap. Poorly written, ridiculous premise and sub par acting and that’s just in the trailer! (sorry I couldn’t resist). I don’t say this often about big franchise films but I will not be spending my money on this one. I hope other people enjoy it.

New Mutants, New Horrors

After the surprising turn of the direction the recent New Mutants trailer showed the X-men franchise heading in, we have the first official poster and it is creepy!

new mutants


They are really going for the horror feel with this film and it’s working. I might be wrong but I think the faces in this poster are those of the main cast, the face at the bottom appears to have long canines and could be Maisie Williams’ Wolfsbane, but it could be anyone really.

Alongside this poster we got another look at the main cast re-enacting an AC/DC album cover titled ‘Highway to Hell’, again re-enforcing the terrifying times ahead for the new band of mutants.

Richard Armitage is Wolverine

Ever since Hugh Jackman hung up the claws, everyone has been wondering who would take them on. Well we have our answer…sort of. Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, Hannibal) is going to be voicing the Canadian Mutant in a new scripted podcast titles Wolverine: The Long Night. It’s the first official scripted Marvel podcast and might even lead to a MPU (Marvel Podcast Universe).


It’s going to be a different kind of experience and will be a fantastic way for people to get into the comic world with their ears. It will be an original 10 episode story and I for one can’t wait to hear it. It’s not due to arrive on podcasting platforms until late next year but keep an eye out for more podcasts like this in the future if it gets a friendly reception.

Venom showing off

We are finally starting to get some proper promotional material from the Venom movie. For a while now we have been getting behind the scenes looks and set photos, usually from Tom Hardy himself but now we have our first look at the logo and tag line for the film.


‘We are Venom’, I love this. It hints at the symbiotic relationship between the alien creature and the host and seemingly we are getting a look very close to the comic interpretation of Eddie Brock’s Venom. The reveal of the logo suggests we might be getting a trailer soon and I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t yet know how I feel about the films itself, particularly the fact that it’s not very closely linked with Spider-Man, if at all, but it’s an interesting property for sure.

Sophie Turner Rises

In the lead up to Christmas, all movie studios seem to be giving us little teasers at their upcoming projects, Fox is no different. Entertainment Weekly have issued a Dark Phoenix First Look issue and it has some…..interesting photos and info about the film. Click here for the article.


Without going into too much detail, the X-men are going to space. This seemed inevitable if they were going to do the proper Phoenix story, the Phoenix force having originated in outer space. But by all accounts they have changed the story, as almost all of the X-men films have. Jean Grey is going to go all out to save some people and the Phoenix Force will activate. It’s unclear whether she will actually be inhabited by the force or whether it is inside her already and it’s just a new level to her abilities. Regardless, some of the images released in the article are impressive, even if the film is likely to piss a lot of people off. I’m not holding out much hope for this but I love the X-men stories (mostly in the comics) so I’ll be seeing this.

Jessica Jones is back in the habit

To get the bad taste of X-men out of your mouth, why don’t you chew on something much more enjoyable. Marvel/Netflix have released the first teaser for Jessica Jones season 2, have a look!

To be honest this could have been ripped straight from season 1 and that is by no means a bad thing! Jessica is up to usual things, drinking, fighting and getting into situations that she really doesn’t want to be in. The only real new thing appears to be her looking into how she obtained her powers in the first place. There is no hint of Kilgrave in the teaser but we do know Jessica will be haunted by him some what so it’s only a matter of time before he appears. Marvel always like to give a little nod to their other properties and the line about ‘great responsibility’ was a grin enducing moment for sure! JJ season 2 arrives on 8th March 2018.

Ready Player One has….some legs

Tell me, when you look at this poster, what do you see?

Is it the poor ramshackle ‘Stack’ town? Is it the egg shape in the sky hinting at a better world inside Oasis? Is it the look of wonder on Tye Sheridan’s face? No, it’s the leg which is about 6 feet long! What is that?! How was this allowed to get through the film’s marketing machine?! It looks ridiculous!!! It’s a shame that a film based on such an incredible book is being overshadowed by an awful, awful poster. Breathe Dave, breathe.

Ready Player One

We will be getting a new trailer soon so that might deflect some of the criticism but even a recent promo article on the film has angered some people by revealing a potentially huge plot detail that many who have read the book would say spoils the film outright! I am incredibly excited for this film but as each day passes and we get something new from the film I grow more and more worried that it’s going to be terrible. Hopefully I’m wrong and it will be amazing, if nothing else it looks like it’s going to have some interesting set pieces.

Oh and there’s also a brand new trailer that was just released. A whole bunch of new stuff on show here, some interesting changes to the story and the first proper look at Parzival. So far it looks to be a pretty faithful adaptation of the novel. I just hope the effects do the story justice. Really it should be split into a trilogy, each focusing on the search for one of the three keys but I’ll settle for one decent movie.

Lara loves raiding!

After the laughable ‘stretchy neck’ poster for the Tomb Raider reboot a while ago, we now have one that is respectable.

Tomb RaiderIt’s simple, just showing Alicia Vikander’s Lara Croft looking a bit worse for wear (as much as someone that beautiful can!), all tooled up with her bow and arrow. We know the film is heavily influenced on the new games, featuring a younger, more athletic version of the character and this poster gives us exactly that.

There are no surprised here although I’m not sure if the Tomb Raider logo is new, I love the arrow through the middle of the words. The first trailer was a bit suspect and suffers from some dodgy CGI (which a lot of films seem to suffer with these days) so hopefully things will get better at the actual release. Tomb Raider arrives on 16th March 2018.

Jon Watts back in the web

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Jon Watts, director of Spider-Man: Homecoming is returning to helm the sequel. If he gives us a film anything like the first one then this can only be a good thing. It will be interesting to see how Homecoming 2 will fit in with the MCU following the events of Infinity War and based on the teaser at the end of Homecoming, will be see more of Spidey’s rogues gallery teaming up? I like to think when Feige had the conversation with Watts he used the classic line “With great power comes great responsibility”, in other words, don’t fuck this up!

Well that’s about it for this week. I actually go this post done in the same week as these stories! Miracles can happen! Next week I will mainly obsessed with The Last Jedi so it’s very likely I won’t get the next Geekly Round Up out on time, but can you blame me?

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